October 16th, 2009

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Anyone aware of a chlorine-free pool in the portland metro area?  I know Cascades locations have the salt-pure reduced chlorine systems (pretty sure this is the same as a saline pool) but even that is a little more than i'm apparently able to handle, if I want to be in the water more than 20 min or so (I'm apparently allergic to chlorine, break out in hives all over which is uncool and getting in the way of my swim exercise).  Google nets me pools in Grants Pass and Stayton but those are both a little far, and they're both saltwater pools too anyway...
Xmas Socks

O Wise and Wonderful DPers

Yes, this is another "Where Can I?" posts. But I'm at a loss... One of my best friends, and also the one I've probably known the longest, turned 30 on the 3rd. His birthday dinner is tomorrow night. He's big into fishing. I was thinking of getting him a cool fishing/fillet knife. But I want something a little unique. Anyone know where I might be able to find something different/hand carved... that kind of thing?
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What is this spring time vine called?

For those of you that know a lot about plants, which i do not know much...
Where can I find this vine to plant here at my new place? Are these one of those vines where you can cut a part off and grow it from there? Or does anyone know a nursery I can find it at?

It starts in March with pink flowers that turn white.

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Thanks, i have found that this species is called Clematis armandii native to China.


Lunch Thieves.

Do any of you ever have to deal with lunch thieves?  I've been having issues. Normally, I try to keep my lunch in my office but sometimes I have to use the fridge/freezer. Frozen dinners, even crappy Lean Cuisines, disappear fast. I opened one and wrote a nasty note to include in the box and nobody touched it for almost two weeks. I had some soup today and it was gone by the time I went to get it. I got more soup and washed out the container, put a big rock in it and added a note. The funny part is, I work in a very large church. It's also got a public gym and has a lot of traffic, so it could be anyone..I just find the church part amusing. I really wish I had thought to spit in my soup, just so I could have the satisfaction.

So, any good stories? Ideas? Vents? Please share.
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Do you have a cat that likes to poop? I've got cat stuff for you!

So, my cat is an evil genious and broke her LitterMaid cat box. This was like a year and a half ago and I've still got my stockpile of filters and waste containers. Does anyone out there have one that would like to get this stuff for cheap? I have one value pack of the waste containers and 3 boxes of the carbon filters (plus two leftoever from an opened box). They are regularly $18.99 and $11.99 per box respectively. They could be all yours for just $20.

Also, I've got another litter box that would be good for a cat who likes to poop in front of God and everyone. It has rounded edges so nothing can "stick", they're like $12 at Target but it's free if you want/need it. I've cleaned and sanitized it once already, it has not been used in a good 8 months.

Leave a comment if you're interested.

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Calling all stitchers, sewers and sewists: Come sew with us!

The Portland Sewing Circle is a large group of people with all levels of sewing experience. Our focus is "fashion sewing" - making clothes - but we also have Crafty Sewing meetings and welcome quilters, softie enthusiasts, felters and so on. Our meetings happen 3-4 times a month, alternating between Tuesday/Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Currently, we're meeting in the inner SE (People's Co-op on SE 21st), Tigard (at Park 217), and the Urban Grind cafe (NE Oregon, just north of Sandy). There is a nominal, sliding-scale fee for attending ($2-$5 a meeting). Sewing machines and some materials are provided, along with endless advice and moral support.

The Sewing Circle is organized through Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/The-Portland-Sewing-Circle/

Please check us out; it's free to join!

Our next meeting is 6-8:30 Tuesday night, Oct. 13 in Tigard. Go to the Meetup page above for more details, including directions.

Hope to see you soon!
Davina, Seamstress-in-Chief

*** I found this on CL activities but figured some of us would be interested.
made by me: owl cutout

Halloween Costume Question.

Does anyone know where you can get peacock feathers in bulk-ish? Like 100? Maybe different sizes? It can be anywhere, NW, Vancouver, wherever. I'm in SE. I checked craft stores and didn't have luck, only single feathers. For $3 each. No thanks.

I checked costume shops (Spirit and Walmart's impressive selection) and only found single peacock feathers or bags of ugly feathers that won't really look that great. They can be (and, preferably, should be) synthetic. I'm planning on spending about $30-50. I found places online but the party is a week from tomorrow and I'm not sure I want to commit to 2-day/3-day/priority/express shipping costs.
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Does anyone here work or know someone that works at Microsoft's Portland branch?

I was curious how big the facility was and what business functions are represented at this particular branch?

Thanks much!


It is 10 PM here, and even though it is an hour earlier there, that is no excuse to not have a life!

Topic for tonight: how is your life changing, as the winter begins? What winter plans do you have?
Of course, the answer should be: "I will do the same in winter as in summer: sit in front of my computer."
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Carrying Soup

Hello Damn Portlanders-

It's getting to be that time of year again... soup time, that is. I've been making soup and plan to make more. It also happens to be back to school time, and I just started in a PSU master's program. The food carts are killing my budget, and I'm thinking that I need to start planning ahead and bringing food to school.

Questions for you.

1) What's your favorite soup recipe?

2) What is your favorite thermos that would be good for carrying soup? Why is it so awesome? If you remember, where did you get it?