October 5th, 2009


Bike commuter with a question

Hey DP -

I've been bike commuting to work for about the past month and a half, now that I've fully transformed my inadequate mountain bike into a semi-decent and comfortable ride. I've been enjoying it, except I've noticed one thing that makes life difficult.

There are two left turn signals that, I think, I'm not heavy enough to trigger on my bike. So, for example, when I'm turning left next to PGE park to go West on Morrison, I can't for the life of me get a protected left unless there's a car behind me, so I end up running the light. This situation is exacerbated by pedestrians moseying across the street in my path because their signal is green. So I'm taking my life, and pedestrians' lives, into my hands, every time I go home.

Or am I just being impatient? I don't think so, because I've sat through two traffic light cycles before and haven't gotten my protected left. Sure, there are other ways I can get home that avoid that light, but they're much less convenient and involve daunting hills.

Has anyone else had this problem with left turns around town? Has this been addressed by the city? Considering this city tries to promote the hell out of bike commuting, you'd think they'd figure out a way to make traffic lights bike-friendly. I know some of them have this big green bike symbol at the front, and I think that's a bike trigger, but this intersection very definitely doesn't have that.

On another and more random complainey note - I'm annoyed that several of the traffic lights on my way to work seem to be timed exactly to prevent me from getting any kind of momentum. Grr.

That is all.
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Dog Parks

This is going to be a stupid question, but I can't find any pictures or info online.

Are off leash dog areas in Portland parks fenced?  Mr. Puppy needs to run and I need to make sure he'll come back. 

I'm in SE, but willing to drive.

Does anyone have a favorite dog park?
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medical insurance

Edit: my open enrollment is in Wednesday, and I'm thinking of just adding him then. I think I made a total mistake not doing that in the first place.

Do any of you have a medical insurance plan for yourselves or children that you did not get through work?

My work plan was either individual or family, with family costing more than twice as much. That would have worked for us if my guy were my legal husband and not already in love with his insurance. However, that's not the case.

So now I am looking for medical insurance for my 13 year old.

We're not low income so I can't get any of those benefits like when he was younger, but I don't make enough to not pinch pennies and just go with my work insurance for him because it's easier than finding something cheaper.

There's this really awesome website I was using to get insurance rates, unfortunately it won't let me look for JUST my son, and in order to get his rates, I need to leave my phone number. But then I never answer the phone because I hate insurance agents and sales people in general.

I may have made a mistake not putting him on my work insurance, and I think I have to wait until June to add him.

Catastrophic insurance was what I was originally thinking, but now I don't know.

I think I am too stupid for this kind of research. Should I just call the douchey sounding guy who keeps leaving messages on my machine about insurance?

Opinions from people with experience/knowledge in this area would be great. All other opinions will be ignored because I am too busy to troll you.

Four events coming up in Portland/Seattle in the next couple of weeks.

[1.] The Portland Nonprofit Career Fair, on Wednesday, October 14, from
11:00 to 3:00 http://bit.ly/3UhEB3

[2.] The Portland Graduate School Fair, on Thursday, October 22, from
5:00 to 8:00 http://bit.ly/tIDNJ

[3.] The Seattle Nonprofit Career Fair, on Tuesday, October 20, from
11:00 to 3:00 http://bit.ly/l9JRm

[4.] The Seattle Graduate School Fair, also on Tuesday, October 20, from
5:00 to 8:00 http://bit.ly/8SBhO

All of these events are free for individuals. Please click on each
link for more details, to see which organizations or schools will be
there, and to register.
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Thanks stranger!

I just wanted to send a thank you out into the world to the kind person who found my dog's collar out there somewhere in the neighborhood and left it on my front porch. I had absolutely no idea where it had gone and was not really looking forward to replacing all his tags.

So thank you, kind stranger! You make living in NE Portland just that much more nice.

Bulk pet food?

My Google-Fu is full of fail, so I come to you- oh wise damnportlanders.

Where in town can I find Friskie's and 9lives brand cat food in bulk?
My family fosters the strays in our area, and we would like to try to get costs down by buying their food in bulk. Those two brands are ones we know the cats can deal with, so we would prefer to go with those.

Thanks muchly!

Also, if anyone would like a cat or kitten, we has them. :)

ETA: As in "bulk", we're talking pallets of stuff. As of right now, we go through a 16lb bag of dry in about 3-4 days, PLUS wet food.


Something to do tonight....

Hey Portland,

I feel like I should go out tonight or something. My class ends in an hour and I dun't wanna go home right away.

Maybe some dance night? Or cheap beer somewhere? Any good DJs maybe? Punk or good old RnB or old school rock and roll or maybe even some 80s New Wave or Goth?

Lemme know what's happening tonight Portland.