September 27th, 2009


Rabies/Microchip clinic

Hey All. The Multnomah County Animal Shelter is having a Rabies/Microchipping event today between 11am and 3pm. Rabies shots are $10! Microchips are $20! It is quite a deal, considering that your vet will charge upwards of $60 for a microchip and $25 for a rabies vaccine, not counting their usually $40-50 exam fee.

So come on out to the shelter and get your pets microchipped and given their rabies vaccines for super cheap! And take a look at the adoptable animals and wave to me, who will be working at the Information Desk!


Hi DP,

I've been looking through the tags and can't find what im looking for. There are a lot of amazing photographers that post here, but I've always been VERY impressed with the work of this one poster who does a lot of wedding photos and senior pictures, sometimes in the industrial/rail section of Portland.

The pictures that this artist posts are usually of couples in very casual portlandy situations. I remember one of a couple in a brick door frame. I also remember this person posting senior pics of one of the kids in a field...this persons portfolio also showcased some fancier events...

Ugh, this isn't a helpful description, if you think this is you, or you think you know where I could find the portfolio of this person I'd be much obliged, I bookmarked it once and then had the computer die... if I have some sort of monumental life event I NEED this person to do my photos because they are teh awesome.


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Garage sale

A neighbor or mine is having a mondo garage sale today, on SE 34th a block and a half south of SE Holgate.  They've got a lot of kids' stuff there, good quality stuff.  Tell 'em Ben sent you and they'll treat you right! 
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Red Stripe shirt?!

Grr. I have gone to Macy's, Old Navy, Fred Meyer and similar stores in Lloyd Center in search of a red and white striped shirt. Simple, right? NO. I need one...for my Halloween costume - kinda like this one

Anyone seen something like this recently!? I'd prefer to not buy online to ensure non-awkward fitting :)

p.s. Also a red & white beanie and/or hat sightings would be neat too. I'm sure my outfit is hard to guess!

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it's creeping closer...

to ease my frustration (that occurs every year) over not having any great costume ideas, and with inspiration from a previous poster seeking information to acquire the perfect waldo shirt, i'm askin' y'all.

are you dressing up for halloween? as what? who? why? pictures if you got 'em! bonus if it's so obscure i don't get it.

i was considering going as ally sheedy's character in the breakfast club, but i'm pretty sure people would just think i'm a bum.

also, those of you with offspring in residential southeast neighborhoods - do kiddos go trick-or-treating anymore in these parts? call me lame, but i'd love nothing more than to spend the evening handing out candy to little dressed-up whippersnappers.
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Favorite Thrift Shops?

In an effort to buckle down and start practicing the preaching of using already produced items and local sustainability I'm in search of good thrift shops for women's clothing. I've already earmarked a few children's consignment shops etc., but now I'm in looking for some places to browse. I'd prefer (if I'm going to be shopping at a for-profit store) avoiding Goodwill, St. Vincent's, and Salvation Army type places.

So far I'm not having much luck finding places on the westside, although admittedly I've just been doing drive-by investigating (snark snark). Although we live in Hillsboro and it would be easier to not have to drive far, I'm still open to visiting shops on the eastside since I am over there occasionally.

If you've been able to parse this message thus far, I'd very much appreciate your first-rate anecdotes and suggestions!

Electronic's Recyling..

So in the process of moving, my dad has unearthed his huge pile of dead computer monitors and printers and he has no clue what to do with them. Is there a place in Portland where they can be recycled? If not, what should he do with them? I've tried googling but I have no attention span to look through all the pages. Thanks for any and all suggestions!

Clearwire Internet Service

If you are using Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and are considering Clearwire mobile Internet, let me suggest that you hold off until next year if you do it at all. Here is my saga:

So, we signed up for Clearwire just before Snow Leopard was released. I work in tech. I figured that they wouldn’t have a driver for their USB mobile modem the day Snow Leopard came out (and would’ve been VERY impressed if they had). But I figured “they know this is coming. The whole industry knows it’s coming. They’ll put something out fairly quickly”. Well, that didn’t happen. My mobile USB modem hasn’t worked since I upgraded the OS and I have had five conversations with their technical support (plus an email that was never responded to). Two of those conversations were of the “huh? Snow what? What doesn’t work? Driver? Could you repeat that?” variety. Two were of the “yes, we know it doesn’t work. No, we have no idea about a release date for a new driver. No, we can’t escalate this” variety. The last one was with their Level 2 support who DID know what I was talking about and DID have an idea of when they would have a driver.

This is where you, gentle DPortlander, may want to pay heed: they will be releasing a driver for Snow Leopard in Q1 of next year! Needless to say, when I heard this my response to the poor sap on the other end was “so if I have you right, you’re not going to have a driver until sometime early next year and in the meantime you expect me to continue paying for a service I am unable to use”.

On the Apple forums, someone said that they were able to get their mobile account put into hibernation which I am going to have done---if we decide to keep the service at all.
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hi darnportlanders. i like plantains, but i don't really know what to do with them, other than just frying them (which is fantastic, don't get me wrong. i just want to try something new). so what do you all like to do with your plantains (cooking-wise, sickos)?


I am moving and I need my apartment empty by the end of the month. Please please PLEASE, someone buy this shelf!

DARK BROWN SOLID WOOD SHELF. Features 2 glass shelves, 2 wooden shelves and drawer at the bottom. Here are the measurements: Width - 35 inches, Depth - 13 3/8 inches, Height - 75 5/8 inches. Excellent quality, very good craftsmanship.

Asking $100 firm. This price is a steal, as it's only 6 months old and in excellent condition. (And I paid too much...)

PICKUP from SW Portland, OR. 10 minutes from downtown

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I know Inky's going to do the positivity post in the next day or so, but I just had a really nice weekend with my family in the sunshine, and I was thinking to myself that I hope all y'all DPers out there--friends and nemeses alike--had some good times this weekend as well.

Work starts early tomorrow, so it's time to saw some logs.  Night night y'all.