October 11th, 2009

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Any baseball fans

 I am a huge yankees fan (please don't throw stones) and I am without a way to watch my favorite team in the playoffs. I don't have a TV and mlb.tv is blacking these games out because they are on TV and want people to watch them on TV. Lame. So I am looking for cool sports bars or any kind of place that is showing these games on their tv. And most likely any place with a tv will show the baseball playoffs. So anyone that could help me out with this will be helping me HUGE! 

And if you're a boston fan, well my condolences :P (not to being fans, however... No. For how tomorrow is most likely their last game. And trust me, I did not want this to happen. I wanted the yankees to take boston out of the playoffs! :P

So please, if you know of a good sports bar, or a sucky one let me know.

Thanks in advance!
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tomato harvest or not?

So I've been covering my tomatoes at night with thick tarps, 'cause it's been dropping below 29F and tarps are what I have. I've got all the "almost read" fruits ripening indoors, but I have a large amount of green-almost-yellowish on the vine, and even more still-green hanging on. And I'm going to leave town for a couple days.

Should I be
a) leave them under their covers
b) leave them uncovered & hope
c) harvest the nearly-turning lot to ripen on the windowsill (house will stay >55)
d) harvest them all
e) arson

I have no experience with fried green tomatoes, so if you were going to suggest that, post directions.

Bed Shopping

As our 10 yr old futon has now caused both the SO and I injury (shoulder and back), we bit the dust and went bed shopping. Sleep Country by the airport is having a stupidly good sale right now for their grand opening and Columbus Day. Queen size Beautyrest, mattress top, and bedframe for a grand. Plus, the salesguy wasn't pushy, which I appreciate.

CSS and Livejournal

I don't want this for MY livejournal, but for a project I have been tasked to do, I would like to create a simplistic but nice looking layout for another livejournal.

But I don't know squat about customizing any of it, so any helpful links you can point me to would be grand, as I know some of you out there have pretty nice looking ones.

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Senior dog playgroup?

Lately, I've been taking Annabelle, my mom's basset hound, to the off-leash area at Gabriel Park. She seems to enjoy it but, being an old basset hound, doesn't really run fast enough to keep up with the younger, longer-legged dogs she finds there to play with. (She's probably about 11 now - they got her from Basset Rescue as an adult so we don't have an exact age. I think they got her in early 2005 and guessed her age as between 6 and 8 then.)

Are there any dog playgroups for older dogs? I'd like her to meet some other older, slower buddies that she might be able to keep up with.


To the people who thought it would be OK to slap a green vest on your pet dog and throw a birthday party for it at Lucky Lab NW: you're not only mocking the people with actual disabilities that the ADA is trying to protect from discrimination, you're also selfishly ignoring the possibility that the business can be penalized by the health department for allowing non-service animals where food is served. Buying a "service vest" for a few bucks on the internet and using it to exploit the ADA is selfish entitlement at its worst.

To the management of said establishment: I'm sorry that the law makes it difficult for your to challenge this kind of blatant mockery. Perhaps if your employer's profits take a hit because people choose to vote with their dollars, they might find it in their interest to work to have the law fixed to prevent this kind of idiocy.
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queer as a $3 bill!

happy coming out day deeps!

thanks to all the awesome lesbian, gay, bisexual , transgendered, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersex, gender queer, and gender-fucked folks out there who make the world a better place to live! this queer appreciates you!

ETA: dudes, get over yourselves. if you are offended/ need to snark that i wrote a post celebrating national coming out day, feel free. but it only makes you look damn idiotic and oppressive. every freaking day we live in a heteronormative world. to celebrate queers on one or two or a few days a year, to celebrate the difficulty of living in a heteronormative world, to celebrate love and lust and joy that is not conventionally sanctioned is a beautiful thing. you don't need to be threatened by it.
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Anyone know of a good dermatologist in the Hillsboro area? Preferably one I *don't* need a referral to? Because that just takes too damn long. By "good", at this point I pretty much mean "someone whose medical advice isn't limited to telling me to change soaps", which is pretty much all I've gotten from people so far.


Something smells seriously ill in SE right now (over by 39th and Powell) - some horrific stench in the air outdoors. Kind of like a cross between a really bad fart and rotting meat. Sewer break, maybe? Or worse? It's kind of freaky.

Today's actual National Holiday...

Were any of you aware that today is actually Kazimierz Pułaski Day? I'll bet you didn't!

Were you aware that our fine congress a few days ago dubbed Kazimierz Pułaski only the seventh person in US History to be given honorary citizenship? It's true!

A man with whom this country might not exist without, I do believe we should take a moment and acknowledge this country might not exist without the bravery of Mr. Pułaski.

I hope all your Poles in the greater DP community are proud. Today is your day, too.

(Side note... anyone actually coming out today? If so, congrats to you too, speaking of bravery.)
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I want to go horseback riding again (I used to be quite the equestrienne). Either just a trail trail ride or some lessons if they are reasonably priced. Googling it is a nightmare, everything I'm finding is ridiculously far. Anyone know of any local places? Personal experiences a plus.