September 25th, 2009

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are students in portland/oregon colleges staging walk-outs or sit ins? i know it's happening in other places across the country (for the sake of protesting forced furloughs, cut enrollment and dramatic fee hikes, as well as many program closures and the terrible state of education in general) but haven't seen anything from portland area college students.

just curious...

Neighborhood Poll

What neighborhood do you live in? What do you like most about it? What do you like least?

Alternatively, if you could live anywhere in the Portland area, where would you live, and why?

I know this question has been asked before, but it's been a while. It's also Friday and I'm distractedly daydreaming about moving. Thanks in advance for indulging me.
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curry recipes?

do any of you have a pumpkin curry recipe to share? what about a good masamman curry recipe?

yes, of course i can get recipes from books at the library or online, but i'm looking for something that you've either tried, or which you've read and think would actually prepare well.

i feel like i could make a decent stab at this just by winging it, but i thought i would ask y'all, too.

thanks in advance.
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Awesome cheap and free things in Portland! List brought to you by Around Portland Oregon

My friend puts this list together every week, and this week's is expecially rad! I wanted to share it with you DPers and urge you to sign up for this FREE e-newsletter! It's also going to be a website very soon, but until then, get the newsletters and share the love! Email to sign up and reference Becky from DamnPortlanders. Happy weekend!

Sorry about the length. This should be cut now.

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Cocktail Question...


What kind of liquor (whiskey/bourbon/etc.) to you like to use in your Manhattan? And do you have a favorite brand?

I've got the sweet vermouth and bitters, but I need the guts and I've never paid attention to what I like best when I've gotten them at bars.

Oh, hey! And where could I score some of those awesome, yummy Spanish cured cherries (or something fun and not so fake) like they serve that the Maiden... you know, instead of those Red40 balls of death Fred Meyer maraschinos.



Questions from a new kitten parent

Another kitten post-- Questions from a new kitten owner
Some friends found an abandoned kitty and couldn't keep him so we decided to adopt him. Toby is a rambuncious 9 week old (best estimatE) Our friends gave us the bag of purina kitten chow that they had been feeding him but I would like to start feeding him something a little more healthy. Any suggestions? There are so many kitty foods out that I am a little overwhelmed

We have also been using Feline Pine kitty litter. It works pretty well to keep the smells at bay but it disenegrates into a weird sawdust that is a pain to clean up. I am looking for something mostly dustless (I'm allergic to the dusty/chemical litters that most people use) but still easy to clean. Does anyone know much about "alternative" kitty litters (if there is such a thing)? I saw a crystal one at petsmart that looked interesting. Do any of you have any experience with it?


Serenity (and Toby cat)
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Apple Fail

Any other Portland iPhone users update your phone so you can send pictures finally... only to realize 'well how the fuck do we do this?' and find no helpful instructions?

Edit: I finally got it to work... had to plug it back into the computer so it could update the carrier settings and then restart it.
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Friday trainnnnnn, what is happening?!

I am making my bed. And doing laundry. And playing with the $40 of craft supplies I accidentally purchased today. Whoops!

What about y'all?

Also WTF LJ. I tried to post this to DP twice and it posted to my LJ instead. Jerks.
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Food & cigars

From my local tobacco/cigar store (copied from the email I got):

Join us for the national Rock the Democracy Smokeout this Saturday!

Buy a raffle ticket for $15 and receive a Perdomo cigar, a BBQ plate, and a soda.  Stop by and take advantage of Perdomo cigar specials.  While you are here, join the Cigar Rights Association and receive a free Perdomo cigar.

The fun starts at noon!

Cascade Cigar & Tobacco
9691 SE 82nd Avenue
Portland   97266