September 16th, 2009

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Childcare and nanny jobs

Hey guys, I'm moving to Portland (well technically Tigard) next week from Tacoma, WA and though I have a place to live, I still need a job. I have a lot of experience with kids, especially those with disabilities. Does anyone need or know of someplace hiring, in need of a nanny? Also does anyone know of a state run in home care program for people with disabilities? I know Washington has one but I have no idea where to start looking in Oregon.
Thanks in advanced!

Guys I really do understand that things are shitty right now and work is hard to find everywhere. Please only helpful posts, and it's not helpful to tell me how bad things are. Thanks to the people who've offered useful advice thus far
*Edit #2*
Is it possible to get to Vancouver via publictransit?
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In search of empty juice containers

Freecycle has failed me and it's illegal to pick em out of neighbor's recycling containers (boo.)

I am looking for empty liquid containers for disposing of several gallons of toxic water-based dyes. The best containers are wide mouthed juice bottle (like the kind that trader joe's uses to sell their pomegranate green tea...yum) and not small mouthed soda containers. The large-ish kind are best, at least a quart or larger. The catch : i need the matching lids as well, and i know most folks toss those long before recycling the container part. Plastic or glass are both hunky dory.

On the off chance that anyone around here has one or two (or more!) waiting for recycling, please let me know - posting or private messages are fine- and i'll come pick up. East side is easier for me but if you have multiple containers i'll make the treck to west side also.
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Hey DeePeeps!

Happy Hump Day! ;)

I have a question regarding a security deposit on a month-to-month tenancy. My roommate is moving out on October 1st, and I am trying to figure out what my legal rights are as far as returning her security deposit, since I am staying in the house.

I found this info onlineIf you pay a deposit when you rent a house or apartment, the landlord must account for the deposit within 30 days of the termination of the tenancy, holding back only what is necessary to pay for any damage directly caused by you or as the rental agreement may otherwise provide concerning the use of the deposit. ORS 90.300

What I am wondering is if a similar law applies when the deposit is coming back from the other tenant (me). I would like to have until mid/end of October to return her deposit in full, since I am paying extra rent at the beginning of October to cover rent she would usually be paying. Of course, she wants it back the day she moves out (she's moving cross-country).

Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure this out? I would like to have something I can point to online so as to avoid any dispute on this, since we are friends and money matters are tricky sometimes.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!


Test prep question

Have any of you taken an LSAT prep course? If so, do you have any recommendations for centers, tutors, or resources? I'm hoping to test in February and am unsure whether I should pay the (somewhat expensive) fees for an in-person class or if I would be better off utilizing prior LSAT exams and other study materials to study on my own. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

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Bike thru Burgerville (Hawthorne) Thursday

"To celebrate the new bike-ability of their drive-thrus, Burgerville said in a press release that from 2:00 to 4:00 pm this Thursday they’ll offer free small blackberry smoothies (with purchase of menu item with equal or greater value) at their Hawthorne location (1122 SE Hawthorne)."

Preaching to the choir and/or starting a flame war: An inquiry about the constitution

So today, while bicycling along, I saw a sign that said "NO GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE. DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION"

And of course, I could have just been annoyed, but instead I decided to go and read the constitution. I was trying to find the place where government health care is prohibited.

After reading the constitution, I didn't find anything that was immediately applicable. I did find some interesting things out! Individual states can not actually DECLARE WAR on foreign countries, but if they are attacked (or even about to be attacked), they can still fight a war. As long as they don't call it that.

But nothing particularly forbidding government health care? Can anyone point to me where in the constitution such a thing would be?

Looking for a vet

My two cats are due for their shots, and my current vet's office has told me it'll be $175.  $50 per cat for a (supposedly legally required) pre-shot exam, $35 for the last of Babycat's kitten shots, and $20 a cat for the rabies vaccine.  I should say, for the record, that overall I really appreciate my current vet.   They're thorough and great with my cats.  For tricky or otherwise involved care, I have no problem paying what they ask.

Thing is, I'd like to save my pet funds for the times such care *is* required.   Both my cats are young and in good health, and giving vaccinations is not a complicated and highly technical procedure.

Any recommendations for good, but more affordable, vets accessible by public transit?
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Fashion Show: Shoes, Purses, & Dresses

So I'm going to be in a fashion show tomorrow night.

Thursday, Sept 17th at 10:00pm
McFadden's - 107 NW Couch St

There will be a fashion show of four separate designers, and I will be walking for two of them. There will also be a 'hip hop burlesque dance' performance during the evening. $5 at the door. Please come support me and all the models, and the dance team!
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Really random question...

I am trying to make some sugar scrubs as presents this Christmas. Because I'm not generally into this stuff, I'm clueless as to a good carrier oil to use.

The stuff you get at The Body Shop (for $20, yup yup) uses Vitamin E oil, which is very expensive (hence the high price).

As a test I used instead some massage oil that I own, containing sunflower oil, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil mixed together. The issue with this is that is goes pretty slowly down the drain and is kind of a hassle to rinse off the skin. I mean, it's supposed to leave your skin a little oily, but I think it was excessive.

So, my question. Any suggestions of a good carrier oil that is inexpensive, beneficial to skin and that rinses off the skin well?

Data Recovery for Mac

My husband just came back from the Apple store with a diagnosis of fried hard drive for his G5 desktop. He hadn't backed up 4 years worth of files, so we're now looking into pricing out data recovery for him.

Does anyone have any personal experience with data recovery services for Macs here in Portland? I'm not keen on the idea of trying to pull out the drive and mailing it off to parts unknown, so I was hoping for something in the Metro area.

Thanks all!