October 6th, 2009

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Because it's Portland, and, it's fall...

Your detailed forecast...

  • Today: Plenty of sunshine. High 69F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Tonight: A few passing clouds. Low near 50F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Tomorrow: Some clouds in the morning will give way to mainly sunny skies for the afternoon. High 66F. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Tomorrow night: Clear skies. Low 47F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Thursday: Sunshine. Highs in the low 70s and lows in the mid 40s.
  • Friday: Sunshine. Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the mid 40s.
  • Saturday: A few clouds. Highs in the upper 60s and lows in the mid 40s.

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I've been thinking about selling my car in hopes of getting a cheaper one. I don't like having a new car enough to have the car/insurance payments and rather would spend my money elsewhere (like saving for a new motorcycle since mine was stolen - CURSES!!!). Private selling is out because I still have a loan on it and it's annoyingly complicated to do so...so I was thinking going to a dealer instead. Has anyone done this before? I'm pretty...naive...unversed in car dealerships - the only time I've gone is when I bought my current car. So if anyone here has sucessfully done so or has hints or where they did it for me, that'd be neat-0. Trading is out too because I'd lose too much $$ for it to make any sense :)

Oh, and my car is an 08 Honda Civic Sedan.

Edited! I should've added this, but I *do* know I could sell it and pay off my loan plus about $1k to myself. I've been paying off my loan more than required for the last two years :)
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Capitalism: A love story.

I saw "Capitalism: A Love Story" last night. I thought it was great and it pissed me right the hell off.  There were MANY many things that made my jaw drop and one of those was the policy of huge companies (WalMart, AT&T , PGE, etc.) taking out  life insurance on your employees in the form of "DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE"? Really??!
Not only do these policies serve as tax shelters, they are also a nice bonus when this (uninformed) employee kicks the bucket.

I am about to take a trip down to my local Chase office and close my accounts. I am considering other options I have to speak out and use my voice. One voice, one vote.......I may not be able to vote but I certainly can pretend I can.

It's been YEARS since a movie has actually inspired any kind of emotion other than "oooh great camera work" or " shit, that ending sucked." Fahrenheit just depressed the shit out of me but this movie has moved me to action, in any way I can.

Anyone seen the movie? Thoughts??

Legal Question :

Not that I own or are in possession of any of the following but I was wondering...the code of conduct for Portland State University states...

Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other dangerous weapons or instrumentalities on University-owned or -controlled property, unless expressly authorized by law, Board or PSU rules (for purposes of this section, absence of criminal penalties shall not be considered express authorization).

As Oregon allows for the carrying of a concealed handgun with a concealed handgun license (CHL), does this count as "expressly authorized by law"?

Oregon also allows for the carrying of concealed knives (with near as I can tell, no length limit). Would that be considered something that is a "dangerous weapon" or instrumentality?

I had overheard of a certain person in a group I'm involved with who likes testing the legality of such things in a more confrontational and high-profile manner.
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Not 2-hour parking

Hey DP,

Where can I park for a day, day and a half, in or near Northwest (Burnside and 23rd area) without a parking pass and without getting a ticket/towed? Free would be ideal. The best I can think of is the nearest Park and Ride lot, but I'm not even sure where that would be.

I will be very grateful if someone can save me another $60 ticket!
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Facebook Maintenance?

Out of curiosity, has anyone else been blocked from logging into Facebook with the "Account unavailable due to site maintenance" message recently?

My account has been blocked for over well over 2 days now. I submitted a support request, etc., through all of the proper channels.

No resolution. No feedback. Nada.

Just curious...

TIA! :)
DamnPortlander related because I am a Portlander and "DAMN! I can't log into Facebook!"
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proposal for tagging...

hey Dpers.

our tags system is... well, nonexistent. i was thinking about this today because of my (still unhomed) stray, and how i need to find a (cheap) vet to take her to to make sure she doesn't have FIV or something if i'm going to try to integrate her into my own house. i know there are a bazillion vet posts but it's kind of a pain to search for them.

ANYWAY. i started thinking that if 10-12 of us volunteered to do some tagging, we could really get oregonized (hahaha) and knock it out pretty quickly.

we could each take a month, starting with this year, and tag the posts. then we could work backward through the previous years, at least a couple back maybe.

is this an insane idea, or does it have some merit? would anyone be willing to volunteer? we're kinda posty whores around here, so it's not like it would be a completely insignificant amount of time we'd need to devote. then again, there's no time limit and we've been living without for this long, so who cares how long it takes? and yes, i know we have a search function, but i think we can agree that it's not terribly effective.

there's also the issue of which tags to use. there are about 265 already used, but i think we have up to 1000 available? (correct me if i'm wrong.) we could just do it common-sense-like...

restaurants: NE
bars: sports
vets: SW
restaurants: vegan
shopping: thrift
garage sales/craigslist
new to pdx
clubs: goth
help wanted
child care

etc etc etc.

ok, well, that's my pitch. y'all weigh in. i actually don't know who the mods are, but i think they'd have to be the ones to set the permissions so certain people could tag.

Specialty Dry cleaners...

I was recently given a Beduoin dress by my aunt. She purchased this dress back in 1970 when she was in Israel. At the time that she purchased it, it was estimated to be about 50 or 60 years old. My aunt kept it packed away in a cedar chest before giving it to me. I would like to be able to have the dress dry cleaned but need to find a specialist as there are a few little holes in the dress.

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So I've finally come to the point where I want to take the time to learn another instrament. Its been ages since I last played saxaphone but I always wanted to play Violin. So I have questions:

1) How much would a decent starter violin cost me

2) Does anyone on here play?

3) How much would lessons be if I couldn't find a DP hook up?

Thanks guys you are "teh rad"
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Be part of Star Wars history!

I just came across this link on /. today, and I figured it was worth sharing.  Some folks have decided to crowd-source the remaking of Star Wars (4, the original one).  Just bop on over to the site (http://vimeo.com/6788001), and sign up to take your favorite 15 seconds of the movie.  Make it in any style you like, and at the end, they'll tack 'em all together to make the film.

There's a trailer posted there, and it's crazy!

Day Trips

Hey everyone!
This upcoming Thursday-Sunday is my fall break at college. Originally I'm from Los Angeles, so I went home for the four days last year. This time, I'm planning on staying up here! I was wondering if any of you had some ideas for day trips I could take?
I've been to the Oregon Coast and loved it! This time I was thinking of venturing into Washington a little bit or possibly heading east to explore. I'm be interested in exploring as much as possible and am pretty much up for anything (I know very broad, my apologies). If you have any personal favorites, do let me know!