October 22nd, 2009

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Ooooh so I didn't do positivity last week. Whoops. Well here it is for this week (and last).

What is your favourite (or random) sexual innuendo?
A good deal of y'all already know that I get quite a kick out of referring to sex as "parfaits".
(as in "She's waiting to have parfaits until she's married." "Oh him? He has parfaits with anyone who looks twice.")

Tell me two positive things that happened to you this week! (No matter how small).
Nikon D200

Cthulhu masks! Or, how to be an Elder God!

My friend (and soon to be 40 feet away neighbor), swanwhite is responsible for the Cthulhu mask for her husband, archmage that made an appearance at my costumed birthday party last April.

The photo, needless to say, made the rounds on the internet...

For those of you who don't remember, take a gander below...

(Left to Right - daemonwise as Eddie Valiant (Roger Rabbit), archmage as Cthulhu, and myself, matrixleap as The Shadow.

She's selling the masks now on Etsy...

Check out the link...

an Etsy shop

They are hand made and come complete with Cthulhu Awesomeness!

Wear an Elder God around the house to keep warm, or scare the kiddies...

Believe me, you WANT this mask...$30, you pick the color...if you or someone you know wanted one, this is your chance, send them to the link provided, and let the Universe, AND Cthulhu, know your worthiness.


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I need the start of an alphabetical list of spaceships and can't think of C or D. Help?


Oddly enough, this is work related.

Electric Scooter Wheelchair Stolen

I have cerebral palsy and walk with a cane indoors. Outdoors, I use a scooter. On Monday, October 19, 2009, someone stole my scooter from the sidewalk at Clackamas Town Center. I'd had to walk away from it because it completely stopped working. When I came back with help, it was gone. This scooter is my independence. It helps me use Trimet and not depend on people for rides.

Portlanders, could you please  look out for it and call the Clackamas County Sheriff if you see it? It just might help me get my scooter back. 

The Clackamas Sheriff report number is 09-32441.
Thank you so much.

This is a picture of it, what it looks like exactly.


Distinguishing Marks:
  • Four -wheel Buzzaround Lite, dark purple/blue body color
  • Black wire basket has two red zip ties on it.
  • Front right corner fender has a chunk broken off.
  • Grey luggage tage on steering column
  • Sticker on the back, FRAGILE, weathered, red and white.
  • There are other features that I can disclose upon potential recovery.

Hey, thank you for reading!

What's up with this house? 5128 NE Rodney

This house at 5128 ne Rodney is unoccupied. It has had the t.v. blaring for the past 2 days and once a month a crew comes to pick up spam mail on the front porch. They also tweak the lights inside which are ALWAYS on to make it appear inhabited. When you walk up to the window and peer inside past the sheets hung in front of the window you see a door to the left with wood slabs nailed hastily over a door. This house has some serious bad energy going on. The only information I could find is that it was once sold for 60k in 1996. It has 5th baths(they dont list the bedrooms) and it was built in 1912. Anyone got any leads? I dare you go to look in the window at night.
Say Anything

Meetup next week!

Since last month was a bit of a CF, I am happy to announce there will be a meetup this month!

McMenamin's Tavern and Pool
1716 NW 23rd

Minors welcome until 10pm*
*I've noted quite heavily that if you show up close to 10 with a minor or as a minor they will probably not serve you, this may just be the Ram's Head down the street, though.

Meetup FAQ needs to be changed, but basically be nice, polite, you know the drill! And if you have any questions, message me and I can try and clear things up!

Please join us, I'm sure I'll post a few reminders next week, as well!

Also! It is October, lets show up in costumes and have some fun... though your work attire might count as a costume, as well ;D
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Free Balance & Fall-Risk Screening, 12/3/09

Collapse )
 Maybe if her risk for falling was identified early enough she could have taken steps to reduce her risk.  Maybe she wouldn't have broken her hip.  Or maybe it wouldn't have happened when it did and they would have had a little longer together (and we would have had them a little longer). By the time I met her, it was already clear that she was at risk for falling, but simple screening tests can identify people who are at risk for falling though they look like they are walking around just fine.  
December 3rd a fall risk screening will be conducted at 2900 NE 132nd ave.  This is on the campus of Western States Chiropractic College but this is not a fishing expedition for new patients - in fact, the WSCC clinics are currently not treating any Medicare patients, so most fall screen participants are likely not eligible to be treated at WSCC.  This is being offered as a public service.
(click the picture to see it enlarged...)
Call 251-2839 to schedule an appointment; walk-ins will be screened as well but priority is given to those with appointments.



Am I too early?

I'm spending  time on Facebook, arguing politics with people I haven't seen since high school.  No life club indeed.

So what recent news item has your panties in a bunch?

EDIT:; Oh, it's only MY Friday.  Your thursday.  Still.... TNNLC, anyone?
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You’re all invited!!!
Where: Sock Dreams shop in Sellwood
8005 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202
When: Friday October 23rd, 6-8 pm

Since it is nearly Halloween we’re encouraging everyone to come dressed up with a chance to win a $100 Sock Dreams Gift Certificate for the best costume.* We’ll be offering 25% off all sales during the party (discount good only at the event).
There will be treats & goodies thanks to our neighbors at:
The Ugly Mug & Grand Central Bakery.
This will be a family friendly event with entertainment: a girl who is a stilt walker, hula hooper, fire dancer and can swallow fire. Banjo, trumpet, and other live music.
I will be there!

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Pirate Coat?

Yo me hearty!
I need a pirates jacket for Halloween but I can't afford the 30.00 to rent one at the costume shop.
Do you have an old pirate's jacket from an old Halloween costume I can rent from you?

I have the rest of the costume down...
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show this saturday

Bands: Evan Greer & Friends, Slow Teeth, Broadcast Live
Where: Liberty Hall (311 N Ivy)
When: this Saturday, 10/24, 7.30 PM
All ages?: yes!
How much: $5-$15 sliding scale
Benefit for: legal fees for the 27 defendants from the Elliott State Forest anti-logging action this past July
Type of music: riot folk/folk punk, vaudevillian strings, activist hip hop, rad

click here for the flyer. Clickable rather than inserted here because it's huge!


A couple years ago I chaperoned on a pumpkin patch field trip to Rossi Farms on 122nd. This afternoon I called to see what their hours were but the number had been changed. The internet, phone book, elementary school, and 411 have all failed me, and I'm never really on that side of town. Does anyone know if Rossi Farms is still open? Or do you know of any other pumpkin patches that are trimet friendly?

Thanks DPs!