October 21st, 2009

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Office Space (No one has your stapler)

I work remotely, and so far have been working out of coffee shops for their internets. It's a decent enough setup, but having more of a dedicated space would help so I don't have music piping in the background when a call comes in. Does anyone know of any reasonably (or cheap) priced day office locations/services/etc? All I really need is a wireless interweb connection, a desk, a window and a door (to access said office).

Audio Reminders

Not to ensue a Native vs. Transplant argument(which is sooo tired) but I just wanted to know which songs remind you of your first time in Portland?. I was going through my older mp3's and some Ani Difranco came on. I recalled wandering around downtown Portland freezing my ass off towards the end of October listening to "Fire Door" whilst taking it all in. Portland was so foreign and beautiful to me and I had never ever worn so many layers in my life coming from Socal. I missed my ex boyfriend like mad and I felt extremely lost. I bought tickets to see Ani at the Schnitzer. I slipped on wet leaves on the ground and learned the deliciousness that is Thai Food and unsweetened coffee. What songs take you back to that time? Natives! If you got songs that remind you of home send them too!

My list so far:
1.Fire Door- Ani Difranco
2.Pyramid Song- Radiohead
3.Walk The Rain- Sneaker Pimps
4.In California- Neko Case
5.Son Et Lumier- Mars Volta
6.Destroying Angel- Sneaker Pimps
7. Any track off Vespertine by Björk
8. Anything Modest Mouse

Fun with scatterplots!

One of my hobbies is making scatterplots. I don't know if this is quite the source of fun that it is to others that it is to me, but I like entering data and seeing what strange patterns will emerge.

One scatterplot I did recently was to take Oregon counties, by voting population, and then comparing that to Obama's margin in the 2008 election.

And this is what I came up with:

Collapse )

As you can see, there is a pattern, but it is not totally clear cut.

Beer Tasting

I've lived in Portland all my life, and I'm just starting grad school here as well. Somehow, I've never managed to go to a beer tasting in Portland. Anyway, a girl in my program who I'm interested in and sort of dating, asked about going to a beer tasting sometime, and bringing along people in our program (plus significant others, etc.). Just wondering what beer tastings in Portland are coming up, ones people have liked throughout the year, and so forth.

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You asked: I will be selling pickled peaches and drinking vinegars at the 7 Dees Holiday Bazaar on SUNDAY Nov. 8th.

10 am - 4 pm
6025 SE Powell

Cider, gingersnaps, kids area, live music, 20+ vendors, and a raffle to benefit Tucker-Maxon school. Come say hi!

Bar etiquette question

I get a beer.
The beer is $4.50
I give the bartender $10
She gives me back five $1 and two quarters.

Polite or presumptuous? I was going to tip a buck, but now I want to leave the two quarters because I feel it's leading.

Ps: she has lots of $5 bills on the register.

Your thoughts?

No Tags Please

Pacific Audit Solutions - Parking bullshit

I am having a huge problem with this company and I wonder if anyone here has had the same problem and fought them successfully.

Last week, I parked on top of R.E.I. at 15th and Johnson like I do every Tue/Thurs for school. I used my credit card to pay the $5.25 for all day parking. No receipt. I thought maybe my card didn't go through. I then paid again, and realized the machine definitely was not printing tickets. Now having paid a total of $10.50 for parking, I wrote a quick note about the machine not working and stuck it on my dashboard (next to about ten other old receipts for the same lot).

I came back to my car later that night and saw a ticket for $26. Upsetting, but no big deal. Surely they will waive it when I show them my bank statement with the double charge. Wrong. I contacted City Center Parking about the problem and a week later, my account was refunded the extra $5.25. They waived the $2.50 'parking fee' portion of the penalty, but said the ticket still stands at $24 through Pacific Audit Solutions.

Just called Pacific Audit Solutions and from the woman's attitude, I can tell they make a LOT of money off their little scam. She told me "it's not going away. It doesn't matter who you talk to. You didn't follow the warning signs. You need to pay up". I tried to be as nice and calm as possible, to no avail. By the end of the phone call I was so furious I was shaking.

My question: Is there some city department I can dispute this with? It's obviously a very profitable scheme for them, and I'm sure other people have been duped by this bullshit as well. It's not a parking ticket from the city that I can just take to court.

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Anyone need a kitten?

We are currently feeding and housing a stray cat that has been running around our neighborhood for awhile.

