October 9th, 2009

but why?

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We have free tickets to spend about a day and a half in San Fran. Just have to use the airline tickets within a year. When would you go? What would you make sure to see in that limited time? Is Alcatraz worth it?
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Does anyone have any suggestions for some good ambient or trance albums?
Compilations are great, single composers are good too.

I'm looking for something new; I have about 20 gig available to me, but I am wanting to expand a little more.

Something chill with some deeper bass grooves, female vocals, remixes, etc...

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Band Looking For A Gig?

Do you know any musicians that might be interested in a short volunteer gig on Sat. Oct 24th for some salmon saving volunteers? The StreamTeam is looking to recognize the hard work of the 600+ volunteers that donate their time and talents throughout the year at our Make a Difference Day Celebration. See www.StreamTeam.net for more information on the program.

I'm thinking family friendly, acoustic/bluegrass for about an hour. Comment for more information.

We are always interested in supporting our partnerships through media promotion.
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Berbati Pan

I'm going to see one of my favorite bands at Berbati Pan tonight. I'm just curious what the place is like as I've never gone to a show there...The tix. says the show starts at 9pm..is that likely for this place? I guess that's really my only question..but anything else you'd like to tell me about the place would be great!
Rainy Day

Spread the word...New Waldorf School in SE Portland!

The Micha-el School of Portland has opened! In December 2008, the school began with Plum Blossom Kindergarten through Grade 4 and we have expanded to include Grade 5 this year with plans to continue the Grades through Middle School. I do indeed have a vested interest as I'm trading work with them to finance my Waldorf Teacher Training, but it's a beautiful school and I encourage parents that are looking for an alternative to the mess of public education to come visit!

Our next school tour is October 23rd, and we will be launching our school store filled with Waldorf-inspired books, toys, musical and artistic tools, and handmade items. Not sure what Waldorf is? This has some good information, as well as our website.

The Micha-el School is a warm and vibrant community of committed teachers and parents dedicated to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development of children. Established in 2008, The Micha-el School now offers Kindergarten through 5th grade and a full array of subject classes, including music, violin, Spanish & German, movement, eurythmy, handwork and woodworking. Academic lessons integrate artistic activities on a daily basis.

The Micha-el School is located in SE Portland, Oregon, in the Woodstock neighborhood. We are now enrolling for the 2009/2010 school year and welcome phone calls and visits from interested families.

The Micha-el School is run in conjunction with the well-established Micha-el Institute of Portland which is responsible for training Waldorf Teachers. It is seen in the same light as a teaching hospital is to a Medical School, so that help will be available in the school from teacher training students gaining experience.

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Cover That Crummy Wall-- For Free!

(Well, "free" plus whatever it costs you to get to our place.)

"Spring" cleaning continues. This week, we have a cardboard tube of nice old posters that need a new home. There's the inevitable cat humor poster, a Bugs Bunny film festival poster, a really nice Imogen Cunningham photo of seashells, and others as well.

Size varies. So does condition. Most were never folded but they've lived for years in a large cardboard tube, so you'll need to flatten them out yourself. Nothing is "mint" quality, but if you want to cover up that ugly rental wallpaper... Cut down something big for your collage/assemblage/funky decoupage project, etc. Blah blah blah.

Pop me a PM to arrange a pick-up time. If you're in NE, I may be able to arrange delivery sometime tomorrow. Thanks.
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Flamenco workshop/classes

Flamenco workshop with La Magdalena, October 9-12 (yes, that's starting tonight!) at the New Day Center for the Arts (SE Foster & 55th).
You know you want to flamenco!  You know you do!
Musicians, dancers, aficionados, and novices are all welcome - separate classes for each so novices won't be struggling to keep up and more advanced participants will be able to work at their level.

For more details about La Magdalena, the workshop classes, and how to register see the flyer here: flamenco-con-magdalena.com/image/portlandclass4-hi-res.jpg or go to www.flamenco-con-magdalena.com

Un saludo "flamenquito"

Arisato Minato
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League of Legends

Hey everyone here at DP, I just got 5 more invites to the beta test of League of Legends and have no idea who to pass them out to. So, if you're interested, first 5 to ask here for them gets em.

You can find out more about it here:


If you're a fan of DotA, HoN, or PVP in WoW or other MMOs, you'll most likely enjoy this. I played DotA as my main game for 5 years and this stole me away from it back in June and I haven't gone back since.

Edited to correct a typo.
what just happened?

Stick another snowman on that S.U.V.

