October 24th, 2009

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Free Flu Vaccine today only 9-3

Hi guys,

I am not trying to kick off another flu vaccine debate, and in fact I will not engage in one with you. I'm just delivering a PSA:

Today at the Clackamas Community College (HARMONY CAMPUS) Providence is holding a Health Fair. Among many other great things, we are giving free flu vaccines.

-The vaccine we are offering is SEASONAL FLU only, not H1N1.
-It is an attenuated nasal mist, NOT injection

This is only for healthy people between the ages of 2-49.
You do NOT need insurance!

If you have questions or concerns, they will speak to you at length before giving you the nasal mist if you desire.

Just wanted to get the word out, as I know a ton of you don't have insurance and have probably been hoping to get this vaccine. It is very limited in quantity, so if you really want it, don't wait too long today.

I'll be working 11-1 if you want to stop and say hi. :D
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RIP Rick Emerson Show/Cort and Fatboy Show

I must say that I am deeply disappointed in DP today. Portland just lost two of its geekiest media luminaries to corporate downsizing on Friday and no one makes a peep on this community. So I ask the ether, who else is saddened by the loss of The Mediocrity? Does anyone else feel disappointed that they won't be able to make every day Day 12 anymore?

Free office chair

Does anyone want a black rolling office chair?  It's got five casters, a black fabric/cushion seat, mesh back.  The foam on one of the armrests is a bit messed up, but judicious application of duct tape would probably make it all OK.  It comes from a smoke-free but cat-enabled household.

It's available for pick up near 26th & NE Clackamas.  I work from home, so pick-up time is pretty flexible, however we'd like it out of the house by Friday, October 30th.

Please email me at cappyhead at yahoo dot com if you are interested.  Thanks!

Okay, wise ones. Let's do this.

I have an internet friend (halfway across the country someplace) who is depressed but has been ramping up the suicidal gestures for the last few weeks. She's a minor and her parents are not helpful or supportive at all. I've been giving her the numbers for suicide hotlines, etc., but she keeps saying she can't, and she seems pretty hopeless. Just yesterday she e-mailed saying "might be dead next week", so I'm taking this seriously.

I totally did the reverse phone/address lookup, 911 call, social services call, IP lookup, all morning long... but the information that I have isn't enough, doesn't match, or isn't accurate. My Google-fu is totally failing me, here. She might not even live where I thought she does. Does anyone have any other semi-stalker resources so I can figure out exactly where she is and intervention can go her way? All I have is a first name, e-mail address, and cell phone number; the police have told me that (assuming I know what city she actually lives in) they need to subpoena, etc. just to do a cell phone lookup. I am so frustrated and terrified for this young woman – I also worry that I can't just ring her up and say "so what city exactly do you live in? I need to know so I can send an ambulance", because I suspect she'll just cut me out completely. If she isn't getting complete care, and some time away from her parents, I think she's even more at-risk. So any help is much appreciated.

Thank you, Portland

 Dear DamnPortlanders,

After I posted on dp, I was in contact with Channel 6 news. You may have seen me talking about losing my scooter. The response from the community was swift and generous. Several people offered to buy me a new scooter. I spoke to one couple who said they would come to the scooter shop with me to buy a new one. By the time they called the scooter shop to make arrangements, someone else had already paid for a scooter for me. Many other people offered cash donations, stunning in tough times like these. Some people offered scooters they had lying around. All these acts were supportive of a stranger and very kind. Thank you, Portland.


Special thanks to Brian Griffiths of A Cut Above pawn shop in Beaverton. 

EDIT: Thanks to a citizen tip, my old scooter has been recovered. I am hoping to get it running again and donate it to someone else who could use the boost.

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Law enforcement funeral procession today on 217

Today at about 1:00pm, 217 South was closed for a few minutes for what seemed like a very large law enforcement funeral procession.

I counted about 20 motorcycle units and several cars as well. Intermixed were a number of civilian vehicles and some misc special services.

Following the procession were 2 trucks with lighted signs stating it was a funeral procession.

I don't recall anything in the news about any recent deaths in law enforcement or anything else that warrant such action.

Anyone have any idea what the situation was or who this was for?
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Wave with me...

If any of you have been itching to try out the new Google Wave service, I've got 10 invites. I need some people to wave with.

First 10 email addresses get 'em with the understanding that you'll pass on some of your invites to help it spread.

That's it, folks! They're gone!
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Portland Center Stage is currently performing Ragtime, and it's pretty damn good. The set is simple, yet very effective and, above all, the vocal quality is A+.

Some of you know that I'm a musical freak, but I would have to say honestly that Ragtime is the most moving and emotional musical I've ever seen (I've seen it several times). Maybe it's white guilt, maybe it's the music--whatever it is, here's a chance to see it done well.
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2 things!

While channel surfing we happened across 101.1 only to hear some odd countdown, and the same on the website... any explanation for the shenanigans?

Anybody know where I can fine christmas cookie cutters and elf ears this time of year? I've checked my local dollar store, and find everything for the season but what I'm looking for...

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24 hour laundromat in Beavertron

I suddenly have the urge to wash my dog's BED (b-e-d, as in sleep zzz bed)...but I have a standard-sized washer and dryer, which it wouldn't fit in. Are there any 24 hour (or until midnight or so) laundromats in Beaverton/Aloha? Google gives me a few listings, but doesn't say if they're open 24 hours.
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car theif!!! er.... not quite.

Last night or early this morning in NE pdx, my car got broken into. I say broken, but really, nothing was broken.. I think they got in with a coat hanger, and kindly enough locked the doors when they were done rummaging through everything.

Oh, the other odd thing? They didn't take ANYTHING. They seemed to be rummaging with a purpose-they obviously looked through the items in my glove box and left my registration on the floor of my car, they pulled all the CDs from my center console and threw them in the backseat, and took everything out of the front pocket of my backpack and threw it around. They didn't take anything that could've been valuable-I had some loose change, CDs, a schoolbook, and some fruit, all of it was still in the car (only, a different part of the car than I had left it in last night).

What could they have been searching for? I called my dad and his first thought was identity theft, but is there even anything on the car registration or car insurance card (neither of which they took, by the way) that could give them something to work with? My address, sure, but unless they want to travel all the way to Tigard to dig through my trash then that's kind of worthless. Did they abort the mission when they realized that I live to far away to be easily fucked with?

Other information: the neighborhood itself isn't sketchy, a lot of families and whatnot, but there are a couple of heroin addicts who live down the street. The culprits, maybe? Looking for something in my car that would let them break into whoevers house the car belonged to, then aborted the mission when they realized that I didn't live in the area? Or maybe they were getting back at me for parking in "their" parking spot a few weeks ago?

I figure you DPers are a pretty smart lot, and might have some good theories as to what they might have been looking for. Maybe you can ease my mind about whether they're going to steal my identity and run up a bunch of shitty debt, or tell me that I really should be worried?