Long hair, orange, female. Skinny, but seems healthy otherwise.

Very cute, very affectionate.

I don't want to have to take her to animal control, but I can't afford to keep her. CAT is booked through December and OHS has a 5 month waiting list.

I will charge a small fee to weed out freaks who just want something because it's free.

ETA: PICTURES on Flickr.

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unusual length?

Okay ya'll, get your minds out of the gutter. I'll wait.

You back with me now? Okay.

See, my bearded dragon's tank has a 3-foot light housing. Including 1 night heat bulb, 2 daytime heat/light bulbs, and 1 3-foot fluorescent mounting for a fluorescent UVB bulb. Which is way overdue to be changed. And suddenly I can't find a 36-inch 10% UVB bulb to save my life. Or, rather, her life. Poor thing already has a deformed tail due to the beginnings of metabolic bone disorder, courtesy of her prior owner. I've never had a problem finding these before, but today everyone is telling me that it's a really unusual length to carry - and nobody has one. I could order one through PetSmart or PetCo's website, but I really don't want to pay shipping - the blasted bulb itself is already half of the money I have on hand, and I still need to buy groceries. So, where would y'all go for a 36-inch fluorescent UV bulb? I'm sure there are some fabulous reptile stores around that must carry them, I just don't know any offhand.

Bonus points for shorter drives from Milwaukie/Clackamas area.
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Random perfume sales?

Does anyone know who or what organization has been hawking perfume on just about every corner and outside the grocery stores lately? I've been approached every day this last week through Beaverton and downtown by some high school/college aged kids trying to sell me some allergen free perfume. It's the same sales pitch every time but when I tried to ask who they represented they turned away to the next person quite abruptly. They're extremely annoying and I've seen numerous counts of them following people down the street/into parking garages continually pushing this stuff. Is this just normal high school kids raising money for band or something? I can't remember such aggressive sales tactics in past years.
Tea whores unite secretly

Meetup next week

Since we've been put in a pickle over Deschutes and their reservation times, what do we all want to do? I know that when we all just tried to show up at 7 and get a table, it was painful and almost impossible, so I am taking suggestions!

I've heard McMenamin's Tavern and Pool suggested in the past...

An alternative to NaNoWriMo

First off, I don't want to discourage anyone from writing that novel that they meant to. Actually, I kind of do. But I don't want to discourage anyone from writing.

I have an idea that November can be National Letter Writing Month. Every day, throughout the month, each participant would write one letter. Also, they would mail out the letters. These are meant to be real letters, to real people.

The advantage to this is that while novels take time and patience, letters are finished quickly, and also have an immediate audience. And whereas (lets be honest) even if those NaNoWriMo Novels do get finished, they might not actually have an audience. But your letters will bring joy into people's hearts in a few days!

So, who thinks this is an AWESOME idea?
I am planning on doing it, although it isn't too much of a stretch, since I am averaging pretty close to a letter a day anyway.


Shot in the dark but it couldn't hurt. I was at the new Target at Cascade Station today and am pretty sure that the bag I use as a wallet fell out of my car. It's small and cream colored with red anchors and have three zipper pulls. It contains a New Hampshire license among other things and I really need it back.

If you have found this bag either at Target or in someone's driveway in the Cully neighborhood please let me know ASAP. Teeny tiny reward offered. Thanks guys.
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1) Car Talk on the Radio; 2) early thankful thursday (Garlic Jim's)

1) Anyone know when Car Talk (Cartalk?) airs in this area?  Does it air in this area?

2) So, I logged on to Garlic Jim's website.  I originally clicked on the large-gluten-free crust but somehow by the end of the order process it had gotten switched to x-large hand-tossed crust.  I didn't notice.  It told me to review my order, I didn't.  They sent me a confirmation of my order via email, which I didn't look at.  They delivered the pizza.  What do you know, it didn't have gluten-free crust.  Doh!  I hemmed and hawed with myself for a few minutes, then called them, spoke with an employee then a manager (sunnyside location), both of whom were extremely cordial.  They asked me what I wanted, I told them I didn't want to put them out - 20 minutes before they closed - and they said they would be more than happy to make me another pizza.  So they did that, and delivered it.  Go patronize this place!  Their gluten-free pizza is excellent, and they are very friendly and accomodating.  (But do review your order and/or read the confirmation email.)