October 10th, 2009


Sauvie Island = Dog friendly?

Morning DPers,
  I am meeting some out of town family at Sauvie Island today to do ye olde pumpkin patching/corn mazing outing. My question is this: Are dogs okay to bring? I can't find anything yea or nay on the Sauvie Island site, the pumpkin patch site or the corn maze site. I've e-mailed but doubt I'll get an answer back in the next couple of hours. Anyone have any experience here?

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Loan me a bowler or a top hat?

Does anyone own a bowler or a top hat (anything for a small to medium head will probably work) that they'd be willing to loan me for Halloween? Black's preferable, but other colors not necessarily a problem. I'm trying to assemble my costume on the cheap this year, and damnportlanders has kindly provided me with missing costume pieces before.

I promise to take very good care of anything loaned to me (I was raised to respect good hats). Things I can offer in return:

- A loan of a costume piece you need that I happen to have (my closet is varied and strange).
- Help coming up with a costume concept.
- A lesson in stage/special effects makeup to help make your costume awesome.
- A small payment as collateral, to be collected when I return your hat.

If you don't have a hat but know of a place I can buy/rent a decent one without spending too much, that'd be helpful too.

Thanks, DP!
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Speed reading

Has anyone taken a speed reading course locally as an adult and found success with it?

I have excellent comprehension, but I cannot seem to get past the talking-in-my-head threshold, so I read, what I consider, very slowly. I'm frustrated by my inability to get all of the knowledge of the world into my brain because there isn't enough time in the day for my snail's pace reading.

I think that it is time that I learned a better way to read.


Thanks, deepz.

temp license/bars?

So I lost my driver's license and they gave me a temporary one (paper) until the real one comes in 5-10 days. Question is - do they take these at bars? If they don't I will be pissed because I've been planning to go out tonight for some time. I went to Edgefield the other day and they had no problem taking it and I've been able to use to for cigs, etc...but I'm afraid of these smaller bars in Portland. I hate to go out and then be rejected w/ my friends, then again maybe they are all different?

PS - Why don't they just give you a freaking hard one at the DMV like they used to!? SO annoying.
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Bring out your papers!

I am working on a halloween project and running out of newspaper.  Anyone near north portland who many have a collection of newspaper laying around - particularly Oregonian Metro sections?

I live in North Portland (Kenton) and work downtown but have transport.  Any paper not used will be recycled.

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(probably) for the ladies...

what's your favorite heart-warming romantic movie(/s)? it doesn't need to be a "romance," just something with characters that make you melt or on-screen chemistry that you feel in your bones.

i'm such a sucker for on-screen romances done well. i just finished streaming dakota skye on netflix, and i need more fake luv.