October 3rd, 2009


A story for all you TriMet nazis.

Yeah, you know who you are. The ones who get all righteous about people who don't pay TriMet fares. The ones who think that people should have to carry around pre-bought tickets just in case, because if the ticket machines are broken, it should become your problem, not TriMet's.

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Update: Wow. I expected some of the usual snark and idiocy, but not this much.

Public transportation used to be a point of pride for Portland, at least to some people. It was so progressive, so green. Instead of building a big stinky freeway, we built a rail system. Look how clever we are. But now the focus is all on other cities, cities that are building their own light rail and expanding their bus systems and in some cases doing a better job of it than we are, with our broken ticket machines and service cuts (despite increasing ridership) and our trains that don't get maintained properly.

If this was a representative sample of public opinion, whoever-it-was that commented on a different post was right: Portland deserves TriMet and all its flaws, because apparently TriMet can do no wrong. Except, maybe, when they don't let someone ride topless.
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Dog groomers?

Can anyone recommend a good dog groomer for me?  We've got a bearded collie (we think) who had to be shaved when he got to the rescue we adopted him from because he was all matted.  We'd like his fur to grow out if only so we can see what he looks like with his full, natural coat.  Then we'll probably have him clipped shorter again once we find the threshold of how long his fur can be before it starts becoming a problem for him or us.

We're not sure what happened to him before he was dropped off at the Humane Society by his former owners.  We do know that he's incredibly sensitive and easy to scare, so we need someone who's very gentle and will work with him instead of just restraining him until they're done.  Someone who'd be willing to let me stay with him and watch would be even better as he really doesn't like it when we leave him in strange places and I'd like a chance to see if grooming him is something I might be able to learn to do at home.

The one time we've had him professionally groomed was at a PetSmart groomers and while the woman who took care of him was very good and he was calm and happy when we picked him up, he was completely freaked out when we dropped him off and I was crying by the time we got back to the car and felt like a horrible person for leaving him there.  I'm perfectly fine with bringing my laptop and a book and hanging out for a few hours if necessary, just so long as he can see me while he's being worked on and knows I haven't abandoned him.

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What's your favorite damn warm lounge-wear?

I've been loving the weather lately, especially when I get to be outside. Unfortunately being a law student means long hours with just me and a book.

When I am stationary, sitting at my desk typing or studying, I get COLD. Especially my hands and lower legs/feet.

So does anyone have WARM suggestions for lounge-pants, shirts, etc. I've been wearing socks but that hasn't been doing much good. I've honestly never tried slippers before.

In my old apartment I would crank up the heat on cold days, but that was a tiny space and it didn't cost much to heat it. Now I'm in a house and I REFUSE to use the heat. I'm not made of money anyway.

I REALLY want some knitted arm warmers that have open-tipped fingers (and maybe even covered thumbs). Basically, long fingerless gloves that will allow me to type and not have my hands become blocks of ice. My knitting skills have advanced far enough to make hats and scarves, but arm warmers are beyond me.

I also want some very snugly and warm (maybe fleece?) lounge pants. I prefer more form fitting and stretchy to baggy. I just need to buy more long sleeves too, because all the long sleeves I have are as thin as to be nearly see-through.

Suggestions? And yes, I like buying things online, but good stores to shop at in Portland are great too.

Thanks in advance!
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Box O'Comics For Sale

Spring/Fall Cleaning Time Again!

I've got 16 comics (graphic arts periodicals, if you're feeling pretentious) packed in a box, but w/o bags or boards. They are all B&W inside, color covers outside. I'm asking $35 Cash OBO. If you make an offer, you need to come and get them before 7 PM tonight (Saturday). After that, it's Craigs List.

ebay is a rip-off, so I'm not posting anything there for the foreseeable future.

I'd really like to send them all away at once. Up to you what you do with them after that. Collapse )

Thanks. Gone, Baby. Gone.

glass tobacco pipes

I have a large collection of glass pipes that have barely been used. I used to smoke and I recently quit, and I work at a head shop, so I have acquired quite the collection. I'm going to thoroughly clean them all, can I sell them on Craigslist? I looked around and can't seem to find anything saying I can't... does anyone have experience with this?
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Speaking of garage sales...

advance notice of a garage sale, next weekend (sat & sun), 8104 SE Reedway st.
Miscellany including but not limited to: brown leather sleeper sofa, food dehydrator, TV chairs, white spoiler (Nissan brand, or designed to fit a Nissan), the requisite variety of kitchen items including silverware and dish sets, the requisite variety of clothing including barely used doc marten mules (forgive me, there's probably a tougher "official" name for them, black leather pants, grey leather skirt.  Possibly an electric lawnmower.
And our next door neighbors are selling a small capacity hot water heater - nothing wrong with it, I can get more details if you're interested.  I think it's energy star compliant, adult children are selling the house after their parents died & were recommended to have a different one for some reason (it may be aesthetically unpleasing?).
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Dear Damngardeners

I just got a bale of "compressed" straw at Coastal Farm in Cornelius with which I plan to mulch my shrubs and trees. It was $7.99, which is reasonable price for a bale of straw. 

However, I'd like to try a hale bale planter in the spring and I'll need a non-compressed bale for that. Does anyone know where I can get a old school bale of straw in the West suburban area?

Another question: has anyone gotten straw on Sauvie Island?

OK thanks.