September 19th, 2009

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Watch ice skating while you drink!

Today, I made an accidental discovery of awesome: the Valley Lanes bar (inside the bowling alley) has a glass wall so you can watch the Valley Arena skating rink while you drink. After 2 beers this seemed pretty awesome, so I thought I'd pass this odd combo along to the rest of you.

Anyone know of any other odds finds like this?

Also, if you're looking for a place to bowl on Friday nights, Valley seemed to really clear out at 9:30 for cosmic bowling, so it appears to be an easy place to get a lane. (It is not the highest quality bowling center in the greater Beaverton/Hillsboro area, but if you're looking for a place to get drunk and do cosmic bowling you probably aren't the kind of bowler who worries about the relative quality of bowling centers.)

Help a DPer out?

HEY DP! I'm opening up a worker-owned bookstore and community center in Portland next year, but we need some more monies.

We just came across this really awesome website called Kickstarter -- where you can browse projects from around the world and donate -- and we thought we might as well submit our own project.

Please check it out, and please please please drop us a few bucks. We'd infinitely appreciate it, and will promptly pay you back with free coffee when our doors open next year.
chairleg of truth

DP stands for Dear Portlanders!

I have a bit of money on me and some time to kill today. I would like the aether's thoughts on the following plans:

(please note, all of these things will be accomplished in the next few weeks/months. I just want to know what to do today)

DP suggests that I do one of the following:

[ ] go up to Le Center and play poker all afternoon against middle aged idiots who are paying more attention to college football than the cards in front of them

[ ] purchase season 2 of The Wire and watch it all afternoon

[ ] go get the following symbol tattooed on my left side of my chest

your input is greatly appreciated, voices of strangers, and don't forget that I love you all (in that way that your creepy uncle loved you...that special, special way).

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Hey, guys...

So it's early for a Saturday, and although I am slightly hungover, I am also awake enough to want a project to do this quiet morning. I was thinking of unloading and reassembling (in a different, more precise order, of course) all my books and DVDs and games. And because I cannot figure out what awesome new organizational method I will employ, I thought I'd solicit public opinion on Best Way To Arrange Your Stuff.

Do you alphabetize? Sort by size/color? Differentiate by genre? Currently, my DVDs are in two big general categories, "tv shows" and "movies," and my books are grouped by some undefinable method of association I contrived last time I tried to do this. So tell me what your shelves are like so I can make mine make more sense.

Next Northwest Region NASIOC meetup in 3 weeks!

Saturday, October 10th, 2009 at 1pm Dick Hannah Subaru dealership.

We will meet up, take pictures, and go on a little drive up north. SUBIES AND EVOS ONLY please. The last couple of times we had like 50-70 cars show up.

Fast Specialties, Perrin, and PRE should be there as well.

For Pics and Videos of the last meet, and complete details goto


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so i guess Duff's Garage is the only venue in town for rockabilly?

i've poked around and it's about all i come up with.
anyone else likem that genre and know of another place?

tia, my fine feathered friends

let's argue about politics

As most of you are probably aware, some kind of healthcare reform is being pushed through the legislative sausage factory in Washington. While nothing has been set in stone yet, it seems possible - even likely - that there will be no single payer system or robust public option, but that every American will be required by law to purchase health insurance for themselves and their children (if any).

If this comes about, it means that every American will be liable to private enterprise. From the moment you're born, you or your parents will be saddled with an unending debt that cannot be discharged.. and if you refuse to support the private insurance industry, you will be so heavily fined that you might as well have just bought the insurance. Furthermore, no insurance plan is actually cheap; forcing people to buy into one would act like a regressive tax, hurting lower- and especially middle-class Americans while collecting relatively little from the upper class.

The insurance companies must be creaming themselves. I think it's unconscionable. If this passes, it will be as bad an insult to the American people, and a windfall for wealthy, corrupt corporations, as anything that happened dueing Dubya's eight years.

What do you think? Is a mandate with no public option likely to pass? Would you accept a mandate with no public option? Would you accept any mandate?

UPDATE: Since some people have raised some questions and made some accusations, I'd like to clear a few things up.

First, there is no single bill that is actually being voted on right now. Everything is still in the negotiation stage, and there are multiple competing proposals. If anyone feels that I have misrepresented the facts by suggesting otherwise, that was not my intention.

However, the Baucus bill - which, if nothing else, seems to be getting a good share of media attention - calls for a mandate with no public option. Also, Obama called for a mandate in his recent speech, and while he has not said that there will absolutely not be a public option, everything I've read suggests he considers it non-essential. Our own Senator Wyden proposed a bill back in February with a mandate and no public option, and Senator Merkley cosponsored it, so the idea certainly has some traction; you can see it here if you're curious.

My concern is not that our legislators are passing a bill that legislates a mandate with no public option; my concern is that they are likely to do so. The time to stop this from happening is well before voting starts, not once we find out they're actually doing it.

Second, no, this is not propaganda that I got from watching Fox News, you asshat. I don't watch Fox News. I don't identify as conservative and I favor a public option or single payer system, both of which the typical Fox News viewer would probably regard as an evil communist plot that eats babies to Hell and destroys America.

I need help!!!

Does anyone know how to break into a car? Specifically a Mitsubishi Outlander? I think in my sleepy state last night I left my keys in the car, and my car automatically locks itself. I really don't want to break a window but I also don't want to pay some guy to come out here and do it.

Are there any really nice people ready to do me a solid?

Edit: I gave in and had my friend look up a locksmith for me. They came and got into my car. $144 ( and that is with a $15 discount because apparently I am a stupid asshole and they weren't in there).

