September 23rd, 2009


yeah, another cat post

so i have a batch of 4 orphaned kittens. ungodly adorable. i still have to bottle feed them for maybe another week. they have been cleaned up and the vet said they were doing pretty good for going so long without food! once they can eat solid food i really need to find them some homes.

i am not selling them or anything, i would just want a promise you would get them spayed or neutered, way way to many homeless cats and dogs not too!

its heart breaking finding tiny little kittens with no one, but i am sure i can find good homes for them. they are cute as hell.

if you are interested, or know someone who is feel free to message me.

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Who will buy my (dead) cars?

So, I have two dead volvos that I want to get rid of. I am pretty sure the only way they are worth anything is if I either a) sell them for scrap metal or b) sell them to a place like U-pull it.

Am I missing anything? Which places should I call to get estimates?


Phone Scam to watch out for and Centurytel question

This morning I received a phone call on my landline from someone claiming to be from Verizon saying I owed $50 and some change. I was about 95% sure that I didn't, since I just paid my balance online a week or so ago. So I told the lady that I didn't think I owed any money and that I would check online and pay there.

Of course I didn't owe anything, and now I am wishing I had tried to get more information out of her.

So I call Verizon and they are very interested and would like to know the number that called me.

I have Centurytel for my landline. I only have the landline because I have to have it for DSL, which is the only high-speed (though it's a stretch to call it high-speed) option where I live which is way out in the boonies near Astoria. I can't make outgoing calls except 911, but when the Centurytel guy came by to drop off my DSL modem (because UPS won't deliver here) he said I could plug a phone into the line and receive incoming calls. This has been very useful because I don't have great cell phone reception out here (none of the providers do) and it drops my calls. But obviously I don't have caller ID or anything like that.

So I call Centurytel to see if they can tell me what number just called me. The lady on the phone was SO RUDE! She not only refused to help me because I am not paying for full phone service, but said she was going to block all incoming phone calls to my line. I told her very clearly I did not want any changes made to my plan and she said she could not promise that. Then my cell phone dropped the call.

So far my land line is still working for incoming calls, but I am wondering if I have any recourse if they do block it? Other than paying for full phone service which I don't really want. Geez I wasn't trying to cheat the system, I was just doing what their employee said I could do. Is it legal for them to do that? They are legally required to allow me to call out for 911, is there any legal requirement for them to allow incoming calls in case 911 needed to call me back?

I would drop Centurytel in a heartbeat, but I really do not have any other options for internet at all. Like even if I was willing to get rid of the very slow high-speed (which I can't, I run a business from home, and it's still marginally better than dial-up), they're the only land-line provider here, so I would have to go through them to get a landline for dial-up.

Fosters Kittens Ripe for the Picking

Foster Kittens in search of forever home. They are not littermates, but arrived at a local animal hospital a few days old and in need of bottle feeding.
Now they're healthy, 8 week old female kittens, fully weaned, and combo-tested negative for FeLV/FIV.
One is a white domestic shorthair with a gray heart-shaped spot on her head.
The other is a gray tabby domestic longhair.
They're both extremely friendly, love to cuddle and play, and have had some dog socialization. These kittens are ready to start vaccinations for Feline Distemper (FVRCP). I can also arrange to have their vaccinations and first fecal float done for you.
They're currently eating Wellness kitten food and growing like weeds...fuzzy weeds.
Kittens must go to an indoor-only, financially stable home and may not be declawed. I love them, but it's time for them to find a forever home!

If you're interested, please message me ASAP. I'd be happy to arrange a meet-n-greet with you.
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One of our own!

Famed DamnPortlander denizen oddiophile found out this morning that his band, The Starry Saints, is opening for The Killers at Memorial Coliseum tomorrow night. How sweet is THAT?

(p.s. - sorry, only "rock" icon I have. haha)


Got this from my husbands work.

Cell phone numbers will be going public this month and will be available to telemarketers. To be put on the the National "Do Not Call" list, you need to call the following phone number from your cell phone. You cannot register your number by calling from a different phone (IE, your house phone.)
By calling this number, you will prevent telemarketers from legally calling your cell phone for the next 5 years.


Portland related because no one wants to pay for a telemarketer to ask you questions.

