September 30th, 2009

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Pierson Property Management?

Hello DPers...

I just toured a cute as hell apartment in St Johns that is managed by Pierson. It's a little cheaper than our current place, and everything is great... but I'm worried about the screening process.

While my now husband was unemployed last fall/winter, our credit score took a beating as it became harder for me to pay all the bills on my own. He's had a full-time job since March, and we're throwing every spare dollar we can at the debt, but with rising interest rates our situation isn't really improving; we're really struggling to stay afloat. We both are employed full time, as is our roommate, and we're doing everything we can to fix what broke financially, but I'm really worried about how heavily this is weighted.

So long story short... anyone out there have any luck with Pierson in spite of credit problems? We have never been late with our rent payments, we are great tenants, I'm just worried when they see my FICO they won't care about our rental history. =(

Thanks in advance! I just don't want to waste the $120 in application fees for the three of us if they're not the kind of company that's willing to work with us.
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Looking for a bakery

Anyone know of any bakeries that could do a raspberry white chocolate mousse cake? I've looked on the menus of all the local bakeries I could Google, and very few mention being able to do white chocolate mousse as a filling, let alone as the main part of the cake. If a filling is all I can do, then that's okay, but I'm looking for something more like a cheesecake, except instead of the cheese, it's mousse. Any ideas?
Does not need to be vegan.
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What makes a good rental?

What features or rules sets something apart as a particularly good or bad rental to you?

My stepfather had a really lousy tenant in his rental house who he finally evicted in April after a long string of not paying rent and the place was totally trashed by this guy. (By which I mean, he was using the backyard as a dumpsite and had at least 4 non-functional hot tubs and a bunch of old tires out there, he broke windows, he chipped a lot of the finish off of the stove, he left holes in the walls, and the place was generally a mess.) Since then, my mother and stepfather have been over there every single weekend repairing the damage, repainting everything nicely, and making improvements to the house in hopes of attracting higher quality tenants next time.

They're really looking for some people who want to stay multiple years and who don't like to break stuff. It's a small 2 bedroom house with a giant yard they'd be happy to see a garden/swingset/etc in but that right now just has some scrubby grass (they've removed the trash and filled in the wheel ruts the jerk left hauling the trash in). It's not ready for renters yet (we have one more cracked window to replace next weekend and then I think they're putting in new carpet or refinishing the hardwoods next, but I'm not sure). I don't know if they'll want me to post here when it is.

Reasonable, stable renters of DP, what do you look for in a rental? (Particularly things we can actually do something about, like allowing pets or home upgrades like new plumbing. We can't do much about things like location or number of bedrooms since we already have the house.) Unreasonable, smashing-things renters of DP, what do you look for in a rental? (We'd like to avoid you next time.)
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Science Pub Creepy Crawlies

Cross posted from my journal 'cause fx4 told me to

Just got back from Science Pub! The local museum's opportunity to stand a honest to gosh Scientist on stage, put a beer in their hand, and let them blather, only to pelt them with interesting questions after the whole audience has had a few pints of their own.

I love my tribe.

Today's topic was "Spider Venom: Tools of Tiny Predators" and Dr Greta the arachnologist was really into her subject - so enthusiastic that she rattled off the Latin names for many species and we didn't mind a bit. I was even enthralled, and I have a distinct "meh" attitude towards the spidies: I don't really want them crawling on me, but other then that, please keep 'em out of my kitchen and all is great. There's nothing inherently icky about a spider (in my view), but anything lightly crossing my skin gets the same twitch reaction, and no one likes being startled by something waving legs where you least expect it.

But I never thought of spiders as pretty.

Dr Greta does, and proceed to show us close ups of furry, 8-eyed faces with fangs or colorful bodies or ingenious camouflage techniques that her favorite critters evolved. Some of them were . . passable. I can't say I thought of them as cute, although she used the term.

Folks up here think we have brown recluses (which do Nasty Things to Flesh) and that the invasive hobo spider is harmful - hobos apparently don't have vertebrate-venom, and the brown recluse is a southern thing - LA to Louisiana. We've got no dangerous biters living here, except the ones living in her lab.

