October 2nd, 2009

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RC cyborg beetles

From Slashdot:

"DARPA's plans to create brain chips for insects so they can be steered like an RC plane are bearing fruit. Videos show that a team at Berkeley can use radio signals to tell palm-sized African beetles to take off and land, and to lose altitude and steer left or right when in flight. They had to use the less-than-inconspicuous giant beetles because other species are too weak to take off with the weight of the necessary antenna and brain and muscle electrodes."

Scary? Interesting? Apocalyptic?

Portland related because: Beer.

I have a friend coming in on a latenight flight (12.45) from two weeks in exile in a dry county. She would really like nothing more than a beer, ANY beer, once the baggage has been claimed.

Checked with PDX and everything at the airport itself closes at 11. Anywhere close, walking distance would be nice, that is still open and serving at that time of night on a "non-weekend" night? Hotel bars are fine but proximity to the airport is the key.
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I'm going back through LJ friends entries, and wondering whether to freak out about the fact that someone TWENTY YEARS YOUNGER than me wrote a DP post about "getting older."

Jump, run, and sleep through the night while you can, babies. Happy October. :)

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wtf, trimet?

So a friend of mine was riding the Max home yesterday when she got fare-checked. She was tired and carrying a lot of stuff, as she'd just come from her dance class, so she accidentally pulled out an expired fare. The lady pulled her off the train, and my friend proceeded to dig through her bags for her current fare while the lady started writing her a ticket. She finally found it and showed it to the woman, who then said it was expired (wtf!) and gave her a ticket anyway.

And yes, I know my friend really did have valid fare, she showed me her weekly pass which expires on 10/4.

She's gonna fight it for sure, but what gives? Have any of you heard about something like this happening?
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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who responded to my earlier post. Your advice and observations were dead on. Your help made this trip so much easier.

Thank you. May your kindness and consideration return to you tenfold.
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A lovely city

Dear Portland,

I would like to talk to you about a city.

The city I would like to talk to you about has a metro area population of just under 2 million. It is famous for high quality wine grown in a nearby valley. It is known as the "city of bridges". It features a bookstore considered by many to be among the world's best. The city has an excellent public transit system, and recently opened a new light rail line. The city is hilly and one can get excellent views of the city from atop the hills. Many tourists also visit a popular market with handcrafts and food stalls. The city has warm, sunny summers, and mild, rainy winters.

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staple gun?

Does anyone have a staple gun (with a few staples in it) I can use for a day or two? I'll give you $10 if I can borrow it and return it tomorrow or Sunday.

I can pick it up tonight after 7pm and return it whenever is convenient for you. I need it to put up a couple signs for my yard sale this weekend.


PS: Anyone else who has some yard sale tips and would like to share them would be amazing :)
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Anyone looking to rent a house in the NE?

My landlord is looking for tenants to rent out the other half of the duplex that I live in.  Here is the Craigslist ad:


It's three bedrooms, one bath, although you do have to walk through one bedroom to get to the other.  $1,650/month.  Parking in the back of the house is included.

The landlords are really nice, sweet folks who live just a block away. They take care of the yard, which has blueberry bushes and a cherry tomato plant (yum).  The neighborhood is shady and quiet, and it's just a one block walk to the Fred Meyer.  We're three blocks south of Broadway.

You can see pics of the outside of the house here (my Flickr page):


The part of the house that is crossed out is the one available for rent (the one on the left).  The entrance to that half of the house isn't visible, but it's on the left side of the house. 

Please check out the Craigslist and call Heidi if you're interested.  Thanks!
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eeew, giant flies

well, this is gross, but i have to ask: is anyone else noticing a preponderance of GIANT FLIES? we have a bunch outside our office and all i can think is that there must be a dead mouse or something nearby to attract them. but good grief, these suckers are HUGE. is anyone else seeing them around, or is it unique to our location i wonder?
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(no subject)

Dear DP, Halloween is fast approaching now and I am curious if anyone has seen a red or maroon lacy and gothic wedding dress around town? I'm trying to dress as Lydia from Beetlejuice this year. What I can find around town will determine whether or not I am cartoon Lydia or movie Lydia. I'm gonna be checking Red Light soon but if anyone has any other good suggestions they would be much appreciated!
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(no subject)

if you could perfect/learn ANY language with the press of a button, and one language only, what foreign language would it be?

it would be german for me. shit sounds so cool.
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virus help

my parents are two of the least techy folks i know.

one of them must have clicked on whatever "WARNING WARNING WARNING! VIRUSWARE LOCATED! SKY IS FALLING! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!" pop-up they got, and now their computer is in the middle of death throes.

i know we're dealing with AT LEAST Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy

the basics won't work, because nothing will open. nothing. not regedit, not taskmanager, not firefox or any of the antivirus programs they have. my tech support phone skills are useless.


i ask you, oh dp oracle, where do we start? i mean, aside from advising them to buy a new machine and start from scratch, has anyone dealt with this? what do you do when you can't even access the registry?

Lego Castle Making
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(no subject)

Has anyone seen the previews for Paranormal Activity? It's not in Portland...yet. But apparently the top 10 cities by Monday at noon EST will get the next release....we're number 2 right now but close with everyone else except Boston! I *really* want  to see this movie, and if you do too, click the demand it button :)

Back to your regularly scheduled Friday nights!