*Edited to add that apparently, this may have been debunked by Snopes. Do with it as you wish.*
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In a "Pub" Kind of Mood

Greetings, fellow DPers! I come to you with a couple random (but possibly pub-related) questions!

1) One of my favorite beverages is Strongbow Cider, but since moving up here from Houston I have been unable to find any liquor stores that stock it. I miss my big yellow cans of delicious nectar, and since I'm a Luddite and prefer to frequent brick and mortar establishments, anyone know of any stores or bars in the area that have Strongbow? Or, barring that, any bars or pubs in the area that actually have cider on tap?

2) Because I'm either an old grandmother or a British colonel circa WWI, I've recently taken up an interest in learning cribbage. I was curious if anyone plays and could point me towards a...cribbage fanciers society, cribbage club, something of that nature here in the city? I'm at the point where I barely know how to play, but really want to learn more (also, you get to move little pegs around a board to keep score and it's called pegging! And this amuses me greatly because I have the sense of humor of a twelve year old).

Thanks for all your help, DP.

(edited because I totally know what city I used to live in)
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Some sort of bee/wasp/yellowjacket/similar just flew out of my light fixture in my bedroom. Aside from arson (strong consideration already being given to this option) what should I do to render my bedroom a place free of flying, buzzing things tonight so I can sleep?

ETA: I went to Target to buy Deadly Flying Thing Poison and by the time I got back it had disappeared. Hopefully, it found a way back outside again. If it comes back, I'll call my landlord and let her know we've got an indoor nest in addition to the infestation in the bush outside, but otherwise I'm going to assume it lost its way and won't be back. Thanks for all of your advice!

Altering Jeans

Recently, I lost a good amount of weight and am still in the process of dropping pounds. I have taken my skirts in to be altered to fit me but sadly, the place I go to doesn't have the ability to take in my jeans.

I am in Saint Johns but would be willing to travel to have this service performed. Does anyone have any reccomendations for a good tailor?

Thanks in advance.

Weird landlord situation..

So we moved out of our rental house the first part of this month. We are getting our full $500 deposit back. The landlord emailed me today saying there is a balance due with the garbage company (as I knew, it's in my name and they have my new address to send the final bill to, as I told them to do when I canceled it) and they are paying the final balance then sending me the difference out of my deposit..

Is it just me or is this totally odd? I've moved out of many houses in my life an never had this issue come up.. Do they have any legal right to even do this?

Legacy Emanuel NICU-Follow Up

Thanks again to everyone that offered support and encouragement in my last two posts, it definitely helped (totally random but sometimes I wish a grammar nazi would come along and explain comas vs semi-colons vs colons vs whole new sentences to me because I often feel like I'm just guessing but no one ever says anything so I can't be doing too bad /random thought). I did end up having my baby prematurely due to pre-eclampsia, which sucked. I had an emergency c-section on 9/12 and my daughter was born at 34 weeks 3 days gestation weighing 3 pounds 14 ounces. She had APGARs of 9/10 which the nurses and doctors all commented on since apparently that rarely happens with babies born at her gestational age (my babies may be small and early but they're awesome). I was in the hospital until Thursday and she stayed until Sunday, which is a remarkably short stay for a preemie. The doctors and nurses (with one exception) were fantastic! I strongly recommend Legacy Emanuel Midwifery and Legacy Emanuel Maternal/Fetal Medicine to anyone who is having a high risk pregnancy, and would also discourage Andaluz Birthing Center for anyone who is high risk (if you want to know why just ask but please be respectful to them and myself with your comments and questions).

Well I would write and ramble more but the baby is crying so I'm off to be parental. Thanks DPers!!!!
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Scammin' the 'Met

okay guys, i've got a TriMet related question for you:

how likely do you think it would be to be boarded by the transit police two Max stops away from the free zone?

specifically, i'm boarding at the sw jefferson/goose hollow stop going eastbound into the city for work. after the PGE stop, it turns into the free zone. this means the transit police would either have to be at the kings hill/sw salmon stop or PGE in order for me to get caught. i'd be getting off while it's still in the free zone.

ALSO, if i got on at PGE, the last stop before the free zone, would i be pretty safe not paying the fare?

tell me what you think, DP.

for the record, i usually do pay the fare, because i'm a wuss and scared of getting busted, and y'know, like supporting public transit, but i wonder about my chances.