October 13th, 2009

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Nerd store?

I tried looking online a bit, but it was hard to narrow things down or even get an idea of what's inside a store.

Where can I find shit like circuit board kits, free-lounging LEDs/capacitors/thingies, or other electronic geek equipment?

I need to . . . make . . . something.


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First Arts'n'Crafts Night!

(This is a follow-up from this previous post)

EDIT: To be rescheduled since a lot of people can't make it.

I already messaged everyone who responded to the other thread, but for anyone else who's interested....
First Arts'n'Crafts Night is tomorrow! (Wednesday, the 14th)
Bring your knitting, bring your scrapbooking, your doodlepad, or I have lots of random stuff to share!

When: 7:00 p.m. til 10:30-ish
Where: My apartment near Laurelhurst Park
Other stuff: I only have 5 chairs in my abode, so you might want to bring a folding chair unless you're ok with sitting on the floor.

Respond to this post if you want to come, and I'll pm you my address.

Low cost acupuncture and chiro specializing in breech babies?

Hey DP!

I'm 39 weeks preggo and my baby is in the Frank Breech position. I'm worried about getting a C Section and in all honesty I want nothing to do with it. I really want to go thru with my home birth.. the only real way I can feel OK about a home birth is if she is head down like she should be... I'm even tempted to try a vaginal breech birth, but the medical staff (and my mother) are trying their hardest to keep me from doing that. The L&D team at OHSU have completely refused to let me deliver breech with them.

I'm here looking for a low cost acupuncturist or chiropractor that knows about this sort of thing. I've read that the Webster Technique and acupuncture work wonders! I'm really short on cash since it's all gone to the baby... This was totally unexpected and I have no insurance to cover such things.

Any info is appreciated, and it would really make our week if you could help us by picturing our birth a happy and healthy one.

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help dudes

I need cheese. Not just the sort at New Seasons or Fredricks, which is normally ok, I need REALLY GOOD feta. I used to get my fix at the Kiva in Eugene, but I haven't seen any place similar yet here, I want the good, salty, sold in buckets of brine type. I know there's a cheese shop or used to be one in Sellwood, where is that exactly and do they stock what I want? If this magical cheese place also sold a good sharp white cheddar and a huntsman that did not come pre-shrink wrapped and nasty looking like the stuff at Fred's and Trader Joe's, that would also rock my world. Me and my 30 carb a day Atkins thanks you for any help.

Portland related because feta should NOT taste like yogurt.


Does anyone know what is the latest I could expect a package delivery from UPS? I tried to find this info in their website but I couldn't.. my package tracking says "out for delivery" since 6:44am and I don't want to sit around all day on my day off waiting for it. What is the average time you've gotten delivery? (granted I am way out in the 100's avenues.. :/) If it can come as late as 8pm I am not going to sit around until then..

thanks deepers

Take-out pho?

I am at work, and this is my seventh day of flu. I am leaving soon, and I would like to get some pho to help clear out my head. I would really, really prefer not to eat the pho in a restaurant. I'd like to take it home with me and eat in peace.

Does "take-out pho" exist in Portland?


anyone need some damnboxes? we've pretty much finished unpacking from our move and have a bunch. most of them are (cardboard) wine boxes - sturdy, and a good size for things like books and kitchenware. i'd like someone to come get them in the next couple days. i'm a few blocks from peninsula park.
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i am looking for a pediatrician. trimet accessable. takes ohp. ive been calling all the places that people have recommended to me and none of them take my insurance anymore. its really frustrating. id rather not just pick someone random off a list. but its coming down to that.

btw, in case you cant tell, i had the baby. some people here wanted me to post when i had him.

corbin was born on september 30th and was 8 lbs 3 oz. here is a link to some pix of him:


he is awesome. great baby. ive been really enjoying being a mom.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

First, full disclosure: I'm doing some promotion of my damnself and my damnbusiness right now.  We'll get back to your regularly scheduled requests for a place with a decent collection of fur-lined booty shorts in about 30 seconds.  OK, ready?  Go! 

