September 26th, 2009


Polish Festival!

If you're lookin' for something fun to do tonight, might I suggest the Polish Festival? I've been told it's the largest Polish Festival this side of the Mississippi.

It's a free festival, with good music, dance and foods!

Awesome music tonight features the lovely Ashia Grzesik at 430pm at the Polish House.

Later in the evening, at 8pm, the always raucous Chervona are playing. On the street, apparently!

Fun times!

Event also goes on on Sunday.

Festival is at 3900 N. Interstate Ave.
Paddle Faster

Camping Essentials

What are your essential car camping kitchen items?
(Specifically cooking and eating utensils like spatula, tongs, knife, spork, fork, etc., but all kitchen items are welcome thoughts.)
Mine are pretty simple: buck knife, fork, spoon, spatula, wooden spoon, and cast iron skillet but I want to know what all y'all's camping kitchens look like.

go eat DP!

if you are hungry monday through saturday between 11am and 6pm and want a huge amount of delicious food for very little money, head down to Just Thai, a food cart on SW 3rd and Stark - so good! I read reviews of it elsewhere that said it was tasty, and they were right - huge portions, made fresh, all entrees $5, appetizers $3. We went yesterday for my girlfriend's bday and man, is she a cheap date at $13 plus tip. And we had enough left over for lunch for us both today.

**I am not affiliated with this food cart, I just want them to stay in business forever so good cheap thai is always and forever available, amen.

SE Oregon - Malheur and Harney Counties Travel Guide

A few weeks back someone posted asking everyone which counties they'd been to in our fair state. I was surprised how few had made it down to SE Oregon, as it's one of my most favorite places in the world. So favorite I'm hesitant to post something like this because in some ways I'd rather keep it a secret all to myself. But, because I love you guys, here's my brief travel guide to the gorgeous South Eastern corner of Oregon, with lots of photos from my travels.

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Working for Apple?

Kind of a long shot, but I know there's someone in this community who work(ed?) for Apple and I'm curious as to how it is to work there and all that. I have past experience selling apple products, but it was in an educational store.

Anywho, if you're out there, I'd love to ask some questions if you're up to it.