September 24th, 2009

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Dethklok/Mastodon tickets

Hey DeePee!!

I am posting this on behalf of my friend who waited just a little too long to get her Dethklok ticket, and now it's sold out. So...I have one, and she doesn't. See where this is going??

Is there anyone here who has a ticket and can't go? An extra ticket? Know someone who needs to sell theirs?

Just thought I'd put out an inquiry before buying one on craigslist.


ETA: Ticket acquired through other means!  :)

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Cheers! to the naked bike riders who were heading west on Hawthorne yesterday evening as my bus headed east. Luckily some cars honked so I glanced up from my book. Looked to be all males. Hope you guys remembered the sunscreen.
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DP, I have a problem.  I have a backyard tomato patch that is overflowing with beautiful, ripe Roma tomatoes begging to become the best tomato sauce anyone ever tasted.  Today is my day off, which means I finally have time to make the best tomato sauce anyone ever tasted.

Unfortunately, I cannot get to my tomatoes.  Why?  Because of the GIANT FUCKING SPIDERS that have taken over my tomato patch.  I thought there were only four earlier, but I was just out there again and discovered that there are actually six webs with six gigantic, disgusting, scary spiders blocking all access to my tomatoes.  Have I mentioned that I'm fucking terrified of spiders?  Early in the season, when I first saw the spiders around my tomato plants, I conquered my fear and said "That's okay.  I'm afraid of them, but they'll eat the bugs that would eat my tomatoes.  The spiders are disgusting but serve a useful purpose and I will leave them alone.  The spiders are good for the garden."  That was then, this is now.  The spiders have had an all you can eat buffet all summer and now they're ginormous.  Like, seriously, the fat part of their bodies alone are about the size of a raspberry.

What do I do, DP?  I had the idea of taking the garden hose to them to get rid of the webs and then hope the actual spiders would make a run for dry ground.  The hardest possible spray from my hose did nothing.  The spiders just hung on, and the webs weren't even damaged.  Have I mentioned that one of the webs is about four feet across?  I picked tomatoes just over a week ago and did not have this problem.  What do I do?  Preferably something that won't make it possible for any of the spiders crawl up anything and get on me.  I can't handle spiders crawling on me.

If someone wants to come to my house and deal with the spiders for me, I'll repay you with half the tomatoes.

EDIT:  Thanks, DP!  The spider problem has been solved, and tomatoes have been harvested.  Turns out the spiders were not run off by my hose until I gave up and came back inside, then the little fuckers made a break for it.  I was able to knock down all the empty webs, and then picked the tomatoes with my pants tucked into my socks and my sleeves tucked into my gloves.  Then I ran inside, dumped all the tomatoes into a sink full of water and took off all my clothes to make sure no one had hitched a ride into the house.  Thanks for all the offers of help!

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The vendors coming out to our subaru meetup on Oct 10th are:
Fast Specialties
Performance Race Engineering
Andy's Polishes

I'm wondering if there are any other local places that have car related products you guys can vouch for.  Its really important that we have companies coming out that have good reputations and good customer service.

Who works on/details/sells parts or services for your car?  Do you trust them?  Should I?

Thanks in advance DP, now let me have it!
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Travel help

Hi guys.

Remember all that snow last year, and the whole thing where flights weren't able to take off? Yeah, that sucked.

I have a question about that. To the best of your knowledge, were trains/busses having trouble as well? I mean like Amtrak and Greyhound.

I'm looking at taking one, from a money perspective (it would save us a couple hundred, but lose us a day), and the real clincher would be if those were taking off fairly regularly last year when airplanes were not.

Also, which is the most likely to arrive on time, Amtrak or Greyhound?

Oh, oh, and another question, are there any other secret busses/trains that would get me to the Chicago metro area that I don't know about?

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I know there are a lot of hair posts, but I've lived in Portland awhile and I've never gotten my hair dyed professionally. I'd like to get all-over highlights, or maybe just an all-over color, but I don't want to pay more than $100 for the whole thing (haircut AND color), preferably less. Any suggestions? I usually go to Bliss, but for cut and color it's way too much.