I'm trying to launch the hell out of my little business, Ten K One Writing.  Copywriting, editing, proofing, ghosting...I even do grout, if it's for your business communication needs.  Which is great!  But the tiny, yet persistent snag is that most of my published writing is in the form of articles for blogs and magazines.  I need to fatten up my commercial portfolio, y rápido!

So, a favor, DamnPortlanders:  Can I do some business writing for you for free?  If you could pay me with honest feedback (or, if you must, overly complimentary feedback) and a testimonial that I could paste up on my site, that would be capital.  I'd especially love to work with other fledgling businesses.  Brochures, postcards, web copy, truly non-skeazy letters encouraging your clients to walk in your doors...let me lend a hand, if you would. 

Oh!  And I'm a crappy graphic designer, but if you're OK with a (very) basic look, I will design to a beautiful MS Office template and take care of layout too.  I even know a guy who will photograph yer goods, but he will probably want some cash in exchange for his services.

Here's my website (yeah, I have kind of a thing for primates):  www.tenkone.com

And the contact info, if you're not into the commenting thing: dree@tenkone.com

Thanks very much.  Er, snark away, naturally.

Star Wars: In Concert. Two floor-level tickets for sale, $65 each!

Two floor-level tickets for Star Wars: In Concert! $65 / ticket or best offer!

I have two tickets for Star Wars: In Concert tomorrow at the rose quarter at 7:30 PM. They are seats 18-42 and 19-42 - very close, and on the floor level. One seat is in front of the other, so you can still go with a friend!

When I ordered tickets, there were no side-by-side seats left on the floor level, and wanting to bring my girlfriend to experience Star Wars with me, I settled for one seat that was right in front of the other. She wasn't too thrilled with that idea (she thought I was joking when I told her!), so I purchased tickets a little further away, but where we could sit together.

Each ticket was $69; contact me with your best offer.

Since I will still be attending the event, we can meet outside of the rose quarter before concert to exchange cash and tickets.

If this is an improper use of this community, let me know and I'll take this posting down.

Here is information on the event:

Some of the most unforgettable sights and sounds that the cinema has ever offered will be experienced by audiences in Portland, OR as never before when STAR WARS: In Concert comes to the Rose Garden on October 14, 2009.

This show features an extensive selection of Oscar-winning composer John Williams’ legendary scores from all six STAR WARS movies into an extraordinary two-hour musical event that features scenes from the movies, a full symphonic orchestra with choir, and live narration by Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in the series.

In addition, audiences will be able to view an exhibition of STAR WARS original memorabilia, props, costumes and artwork from all six films from the Lucasfilm Archives. STAR WARS: In Concert, which will have only one performance in Portland, is produced by Another Planet Entertainment, in association with Lucasfilm Ltd.
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Repost But It's for a Good Cause and the Economy is Worse

"If you are thinking of becoming a foster parent, then the Foster Family Care Network (FFCN) may be able to help you.

"FFCN represents 9 foster care programs around the Portland Metro area. The programs range from young children needing a loving home to older youth needing more structure. A generous tax-free stipend is paid to offset the costs and time required to be a foster parent.

"FFCN works with you every step of the way in the process of training and certification to become a foster parent for the Morrison Child and Family Services (http://www.morrisoncenter.org/) or Albertina Kerr (http://www.albertinakerr.org/) programs.

"If you have any questions, please call the Foster Family Care Network at 503-542-4011 or email to ffcn2@albertinakerr.org. Come check us out at http://www.fosterfamilycarenetwork.org/!"

I do not work for FFCN, I work for one of the organizations whom they represent. However, I can tell you that therapeutic foster parents ARE compensated very well and are treated as members of a treatment team for a kiddo in need. Most of the agencies FFCN represents provider 24/7 support as well as skills training for the child.

So in case you are one of those people who have thought about it a lot, here's the information to get you started and to get some of your questions answered. I can also answer most questions, though I am not a certifier because I work directly with the clients.