October 15th, 2009


damn notaries

A while ago, I posted here seeking a notary, who could come to my office to witness the signing of some documents. (I am a notary myself, but can't notarize something that has my name on it as this does.) I'd wanted to offer the same person the work, if I could, but I can't find their email anymore. So I have to start again.

I have come clients coming into my office on Friday at 4:00 to sign some documents. I'd like to be able to have a notary there to witness them. Is anyone here a notary who would be willing to do this? We can pay you the going rate, and give you cookies or something too =} I'm in NW Portland, right outside downtown (at 18th and Glisan). Let me know?
C&H Fight
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Hey so Im in need of a native or fluent Russian speaker that could talk online or in person and help me "tutor". I don't have a lot to offer in return other than some decent conversation and possible compensation. Anyone?
Lego Castle Making
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Hokay, I've been tasked with assisting some friends find good strip clubs in Portland (duh). They've decided to take the train from Seattle JUST because they've heard we have eleventy billion of them and their buddy is getting married so they're going that cliche bachelor party route.

Problem is, well, I know little about the strip clubs, much less any here. I've been to Club 205 as my one and only experience and I wouldn't really say that place is awesome by any standards.

I've tried yelp-ing the places, but it's all a mixed bag. I tried the DP search function but got a lot of random club results. So I'm looking to DP and it's wealth of knowledge regarding EVERYTHING EVER - what are the best local strip clubs and what makes them neat-o. I'm trying to find ones that aren't just your,,,usual fare strip club, whatever that means.

Bonus for ones that are downtown or easily reachable, but throw 'em all at me.

Edit : Thanks to comment suggestion - as for what they want, who knows. Strippers? I don't think they want the typical run-of-the-mill stuff, however, so that's why they're coming down here from Seattle.

I'm wet

So Portland, I know that we have plenty of fashionable hipster cyclists out there. So, you're going out, it's pouring and you don't want your outfit ruined before you get to the club/show/restaurant/whatever, so you put on your magic goretex armor & sail into the night.

Where do you put your dipping rainpants & jacket when you get there?? I hate carrying a backpack around, and I don't want to stick them in a pannier because anyone can walk by, open it up, and walk off with it (and that stuff aint cheap). Is there any such thing as a lockable pannier?

ps, I don't go out to places that are classy enough to have coat checks.

I need a scarf

And I hear some of you knit. And I'd rather buy a scarf from a knitting DPer than from some store. You know, supporting local craft people and what not.

I used to have a scarf I loved. It was drab looking, long and gray (like 6' long or so) and I used it on my scooter. It was a scratchy wool, not soft. Which was perfect, 'cause I used it for my scooter in winter months.

Sound like something you can knit up? Lemme know your price.


My room mate has rolled her ankle and cannot walk on it. It doesn't appear broken but it's swelling. It happened a day ago. Its right in the bumpy part of your ankle on the side. She needs crutches to help her get around...does anyone have any lying around we could borrow or have any suggestions? I feel so bad!

Anyone see the Raincoats?

So, my stupid dumb excuse for an ass just missed the Raincoats show on Tuesday night.  Did anyone see it?  Was it awesome, or conversely, not that awesome? 

Did they play my favorite, 'Don't Be Mean?'  Bonus points for pictures.

a place for money

I want a bank that is: simple, easy, and conveniently located. I love Umpqua but all of their locations are kind of out of the way for me. I'd like to walk into a bank tomorrow with some money and open a savings/checking account, and be able to find branches or atms in/near downtown, SE, and N.

Low-Cost Vet Recs?

My kitty has an eye infection and I need to take him to a vet. I haven't established a vet in the area yet and money is a big issue.I can't afford $300 for an initial exam, blood work and all the big stuff that comes with getting a new vet. Is there one locally that will give him just a basic exam and prescribe the anti-biotic gel he needs?

And yes, he does get an annual, but the regular vet is 3 hours north of here.

Somewhere between downtown and 60th would be great, but driving is no biggie.