September 13th, 2009

chairleg of truth

Dear Portland...

I'd just like to congratulate hilaryann on her Excellence in the Field of Being Awesome. If you see her, please give her a big hug and a hearty handshake and bask in her nerdy-awesome glow. Your soul will be all the better for it. I know mine is. You may go back to your lattes now.
  • brosely


do people still chat online these days? besides the sex chat and gay/, but actual chatting?

if so, where? is it a lost art?

Oh My God, Shoes

I've lived in Converse for almost all of my life, but starting my first real professional job means I need "nice" shoes. I've been wearing a pair of cheap high heels, but I'm bad at high heels and need to walk a lot during the work day. So, DP: any ideas about where I can find comfortable, affordable, leather-free (I know, I know), business-friendly flats? I live around Pok Pok, so locations in SE are particularly appreciated.

Portland Brain Tumor Walk report

Success! There were around 500 participants & I we raised over $97,000!

Program started at 9. The 5k walk started a little after 9:30. This year I actually made it all the way to the end end & back! Last year I only made it almost all the way.

It was warmer & sunnier at Willamette Park yesterday than I thought it would be. Last year, it wasn't quite so hot on the day of the walk.
  • mediter


So DP, where can I find tights like these:

I'm not even sure how to google for it. Sheer metallic pantyhose? Sheer shimmer tights? Argh! I need them badly, in many different colors. Online purchasing is preferable. ^_^

*edit: I found some. Similar (still wish they were more nude/translucent) but look at all the colors! :)

Point Defiance Vs. NW Trek?


So I have to head up to the Tacoma area tomorrow morning and was planning on checking out NW Trek while up there, but then saw it's kinda out of the way. Then I realized there is the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma as well. So for those of you who have been to both (or even one) which should I go to? I imagine PD is like any other zoo, so NW Trek is probably the smarter choice but I thought I would check in here first. Thoughts?