October 12th, 2009


Maybe we'll see a little action?


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama vowed his unwavering support for the full gay rights agenda Saturday night, saying that he'll push Congress to repeal the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

He also said that he'll work to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act that defined marriage as solely between a man and a woman, to guarantee that gay and lesbian couples get the same benefits as straight couples, and to ban anti-gay discrimination in the workplace.

At least it's a step in the right direction, this talking the President does. I wonder if that huge march the other day had anything to do with it?

Maybe the President can get Congress to move a little.
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covering all bases...

I'm looking for a little musical assistance - someone who has access to a piano/keyboard and some kind of basic recording equipment (like a handheld tape-recorder or a mic plug-in to their ipod, seriously basic) and who is skilled enough to play Brahms' requiem with emphasis on the alto part, within the next week.  Fee negotiable.  Reply here or email kengwenk at yahoo.  (Also posting craigslist & flyering locally.)

ETA: yes, I totally don't mean to have someone play the entire piece, that's a pretty tall order.  I have a CD of the requiem, if someone could play alto on any instrument while the CD plays, while recording, that would be awesome.  Or, just play the soprano and alto parts with alto emphasized, maybe tenor and bass parts when they're the lead in to the alto part.  Anything that can help me with my predicament, which is basically that I know this piece pretty well as a soprano but am currently attempting to sing it as an alto...
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Injured or sick squirrel

Is there a charity organization or similar in Portland that deals with sick or injured squirrels? This one (Eastern grey, I think) makes right turns only, and was along a school path. Animal Control doesn't deal with injured or sick wildlife, and I'm not sure the poor rodent can be rehabilitated.

Edit: It's definitely a non-native Eastern grey squirrel.

Edit 2: It may actually be a native grey squirrel of some sort, so I'll run the little guy over to the Audubon Society. Thank you all for your responses.
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Horror Flicks

Gooooooood morning! Isn't it lovely out?

So, I'm just a-wondering who here might know where I could watch screenings of old horror and sci fi movies. I can watch them at home, of course, but I want the experience of being in that dark theater.


Vampira thanks you.

This is what I need

Remember on Gilmore Girls when Rory dressed up like Donna Reed and made Dean dinner? I want an apron like that. Do regular stores sell those, or are they all the full body, up to the neck kind? Doesn't have to be similar colors or anything, just that style. A real one, please, not costume-y. Location not an issue. Thanks!
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$480 Shared Townhouse Condo (1 bedroom & private bath)

It was pointed out to me that people typically see listings with just the base rent and utilities separate, so I figured I'd post this again (and delete my prior posting).

$480 for rent plus utilities (utilities includes water, sewer, garbage, electricity, natural gas heat, central air conditioning and Dish TV with DVR and average $175-220 per month). The available bedroom has a large closet and window, and the included private bathroom is the largest of the 2.5 total in the house. This room will be available 11/1/2009 but I could easily make arrangements for sooner if needed.

Rent includes shared access to Laundry room and Den upstairs, and Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and half bath downstairs. Also includes shared Patio and charcoal BBQ in fenced backyard, and 14.1 CU Ft Freezer in garage. There is room for any potted outdoor or indoor plants you’d like to have as well. Currently I don’t have a phone land line and use Clear for internet (could discuss possibility of adding another mobile modem to my plan). Move-in cost totals $730 with $250 deposit ($100 refundable at move-out).

Townhouse has on-street parking and is on #71 TriMet Line and walking distance to Frequent Service on #4 Division line. Also fairly close access to Blue Line MAX and Green Line MAX, with grocery, and restaurants within walking distance too. Mill Park neighborhood is a nice place to live.

You need to be cat friendly, but without a cat, since my dilute tortoiseshell is skittish around other cats. Interested tenants must be a non-smoker and non-user. I’m a 38 year old librarian who works for a book services company and am looking for a fellow professional woman to share my home. I’ve held dinner parties, wine-tasting parties, and have a fairly active social life so am not always around in the evenings or weekends, but would like to find a roommate with enough in common to hang out once in a while. I'm looking for someone who works weekdays too preferably, so our sleep schedules don’t conflict.

Contact me with your interest or questions at: wellah_99 at yahoo dot com or via LiveJournal Message.

Presidential control of the economy

Was just wondering what you DeePee'rs thought about Obama's responsibility toward the economy. 

I'm an Obama supporter myself, I would love to think that he can part the red sea of home forclosures or whatever with a magic stick, but I'm just not sure it's possible.  All I know is, economics kicked my ass when I was in college.  There are hella factors in what goes into an economy, many of them involving letters of the Greek alphabet.  Mue.  Theta, even.

And then I have this question: is an economy that just goes up and up and up and up a natural thing?  Something we have a "right" to, as Americans?  And, moreover, how realistic was Obama to say that he could "fix" it so that the wealth of the U.S.A. continued its climb even while India and China did their own thing?

