September 29th, 2009

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Apple Orchards--Fall Good Times

I know someone recently asked about where to find apples in local orchards...but I want to know if there are any apple orchards that do fall festival days with apples, hay rides, fresh donuts and cider.

Ok I could live without the fresh donuts (or can I?) but the rest is required.

Distance within an hour drive of PDX.

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Just so you all know...

I, for one, welcome our new watery overlords falling from the sky and wish to thank them for coming en masse in their gray ships and blotting out the scary ball of sky-fire. May their reign last for some time, perhaps 8-9 months and be quite moist. All are welcome to worship with me this morn...
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Automobile PSA

Hey Damned Driverlanders. I'd like to thank those of you who keep an eye out for bicyclists lest you accidently knock us off our bike and turn us into road chow. It's much appreciated. However, there's a subset of you that I'd like to talk to.

Those of you who feel the need to stop at an intersection to let the bikers through when you don't have a stop sign and the bike people do? Cut that shit out. When you yield your right of way or act in an otherwise unpredictable manner you make things less safe for everyone involved. I still need to check for traffic the other way, and then check back in your direction to see if you, or the people behind you, got sick and tired of waiting. Also, if I'm having an off morning your change of "the normal" might make me forget to look the other way. You're not helping me at all.

The same thing goes for bikes making a left hand turn across your lane of traffic. This one goes beyond safety and into the annoying, because when you stop there you've screwed up the speed adjustment I've made to coast through the turn behind you, and I have to come to a complete stop to make sure you're actually coming to a complete stop and not just slowing down. Starting and stopping is the most annoying part of biking.

So please, we appreciate you looking out for us, but just obey the rules of the road. Don't treat bikes like we're some kind of invalids who need special treatment. If you're worried about bikers blowing stop signs, just drive the speed limit is residential areas.

To the people in cars who don't pay any attention to people on bikes? Go eat a yeast infection.

Shoe Repair

This is going to be a really bad description, so I apologize in advance.
I have a pair of heeled boots. On the heel part of the boots the little like black square piece that you walk on has almost completely worn away. I was wondering if you guys knew any good places to have these pieces replaced at. (Oh, I am located near the PSU campus, so anything downtown would be great but if it is not downtown I would still love to hear your recommendations.)
(I hope that made some sense.)
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free dog food...

my girl had to put her pup down recently...

we have the following available for a nice dper's dog-

+two large ziploc bags of purina large breed LIGHT.
+almost full container of joint support pills 300ct from costco.
+almost full box of large kirkland super premium dog biscuits
chicken meal and rice, and lamb meal and rice flavored from costco.

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Is there anywhere I can go in this town to have a zipper repaired? Is this repair even possible? I have a pair of boots with zippers, and one of them has lost a tooth. It looks like it should be reparable, it just needs a new little piece of metal.

Thanks in advance, as always

DIgital Camera for best offer

Hey damn poor photo geeks,

I have a Canon Powershot G1 camera that's been sitting in a closet. I think they are on the G10 or something ridiculous like that now. It's 3.3 megapixels, but it has a fairly fast lens and manual exposure controls. It works and has all the original documentation and packaging. Make me an offer?
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Dish Me Some Dirt On Bluestone & Hockley

Does anyone have experience renting apartments managed by Bluestone & Hockley? After being burned pretty badly with our first (current) management co., we're being cautious and trying to vet future prospects. I've hunted around, and most of the criticism I've seen seems to be related to delays in calling back (which we haven't had problems with--we left a message on Sunday inquiring about a listing; they called back Monday morning, and the manager showed us around today) or administrative / personality problems; there also seem to be a lot of glowingly positive reviews, way more than I've seen for most property managers.

I don't mind if they're uptight and by-the-book, or if they fuck up now and again (as long as they're willing to acknowledge / correct it), or even if they're rude on the phone as long as they do their jobs. What I *am* concerned with is finding a company who will respond to maintenance calls in a reasonable time frame (hell, *at all* would be a step up), considers severe mold problems in their properties (the "it's in the walls" kind, not the "I never clean my bathroom" kind or just the "I live in Portland" kind) to be maintenance problems, and won't, y'know, defraud me or anything.

So, if you are or know current or recent tenants in a property Bluestone & Hockley manages, what do you think of 'em?

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shoot me straight:

is it worth getting caught up on heroes for season four? i stopped watching about halfway through season three, but i've read a few places online that the first couple episodes of four are pretty good so far and it feels like the show is getting back on track again finally.

if not, i won't be upset - i have house mondays at 8 anyway already, so i'd be watching heroes online after.
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Coffee People Fans?

If any Coffee People fans remember those awesome Road Tour mugs the company used to come out with, rejoice! They're back, kind of. The new owner has come out with what she calls Air Tour Mugs. The name change is of course due to the fact that the only remaining locations are in the airport. There is one location that is pre-security, right in the main food court. So if you want to get one of the mugs you can MAX your way in, or have your friends sit in the car outside while you run in to buy one, or if you're feeling up to, pay to park in the garage :)

I was given one as a gift, and being a former employee of Coffee People, I love it!


