October 20th, 2009

Yeah I'm that dog that ate the moon

*Knockknock* WHO'S IN THERE?....

Just us Muffins~!

So Dp, I once again need your help in the search of delicious pastries. This time it's all about the muffin. Twenty-plus years ago there used to be this "muffin-bar" in Lake Oswego called Just us Muffins, coined off some silly jingle. However my parents (before they had us terrors) used to go there and share jumbo muffins. Well my mom's birthday is coming up and as the era of "the empty nest" is approaching our home I'd like to find another muffin place my dad and her would be able to try out.

Really if you know of a good place that contains most if not all of the features please let me know.

- Delicious muffins (breakfast cupcakes do not count)
- Sit down area
- Inviting atmosphere (my parents' are..well...adventurous and accepting...but something..."mainstream" perhaps?)
- Portland or Lake Oswego area
- Offers gift cards (cash is just tacky)

As always thank you for your spot-on references!

LIGHTS - Hawthorne Theater 11/05

Hopefully I've posted on here often enough to where this won't be considered spam :)

LIGHTS is a very talented electro-pop singer whose debut album "The Listening"  was released on October 6th.
She's currently on her first U.S. headlining tour and is going to be stopping in our fair city on Nov. 5th. She's not all that well known in the states so I'm trying get the word out.

Her website is www.iamlights.com/ There are video samples there. A good hunk of the album is streaming on www.myspace.com/lights If you like what you hear, please consider coming out to the show.

Her opening act is the local band - Stars Of Track & Field.

Come on out! There are far worse ways to spend $12 and a Thursday night :)

Landline has been cut

I have been gutting our basement and accidently ripped the cable for our land line in half. So now the cable that runs from the box outside our house to the phone jack in the basement is split. I get a really good deal on my landline because my mom worked for Qwest and when she retired got this really sweet family package, plus I just like my landline, so I want to keep it. But I'm not sure about how to go about fixing the split the cable.

Should I just call Qwest to come out and replace it?
Can I do any kind of internet phone deal without having the cable connected?

Thanks :)
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(no subject)

So I saw someone jump off the Burnside Bridge at approximately 3:30 AM Monday morning.

The cops responded astonishingly quickly - probably within 60 seconds of the jump. A few minutes later, I pulled one aside and asked about the outcome, and he said that the jumper lived and had been retrieved. Is there anywhere (online news?) I could look for more information about this? I'm curious if there's further info out there regarding the circumstances.

Nerd alert! Any recommended hobby stores?

I'm looking for places that would have a good selection of models and modelling supplies. I used to build models a lot as a kid, and I've gotten the impulse to jump back in once again. I'm specifically looking into buying and building Gundam models, or other "giant robot" products.

It's easy enough to search for "hobby" on Google Maps, but there are some places that focus on things I don't care about (ie trains) and I'm hoping someone on DP knows of a hobby store that will be more of what I'm looking for.

Thanks all!

Free Movie followed by debate/discussion!

In order to fulfill the requirement for not paying for redistribution rights, and because we think it'll be fun/productive and interesting, we are following Team America: World Police by a debate and discussion about US Foreign Policy.

There will also be free soda and pizza. And a heavy amount of freedom.

Thursday, Oct 22nd, at Portland State University! Smith 323! 6:30 (movie start time) -whenever we get tired of talking.

Persistent dry cough

I've had this persistent dry cough for over a week since I got over the flu and I have to suck down lozenges pretty much constantly to keep it suppressed. Most of the time it's just a dry cough like from a tickle in the throat. I feel fine except for the tickle that causes the cough reflex. But sometimes my cough forces up phlegm that is yellow so I'm worried that I might have an infection or I should see a doctor simply because this isn't going away.

I have no health insurance of course. What's the cheapest option for someone like me who can wait a few days?
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Auto Repair?

Hey guys,

I just managed to crunch the right front panel of my girlfriend's car (a 2003 Subaru Forester) into a pillar. Where can I get decent auto body repair done on the (relatively) cheap? The damage isn't extensive, but it should probably get looked at in the near future.
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(no subject)

Hello everybody.