And then, you know, this stimulus package, worth 450 gazillion or whatever.  If our collective ass is broke, what bank exactly is cashing that check?  And if we're in the shitter from owing too much, will borrowing more and passing it out in small amounts in the form of tax breaks etc. really get us anywhere?  How does writing a big check help fix the economy?  It might work, I just really, really, don't get it.

Just thinking historically, there was the depression.  President Hoover did a lot of hand-wringing and ultimately instituted some assistance programs...and then Roosevelt got us into war.  It was, many conclude, that war alone that made us captains of industry again.  Obviously, the war thing isn't going to work this time around...we kind of shot our wad with that one.  So, um, what now?  Do we take all these foreclosed houses and tear them down to drive up demand for housing again and close our eyes and pray it works?

If Obama doesn't "fix" things a lot of people will take it very personally.  But, what, really, can Obama do?  He is one dude.

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Looking for a couple things:

* A thrift store with a good selection of non-crappy men's shoes
* A pair of black or dark brown men's boots, military boot style w/laces, either used in good condition or, if new, big bonus points for union made or at least made in the USA. I had enough of wet feet last winter, not doing it again.

Any pointers to stores would be appreciated! :)
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PSA: Haunted Houses--Which ones are good?

Here is a listing of local haunted houses. Let's share which ones are good from http://blogging.portlandonthecheap.com/!

- Fright Town (beneath the Memorial Coliseum): regular admission to all three attractions is $20, but the web site has a $5 off coupon that can be downloaded. $5 off coupons are also available from many local retailers like Bi-Mart, Dairy Queen, Papa Murphy’s and the Spirit Halloween Stores and if you’re attending a concert or game at the Rose Quarter during the month of October, your ticket stub also works like a $5 off coupon. Valid all days EXCEPT 10/23, 10/24, 10/30 and 10/31.

- 13th Door Haunted House (near SW 87th & Canyon Road): regular general admission is $15, but if you buy advanced tickets before October 9th, your cost is $13. Advance ticket purchases are via PayPal.

- The Fields of Fear (Washington County Fair Complex): a unique 30-minute outdoor performance involving strobe effects, loud noises and terrifying situations. $12 admission. No discounts apply.

- Darkest Dreams Entertainment (Pearl District): mature audiences only, click here for details. Admission ranges from $10 – $20 depending on attraction, no discounts available.

- Scream at the Beach (Jantzen Beach): sorry, no discounts or coupons available. $20 general admission for all haunts. If you visit the web site and sign up for the Monster Fan Club, you could win a 4-pack of tickets so it is worth checking out.

- The Haunted Maize at the Pumpkin Patch (Sauvie Island): get stalked in the corn at the Field of Screams, October 9–11, 16–18, 23–25, 28–31 (7pm–10pm). $10 general admission; go to the web site to download a $1 off coupon.

- Milburn’s Haunted Manor (Hubbard, south of Portland): $8 admission to the Manor, $8 admission to Wicked-wood Forest, or pay $15 for both attractions. No other discounts or promotions.

- Davis Graveyard (Milwaukie): Free! It’s Portland’s home-grown backyard haunted house attraction ten years running. Think super-awesome display that a very dedicated neighbor might put on, and multiply that by tenfold. A definite not to miss!

- The Slaughter House (Hillsboro): $10 general admission, no coupons or discounts available.

- Oregon Zoo Zoo-Boo: sorry, that event has been discontinued long ago (but man was that fun!). Ditto the OMSI Haunted Submarine and the other haunted houses from my youth at the old Eastport Plaza.
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Sock Dreams Stock

I'm making my first trip to Sock Dreams tomorrow for a pretty specific pair of tights. Is their stock on the website representative of what I'll be able to find in-store, or should I call to make sure they have them?

wage haggling

so, i'm looking for some wage haggling advice. i'm probably on the way to getting a job, but the place doesn't pay nearly as well as i'd want despite being a tremendous experience booster.

they offer about $10/hr, when a similar job at another agency pays upwards of $18/hr. it's non-profit, so this is all to be expected.

my question for you guys, is: is it legal for an employer to retract a job offer if i try to haggle the wage i'm offered? i don't want to put the opportunity for more experience and a path toward my career in jeopardy.


Attention all geeks, dorks, and nerds!!

Attention fellow geeks! (I mean this in the nicest way possible of course)

I am dating the biggest geek alive. And he is obsessed with star wars. And on Wednesday there's going to be a Star Wars in Concert with music from the movies. Anyways. When we were getting the tickets, there was a mix up and he had to call them and the best tickets at that time were way up front, but the only two seats left were one in front of the other. Frustrated he got the tickets. He later told me that not only was I going to this concert with him that I was going to be sitting in front of him or behind him. So then he got us two other tickets side by side. So! I have two star wars in concert tickets, one in front of the other in the best section in the house.
Any takers?  

I believe that the tickets are 70 bucks each (I seem to have misplaced them right now). I'd really like to break even on the tickets, but will take the best offer. So if you just want one, or both or know of someone who would please send them my way.

Email me at live.laugh.loveee@gmail.com for any questions or offers.

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