Now I have another question? When they start the process of opening the door, do they have to finish the job? Or when a certain someone's boyfriend calls and says he found my keys, can they stop what they are doing and only charge me for the service call? Because they didn't stop after they knew my keys weren't in the car.

$49 - service call.
$110 - open the door.

need. now.

Ok, a friend from out of town is up here, we are incredibly hung over... making bacon. So we're fixing the problem.  Buuuuuuuuuuut...

We NEED bloody marys.

Where? Good bloody marys. Spicy, tasty, interesting, whatever. Just goood.


<3 kthx!

looking for 7 dogs

I was walking my dog this morning and came across 2 young men who had 7 dogs with them. The dogs were tied up and seemed under control. The owners indicated that they were fine with other dogs and that I could introduce my dog.

I wound up with a bite and 3 stitches. I think everyone involved was kind of freaked out and not really thinking clearly. I'd really like to find out if these guys were telling the truth when they told me their dogs had rabies shots. Hoping that since they have SEVEN DOGS, someone might have some ideas about where I can find them.

ETA: This happened at like 7am by the alley that cuts through Salmon and Taylor on 38th. Their dogs looked like some kind of light yellow Akita mixes. The one that attacked my dog was a brown one that looked different from the others.

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My brother got a letter in the mail today from the State of Washington Dept. Of Health and Social Services. Apparently, he's the alleged father of a child and the mother is claiming child support.

The mother is currently in a correctional facility, and I don't know how long. The mother has also never tried to contact my brother before about this child, but we've known she's had the child for at least a year. She's just never mentioned my brother being the father until recently. From what I've been told, my brother hasn't even talked to her in a little over a year. He's been in and out of treatment facilities for his drug addiction, and is currently going over 100 days clean and sober.

Our dad is telling him that if he gets 3 other guys to admit that they've slept with her about the time the child was conceived, she wouldn't be able to prove that he's the father and he wouldn't have to pay anything. In my opinion, I think he needs to find out if he is the father because if he is, he needs to take responsibility for his actions. Dad's thinking more about money, and I'm thinking more about the child's well-being.

I just want to know what the best way is to go about this.

beach house @ berbati's / more good coffee

does anyone know if tickets are still available for the beach house show tonight at berbati's pan? they aren't listed on ticketweb (bad sign?!) and i can't call the restaurant until they open at 5 pm and i don't want to go all the way downtown when doors open to find that they're sold out.

also, what are some good coffee shops near inner e. burnside? crema's okay. i'm just sick of stumptown/the fresh pot.

Lewis Black on Friday (you going?) and Recommendations for Fooderies in the Area?

As the topic says, my spouse and I are going to see Lewis Black on Friday for his 58th b'day.

Anyone else going?


We're looking for recommendations of places to eat dinner in the area before the concert. I'm not too worried about price, just want good quality!

EDIT: Concert is at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
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App me, babies!

In honor of making it through another year on earth, I was treated to an iPod Touch a few days ago. I've gone all crazy loading it with music and apps, but I find myself HUNGRY FOR MORE.

In particular, I want to find a few games I can play on my almost-two-hour commute. I tend to like games that take reasoning and problem-solving more than speed and reflexes (yeah, very funny!), and would love any suggestions you might have. Free's awesome, cheap is essential. Vegan not necessary.

Other apps you find indispensable will be considered as well.

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my give-a-fuck is broken

Weird Calls

Hey guys, so I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. About 2 or 3 days ago I started getting calls from a weird number. 310-429-5382...

There is never anyone on the other end when I've tried to answer. When I call the number back, I get an error message from Verizon Wireless saying this a non-working number. hmm, weird.

So today I've gotten 10 calls, spanning from 8:00am to one just 10 minutes ago. Same story yesterday.

I did a quick search, basically just googled the number and found a bunch of message boards from last year with people having the same issue. It doesn't seem like there was a fix for it. I have had my number for 5 years, don't wanna change it. T-mobile doesn't have the ability to block calls, or so the customer care rep said. I am going to call back to try to talk to a tech, but I'm not going to hold my breath. 

Anyone else have this problem? HELP!!!
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We aren't THAT close to Canada, are we?

A few different times since I moved to Portland, various websites have informed me that I am trying to access their content from Canada. The latest being Fox's official site where I was hoping to stream some episodes of televisiony goodness, but couldn't, because they only stream to the good old USA. Why am I having this problem, and how do I fix it? My internet provider is Comcast, but I have also run into this issue while using wifi in various other places around the city.
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Words in favor

Today I went into Urecht on NW Everett to buy a pencil sharpener. I picked up one from the counter that didn't have a price tag, and asked how much. $7.79, the register said. I made some noise of surprise ("That much? Goodness..."), and the guy behind the counter asked, "Do you have a Urecht card?"


"Are you a student?"

"Well," said I, "only in the larger philosophical sense."

The fellow laughed and said, "Just for that, I'll see what I can do..." He did something with the computer that I didn't quite get, but the price dropped to $5.50. "We wouldn't have accepted just 'A student of life!', but that was original."

So, all my appreciation. And an advisory: this store rewards wit. ;-)

Pirate Caroling

So, did anyone here see me and my piratical crew in Laurelhurst when we were out caroling/devouring gelato? Lots of random people got pictures of us, and it would be cool to see if anyone here has anything to share :) I would have posted here to invite over would-be pirate carolers, but by the time I thought of it, we were getting ready to head out. There's always next year, right?