Ok, so about 2 months ago I ordered a fancy pocket knife for my boyfriend for his birthday from, and I'll admit I ended up spending more than I planned because they had "orders over $125 have free shipping" and it sounded good.

So they immediately email me telling me the knife is backordered. I wondered why they didn't have this on the site, I wouldn't have even ordered it heh. They say they "expect 1-2 weeks to receive it before they send it to me". So I wait 2 weeks. Nothing. So I call them and tell them I want a refund, but they assure me it'll be there "any day". So I wait another week and call them and tell them I want my refund. They say "ok but it'll take 1-2 weeks to be credited to your account."

So I wait 2 weeks. Nothing.
I call them "ohhh, yeah, it'll be 2 weeks." etc etc I am like, "no, seriously, this time I want my refund." So I wait another 2 weeks. Nothing still! Call them AGAIN "oh yes it'll be another 2 weeks." I want to scream.

So I send them emails, they send me back a generic response everytime.

Finally, I look this company up on the Better Business Bureau website and it turns out they have like 45 reports (so there could be more not being reported) of non-delivery, and like over 60 complaints of not getting their refund. The BBB site says they think this company "has no inventory, says everything is backordered, processes the payment right away, and youre screwed" in so many words!

What in the hell can I do about this? I paid for it with my WaMu (becoming Chase) bank account, credit/debit card. Will WaMu give me my money back? How do I prove I never got it?

I wish someone would hack their website so they couldnt scam people! How in the hell can they do this? I called them I told them "I know you're a scam, I hope you can sleep at night stealing people's money." She snottily and defensively retorts: "well we've been in business since 2005 so we are not a scam" ah she scoffs incredulously. I said something dumb like "well murder has been around forever and does that make it right?" and just hung up because I was about to get really pissed off.

I hate liars :( thanks for letting me rant guys :(
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Rolling Backpack

Hey folks!

I'd like to know where I can get a rolling backpack / book bag in PDX. Brick-and-mortar stores preferred, but I'll certainly take a look at any web-site suggestions as well.

So far it doesn't look like Staples carries them. Office Depot only has a couple on their web-site, mostly in the $200+ range. (Yikes!) has a bunch, but it's hard to tell which ones are chintzy or kid-sized.

Any clue where I should look for this sort-of thing? I'd like to find something that has decent organization and comfortable straps to be used when rolling isn't an option.

Thanks, DP!
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Winter Cycling Gear

I have another good question for you Portlander-types out there!

I need to figure out how to keep myself (relatively) warm & dry while cycling in the cooler autumn and cold winter days ahead. I've quickly discovered that clothes that might otherwise keep me warm are quite chilly when the wind whips through them while riding on a crisp evening. And I was downright shivering when caught in an unexpected summer rainfall a couple months ago and became quite damp (without a jacket because it was August).

Any suggestions on how to dress appropriately for riding in the off-season so I can continue commuting by bike without being miserable?

Any other useful tips for cycling in the cooler, wetter months ahead?

Diesel fumes!

Oh wise oracles of the DeePee comm....

Does anyone know how the HELL to get the stench of raw diesel out of clothes....?

Thanks to one of the asshat techs at work, my favorite hoody got drenched in diesel and it now reeks. I'd charge him for the cost of a new hoody but somehow I don't think I could make that fly.

Let 'er rip, kids :)
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Cycling laws?

In my uber bike post today someone said

my gf is a driver, and I was appalled to find out that if a pedestrian/cyclist breaks the law and she runs into him/her/it, it's HER fault. Why the fuck even HAVE laws then!??!

Is this right? I was under the impression I, as a cyclist, am subject to most of the same rules of the road as a car is, and if I break them I can be ticketed. Furthermore, if I run a light and get smeared by someone following the rules they're not ticketed and don't face any legal liability.

Am I wrong here? Could someone point me to the portion of the city/state code that deal with this? (If that's not true I'm planning on playing chicken with some freightliner trucks tomorrow)
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I hate Oregon Nazis. (Warning: This thread comes pre-Godwined.)

My office partners and I just found leaflets stuck under the windshield wipers of our cars, attributed to the National Socialist Movement. They are not written very clearly, but they seem to assert that the Auschwitz concentration camp wasn't really a concentration camp, or it was but it didn't really kill as many people as you think, or something. It includes an email address and a website URL. (In case, you know, anyone wants to DOS these guys...)

I knew in theory that Portland had a Neo-Nazi community, but I had never seen them actually do anything before. I'd love to think of something to sue these guys for, but I can't come up with anything just yet. If anyone has any ideas, let me know =P
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Carpet Cleaner

Do DP, where oh where can I find a place that will rent out a carpet steam cleaner. You know like the ones Stanley Steamer or Sears uses to make your carpets sparkle. I need to rent me one tomorrow. Got any ideas?

Google is not proving to be helpful.