Tonight my husband and I will be performing excerpts from my comic book, Ariadne auf Naxos, at Portland's Central Library. The comics are about me traveling time and space with Doctor Who (played by David Tennant in this book and in my heart), forcing Gilgamesh from the Epic of Gilgamesh to fall in love with Simon Templar of The Saint, becoming the indentured babysitter of the evil Witch King, distinguishing between John Cage the composer and Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat, calling Hell's courtesy phone, and much more. They have been described as "too freaky", "hilarious", "dreamlike", "erotic", and "self-indulgent."

We'll even present a sneak preview of an as-yet-unpublished third volume which features Baba Yaga, Wolverine, and Atreyu the Warrior. I would be thrilled if you came to see us.

i ate a bunch of carrots

Tuesday, October 20, 6:30–7:45 p.m.
Central Library, U.S. Bank Room
Lisa Eisenberg and Julia Gfrörer
Mini-comics come alive with author-illustrators Lisa Eisenberg (I Cut My Hair and The Monsters Make a Stew) and Julia Gfrörer (Ariadne auf Naxos and All the Ancient Kings).

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TAGS starting tomorrow

Hello. We're implementing the tagging feature tomorrow, Oct. 21.

If you're curious, catch up on the discussion so far:The results of the poll in the latter post indicate that an "opt-out" rule is favored by the majority of voters... thus, so it shall be!

So, as of tomorrow, authors should expect that their posts may be tagged. If you don't want any tags on your post, you'll need to say so in the post.

Now to introduce the "tag team," who will help tag the backlog of posts:This lineup may change, so if you'd like to volunteer your assistance if a spot opens up, please go here and leave a comment with your interest, if you haven't already.

Thanks for your feedback. More is always welcome. If you have any questions, please either comment here, or use the mod email address (dpadmin2001@gmail.com).


Poll #1473940 c'mon on, fess up

I like to get stoned and post stupid shit on damnportlanders

No way, you could get arrested for admitting that
No, I sound stupid enough when I'm sober
It might have happened. Once. A long time ago
Yeah, that way everyone else can share in my awesome and amazing sense of humor
Are you kidding? That's the only way I ever post
Clicky boxes!
Do we have any ice cream?
oh, and where can I get a green sequined garter belt, preferably in Gresham?
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

birthin' music

Wife is expecting. This is our first, and we're taking a birthing class together. Our genially earthy instructor wants us to put together a playlist of relaxing music to help with the relaxation techniques during the various stages of labor.

Shortly thereafter, she described the "crowning" as being akin to a "ring of fire." Which of course, got me humming the Johnny Cash tune of the same name, and then silently rocking to the Social D cover.

These are not the relaxing songs she had in mind. And I don't care.

My question to you is: what songs would you put in your labor/delivery/pregnancy playlist? The more hilarious the better. I have started with:

Ring of Fire - Cash/Social D
Push It - Salt 'n Pepa
Every Breath You Take - The Police
Protection - Massive Attack (you'll think twice the next time)

You guys are brilliant. I know you'll run with this one.
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Hey DP!
I am a certified Zumba instructor.
Zumba? What's that? Zumba is a Latin-dance-based aerobics class, you may have seen the infomercials or check out www.zumba.com.
Anyway, like I said, I'm an instructor and if you didn't catch my post a couple weeks ago, I just moved to the Portland area. So, like a great many posters here, I have a couple questions.
1. Do you go to a gym where they offer Zumba or don't?
2. Do you enjoy taking Zumba?
3. From what you've heard or seen is it something you might be interested in?

2 bedroom for rent! Live below Dannybear!

Hey guys some news from the Irvington district. We got a 2 bedroom apartment opening up below us for November. There's no lease and its about 900. It's pretty big and roomie since it mirrors our floorplan right above it. I just wanted to give you guys first pick at it since it's right on 21st and Schuyler(near downtown and all the best districts) and the landlord is SUPER easy going and doesn't need to do extensive background checks. Also FREE LAUNDRY on site! My room mate and I want some cool people to move in below so please call 503 788 7770 to check on the apartment or just go to the north corner of 21st and Schuyler and see the outside yourself. Hope we can get some awesome neighbors DP!