Oh yes, she goes off to strange exotic locations with her grad students and they stick their heads under rocks looking for poisonous things. They bring back a bunch of spiders and run them through tests, keeping them alive on crickets for the duration, then euphemistically 'preserve' them. I pictured rat maze tests and spider races, which at my table devolved into discussions of setting up a spider joust - this was at a brewpub. Instead, the arachnalabbers sing the spiders to sleep with CO2, then use water & a vomit vacuum to clean up their fangs. Next up, they send 12v of electricity into the critters and collect the ejected venom.

There was video.

The venom is tested many ways, from chemical decomposition to injecting to insects, mice, etc at different dosages. The spiders are gene sequenced as well, and from this they are making up evolutionary trees that can lead to better anti venom production for a wider variety of poisonous spider bites.

Good science. Good Beer.


Bento boxes?

Going back to school and having a schedule in which I have very little time to eat has inspired me to start packing my own lunches. When I was looking up stuff for packed lunches online I came across a website about bento boxes and the art/science of packing one, and it seems like a really awesome (and prudent) way to pack a lunch. Do any of you pack bento box lunches? Are there places in town that have good bento-making supplies? I'm assuming the big Asian markets like Uwajimaya and Fubonn are going to carry stuff like rice shapers and whatnot, but I'd like to hear from people who have experience with this stuff about where to go for supplies, what to pack and etc.

Unf pants!

Financially screwed at the moment and my pants for work decide to crap out. The zipper has come off track and I have to be at work by 7 am tomorrow. No longer grave yard shift here. Does anyone know what to do about a zipper being off track on one side? It's a shout in the dark but who knows DP is crafty.

Going to goodwill with help of a friend. But alas the zipper problem is something that plagues us all!


I've been having ongoing back problems for a couple of years now and I'm finally ready to go see a professional about it. I've always been leery of chiropractors but am looking for any recommendations for a professional who can help with this problem (chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc.) I'm desperate for some relief!

--Also I have United Healthcare insurance so bonus if they take it.

Thank you!

birthday whatnot (editted)

K, well, I figured out how memories work and that with ljseek or search has lead me to all the posting magic. So sorry I bothered. Still curious if anyone has opinions on karaoke?

Karaoke -- how many people is too many, how many people is not enough? Is a private box at Voicebox big? Is it fun or is the public humiliation element what really makes karaoke rock? Nothing says bonding like being laughed at by strangers.
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Fortune Cookies

We were talking fortune cookies and horoscopes and the like today. Reminded me of my favorite fortune cookie I've received so far (mostly because if you had the required "in bed" portion)

"You will lose the small ones but gain the big ones"
This was especially fitting considering the guy I had JUST broken up with. Haha.

What's YOUR favorite?

Favorite basil recipe?

I bought a bunch of fresh basil at the Farmer's Market this weekend, and I used a little bit in a recipe on Sunday, and now I still have this big bunch of basil.

So, denizens of Portland, what is YOUR favorite thing to do with basil?  I don't cook with it a lot, so I am at a loss...

Bush Garden reopens?

So a while back, I seem to remember some lamenting that Bush Garden Japanese restaurant downtown was closing down. Maybe I hallucinated it. Whatever.

While out for a walk tonight, I passed by it and saw a notice taped to the door that said they were opening for lunch at 11:30am on 10/6/2009. It was dated today, 9/30/2009. While I've no real opinion of the place myself, like I said, I seem to recall a good amount of lamentations from some of the damn portlanders.

I couldn't find anything on the website about it. Maybe it's all a scam. Just a heads up.

legit modeling agencies in Portland?

One of my friends is interested in modeling and asked if I knew of any legit agencies in Portland...I did a Google search that just turned up Barbizon and a few other ones...I'm wondering if any of the big NY agencies like Ford or Elite have branches in Portland? Any input would be appreciated!

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I promised!!

1. What was your favourite childhood toy?

2. Tell me two small things that happened to you these last two weeks (since I missed last week), no matter how small.

And sorry kids, I can't respond to everybody this week!