October 4th, 2009

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Dearest Darling DP--

I have an old nonworking tube era console organ I want to get rid of. I am assuming I take it to THE DUMP and not to some e-waste kind of thing? It has electronic guts in it, but they are old electronic guts.

If you want you can have it but it is and has always been unfashionable. And of course, it is broken. Thus I assume no one will want it. When it was working the nicest thing about it was that it had nice wall rattling bass from the pedals. All it does now is take up space and remind me of the person who used to own it.

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Does anyone know if America's Best (the glasses and contacts place) takes checks?

I fell asleep wearing my glasses last night and ended up breaking them. America's Best isn't open today so I can't call and ask but I can make an appointment online, I just need to know if they take checks so I can make the appointment for tomorrow morning.

I feel stupid with my glasses all taped up. :(
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New Years

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What channel (if any?) is the Timbers Playoff game on? Or streaming online?
I am so sad tickets are sold out haha... Grocery shopping while watching everyone in their Timbers gear made me jealous!

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Damn Identity Theft?

Hi all,

Wondering if any of you have ever been the victim of identity theft, or what your opinions are on the likelihood of it happening.

Tonight, after a family romp at the park, we trucked over to the Bagdad for dinner, and left the dog and a couple of bills in the car.  Well, maybe three bills, my wife thinks.  The car was locked, and the dog didn't seem at all upset when we got back, but there was an $8 payment to our medical provider (a check) that was missing.

It seems weird: someone mysteriously breaking into the car with my 120 lb dog in the back, leaving no sign of forced entry, and not making any mess, and taking one bill out of a pile of three.  It's my hope that the envelope just fell on the ground somewhere, and that someone will drop it in the mailbox.  It's got a stamp and everything.

I know, I know.  We shouldn't leave something so enticing on the seat.  That part's a done deal as of now.  My question is, what are the risks.  Should I jam down to Wamu first thing tomorrow and change over all my accounts?  It's a huge hassle, but I'd rather not have to fight someone overdrafting my account.  It wouldn't take much.

Anyway, what are your thoughts?   Anyone have experience with this?


Ok I'll just pre-emptively say that yes I am stupid and pathetic and you all hate me and I'm not welcome here in Portland with the elite computer trollers... 

that being said, I have a few questions I hope some of you lovely DPers can help with, and other general items to share:

1)   Firewood: How easy is it to get firewood around here? My roommate has a fireplace and i'd like to acquire cheap wood to burn to keep the house warm to supplement the pathetic radiant space heaters we've got running. Does anyone have extra chopped wood they would like to sell on the cheap, or trade?

2)  Portland Fashion Week: It runs from Oct 7th - 11th, and if anyone was planning on purchasing tickets to this eco-friendly, indie designer, innately Portland event, please feel free to use my last name as a promo code to receive 10% off your purchase. Promo Code is 'MOORE'. More info at http://www.portlandfashionweek.net/  I've been doing PR/media outreach for them, so it's a little perk that I get to offer 10% off to my friends and acquaintances or strangers off the street. Please let me know if anyone on this list is planning to go, would love to touch base, etc. 

3)  Rats:  We've got 'em. They're in the walls. They freak me out. They have eaten far too much of my food in the kitchen these last couple of months and I'm declaring war. The landlord says we can't use poison because they'll die in the walls if we do. We've set 5 large traditional traps so far, and will get more during the week, but wanted to know if anyone here has experience with these Portland-area hippie mountain rats, and how to best get rid of them.  

4)  I'm engaged!!!! Not that you care, but it's awesome news for me. So consider this my formal newspaper announcement. I guess I should do a real one of those for my hometown back in Maryland... hmmm. 

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fire taming tools

If I were trying to buy someone a set of tools for use in a firepit, would that be the same set of tools for use in a fireplace, or different? 
i.e. would something like Collapse )
work, or do I need something else, and if something else, what would I be looking for and where would be good places to go looking?