October 23rd, 2009

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Anyone looking for a math tutor?

I'm currently taking new math tutoring clients (middle school through college level) if anyone is looking for some extra help with their math class. I'm a certified middle/high school teacher with a master's degree and 3 years of teaching experience. For more information, check out my website.

I can also tutor in computer science, communication, or possibly other areas. Feel free to ask!

Also, if anyone has suggestions of where else I should advertise (either online or in the real world) please let me know.

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Why Does He Do That?

  Today I'm going to get a little serious and post about a subject that touches the lives on many of us, sadly. The subject that I'm going to mention is a serious one- and that is, domestic abuse. Although because instances of it are so overwhelmingly high in Oregon, I think it's appropriate. In fact, I'm willing to bet that each of you has either been a victim, or witness, or knows someone that has been a victim.

  • Police records indicate that 40% of all violent crimes reported in Portland involve domestic violence, with 15 to 20 calls made to police each day.
  • The level of domestic violence in Oregon has remained constant, despite an overall decline in violent or serious crimes.
  • Domestic violence incidents accounted for 23% or all aggravated assaults in Portland and 35% of all homicides in the tri-county area since 1976.
  • The leading cause of homelessness among women and children is domestic violence.

Did you know?

  • In 2003, eight Portland metro area women were murdered by their domestic partners.
  • Each year, four million domestic violence assaults occur nationally.
  • One out of every three women will be assaulted by her partner or date during her lifetime.
  • Even if children are not the intended partner, abusers have a negative impact on their children, by their domination and controlling tactics and their physical or sexual assault of the children’s mother.
If you have ever been involved as a victim of domestic abuse, or know someone that has, I highly recommend this book, entitled Why Does He Do That? by Lundy Bancroft.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I was a victim of domestic abuse shortly after moving up here from California to be with my now ex boyfriend, who was physically and verbally  abusive to me. He went to jail, finally was forced to leave me alone, and I've been putting back the pieces of my life ever since. That was about thirteen months ago.

Out of all the time spent in therapy, and all the things I did for myself to heal, I have to say that this single book has helped to heal me more than anything, because I finally know the answers to the question, "why?'' Reading and reconstructing what happened to me helped to open my eyes tremendously, because it stopped me from doing what I did for a long time- and that is, to blame myself.

I really think everyone should read this book. After it happened to me and I eventually started reaching out to people, I was shocked to learn that some of the most intelligent and strongest women I know were victims, just like me. In it are some common myths about abusers, which even I had fallen under the spell of.  This book has helped me shatter the myths and indentify the real true problematical attitudes that are the underlying factor for the reasons men abuse. In some ways it is so simple, I'm not sure why anybody hasn't shattered the myths before and taken a look at the problem more closely until just recently. Despite how enlightened and progressive we think we are, domestic abuse continues to be problematical, especially in Oregon.

Please do yourselves, your loved ones, and your community a favor. Pick up a copy of this book, and educate yourselves. It's also loaded with a ton of resources for just about everyone.   

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Red Velvet cake mix

Does anyone know where they carry red velvet cake mixes for sure? I've been looking for about a week. I had no idea they weren't a standard pantry item. I had no idea I was searching for any kind of specialty thing.

I could make it from scratch I suppose but the food coloring would cost as much as a cake mix.

I've checked Walmart (not a supercenter), Winco and Fred Meyer. I do not want to spend all day driving around checking for cake mixes.

I live in SE but I have to go to NE and Downtown on errands today.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Here's what I'm using the mix for. I've got a Halloween party tomorrow.

You can get behind that, right? :)

MTA: And Safeway doesn't carry it either.


Anyone know of some free/cheap Halloween activities going on around town this weekend or next week that is kid-friendly? I'm trying to find something to do with my Little that's Halloween themed. She is a spunky 8 year old, in case that matters.

tattoo for you?

Just a friendly reminder- if any one is looking to pick up some more ink on you skin, I'd love to help you out with that. I'm working independently in NW in a private studio.

other things to note:
*my rate is $80/hour, min $50
*sessions go for no more than 4hrs at a time
*working in a clean and quiet studio space
*I do have some vegan inks

Email me at info@lastporter.com to chat about your ideas!

see some of my work here:
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Vendor Fair Tomorrow!

Hey dudes! Just spreading the word: I'll be part of a vendor fair tomorrow, along with 20-some-odd local, independent vendors and craftspeople! Each vendor is giving away an awesome prize, so you could walk away with something excellent, just by showing up. (all the participating businesses are listed on the flyer, under the LJ-cut)

Stop by tomorrow and support the local economy! I'll be selling art photo prints and postcards, and giving away portrait session discounts to the first 50 people who come visit. Mention you're from DP and maybe I can spot you a little freebie. :)

Christmas in October ~ Freedom & Free Enterprise Fair
Saturday, October 24, 2009
10:00am - 4:00pm
Urban Grind Coffeehouse
2214 NE Oregon St

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P.S. I'm the female half of the business, so if there's a dude manning our table when you come by, he may not know what you're talking about if you mention DP. I'll fill him in, but he's forgetful sometimes. ;)
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So. I just finished watching The Manchurian Candidate (2004). And all I could think was man... the original from 1962 was so much creepier/better. (Though, their Raymond Shaw as a frickin' dead ringer for the original)

Are there any film remakes that are ... better? Or at least pretty darn good?

Because Insomia's American remake was kind of puppy-dogs compared to the original one. And the list goes on.

Is there any remake worth its salt?
"D" is for Dirty...

Pub, grub, and fire...

Anyone know of any good pubs / bars / locales that have a large fireplace to sit around?

Some friends and I are thinking about meeting up this evening and a couple of us thought a bar with a massive (if possible) fireplace would be groovy to hang at, drink a few drinks, eat a few eats, BS and play some board games.


(thanks in advance)

Just venting about computer hardware issues...

My desktop computer stopped working last night. It turns on, but doesn't boot or even signal the display to turn on. The culprit? The liquid cooling system a friend installed for me last year had sprung a leak where it connects to the CPU block, and there was coolant dribbled onto the motherboard. I've unplugged the power, but now the problem is that there's a hose full of coolant that I need to drain, without any easy way to do so without getting it everywhere, due to the positioning of the hose.

The optimist in my hopes the non-conductive coolant didn't fry my motherboard or CPU, but I'm resigned to the possibility.

Input is appreciated, but I'm mostly writing about it to brainstorm. Thanks.

Since it is already dark out here!

Since it is already dark out here:

I call this meeting of the FNNLC to order.

I don't know if I can be a member in good standing though, since today I went on a 36 mile road/mountain bike trip. The good thing about a trip like that is, it allows LAZINESS, and every minute since then I have been happily on the internet!
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doggie jerky/people jerky

My husband makes jerky for our dogs along with jerky for himself and he was wondering if anyone on here knows if there is any sort of licensing needed if he was to sell some here and there. he is not looking at attempting to sell his jerky big time, but he loves making it loves to share and would love more to share for some extra cash:) I know about the food handlers card..but is there like a vendor permit or something else?

on that note, if anyone is interested in testing out some of his jerky or pet jerky let me know:) I dont eat meat so i cant tell you nothing about it 'cept for everyone who has had it raves...and our dogs love the stuff he makes for them (which is just marinated in some beef broth as opposed to other spices)

thanks in advance for any info!