(Or: It's 'Tommy' this, an 'Tommy' that, an' ne'er tighten your belt, but it's 'Real Amer'can heroes!' when the snow begins to melt.)

Today I was on the highway, and saw a big white pickup truck with a mural painted on its wide back bay door. It bore these words, in wavy lines:

In honor of those who serve
In respect for whose who served
In reverence for those who gave their all

These lines were surmounted by American flags, adorned with yellow ribbons, and held by smiling, anthropomorphic snowmen. Complete with hats, mufflers and scarves.

Now, I have nothing but respect for this sentiment, although I'm inclined to wonder at the grammar and some word choices, and disturbed by the incongruity of putting it on a big, luxurious, gas-guzzling vehicle. But snowmen, guys? Really?
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Oh hai guise! I'm a musician, LOL.

You guys remember back in '05-'06 when I was in that band DeHaviland and would SPAM you every time we had a show? Well guess what? I AM IN A NEW BAND NOW! That's right! The difference this time is that I promise to only tell you about our shows ONCE, and it will be maybe 3 or 4 days in advance. The only exception to this is today, telling you that we are playing TONIGHT. Short notice, I know. I am sorry about that. To make up for it, I declare tonight to be "Ladies Night" at The Ash Street Saloon, and all ladies, women, and womyn, both biological and self-identified, hell maybe even men in drag, will get into the club for THREE DOLLARS!

RAILER (rock/electronica/new wave)
STARRY SAINTS (rock/shoegaze/indie) MY NEW BAND!
PINK NOISE (new wave/gothic/industrial)

Show starts at 9:00 pm!
Hope to see you there!
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More shameless promotion...

But this post is for myself.

Yardsale, tomorrow and Sunday, 10am-2pm, 8104 SE Reedway  97206 (just south of McDonalds on 82nd).
Brown leather sleeper sofa, TV chairs, free-standing and wall-mount shelves, silverware, dishes, miscellaneous kitchen items, tiki torches, white Nissan rear spoiler, electric lawnmower, weed whacker, leaf blower, CDs, women's clothing (sizes 6-14ish, mostly good condition professional-type clothes, some more casual wear), women's shoes (sizes 7.5-9ish including good sturdy boots, heels, sandals), collectibles, candles, jewelry, several gallons of exterior house paint (light green), prints/art/paintings, books, cookbooks...I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, come on by and take a look!



Hi -

I'm thinking Kino MacGregor's Ashtanga primary series yoga DVD might have a prominent place on my Christmas list this year, but I'd like to get at least a taste of what the actual instruction is like first and YouTube's been no help.  If you have a copy, might I borrow it for even just a day or so? 


Free accordion and cello tonight at Jade Lounge!

The amazing and talented Eric Stern and Skip VonKuske of Vagabond Opera will be playing a freee show tonight at the Jade Lounge at 2432 SE Ankeny.

This show will be from 8 to 10pm and totally free.

Featuring lovely accordion and cello music! Some a bit dark, some a bit dancey, all of it amazing. Eric is a classically trained opera singer who specializes in Bulgarian accordion music and VonKuske is the best improvisational cellist in the greater NW area.
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need last minute dinner plans? here you go...

We're (the Wheels of Justice, Rose City's fabulous all-star team) serving you dinner TONIGHT from 7-10pm at Kay's Bar (6903 SE Milwaukie), $12 for lasagna, salad, bread & a beer. Plus a raffle drawing for a fabulous bicycle (a FAT TIRE CRUISER), drawing at 11pm, need not be present to win.
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Spookey Kittehs.

Hahahaha! We have black kittens for Halloween!

Mama's been busy birthing them today. One of the fancy-schmancy purebred showcats got out (the escape route now fixed) and was bred by the outdoor, mostly feral, - hard to catch, damnit! - barn cat (whoops!) and now I have 6 beautiful all-black kittens! (likely to have green eyes)

Who wants a witch cat? :)

((Ready to go home December 5th. Send me an LJ message with your interest.))
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Contractor rec's

Hey folks, asking for some personal reccomendations on a reliable and trustworthy general contractor who knows their stuff and won't try to fleece me. I'm buying an older (1905) house in SE that needs a serious bathroom remodel. Like: annex a closet, move the tub and toilet, install new floor and surround. Meep! I'm ready to collect some estimates....but there are SO many contractors out there and i figure there's enough DamnedHomeOwners out there that someone's gotta have an inside tip :) Yays and nays both welcome.