September 12th, 2009

Getting rid of fleas

Dear damned ones

What are your tips for getting rid of fleas? We had the house fumigated, but we seem to have a new batch of bloodsucking bastards nipping at my ankles. I keep killing every single one I find, but I need something better. Fumigation apparently didn't work.

I've heard of flea traps like and others, and I have no idea where to get them. Do you know where I can buy them, do you have any experiences with them? Have any other useful ideas for getting rid of fleas? I'd love to hear them.

Thank you in advance.
intern lube

A new pet peeve

People who take arty photos at the downtown farmers market.

The Saturday farmers market downtown is insanely busy and crowded, even on the rainiest of days. It's already tough enough to fight through the crowds to find myself some tasty organic peaches. I am floored that people (more than one today) would hold up traffic flow to take arty photos of tomatoes during prime time.

Seriously, if you really, desperately need to take those pics, please do it at 8am when the place isn't shoulder-to-shoulder crowded, 'kay? Or at least don't lean over in such a way as to completely block the sidewalk with your butt and enormous camera bag.
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Don't Wanna Pay Per View

Dear Dramatis Personae,
I am a fan of the WWE. It entertains me. I seek a bar, pub, vegan strip club, cupcake bakery, late night doughnut shop, Nigerian food cart, or any other establishment that shows WWE pay per view events. Fine with paying a cover but $50 is a bit spendy for just a few hours of amusement at home, when I could be drinking beers with people cheering and jeering. 

Any leads you may have would be great. Thanks for looking.
Inb4 WWE sucks, MMA is better, wrestling's fake etc

Hair salon!

Hello!   I'm in need of a great hair salon.  I haven't had a haircut in about a year and it is just time!  The last place I went to the guy always kind of cut my hair like I was a soccer mom, and I don't really want that experience again.

So I'm looking for somewhere that can give me an edgier kind of cut, but I don't really want to look like a scenster.  I just want to look under 50 years of age. 

I'm looking for someone that can cut wavy hair that will look good when it's wavy - I don't have the patience to straighten my hair every day for the sake of making my haircut look right.

And I'm looking for somewhere reasonably priced - say $40 - $60? 

So, I put this before you, oh Mighty DP, as I have not had much look just trying by myself.

runnin with the devil

DeePee! Someone posted a while back about seeing a man dressed in a red devil costume running around with a boombox blaring "Running With the Devil". I just saw him doing this very thing moments ago on SE 30th and Belmont! Is this a regular thing or am I losing it?
Shut the ##%$% up, Aaron!
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Saturday Night No Life Club in effect!

Us - we're watching Adventureland, a movie set in late-80s Pittsburgh, which is exactly my upbringing! Wanna see if it's all authentic an'at.
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Apoptygma Berzerk

So i was thinking of going to see APOP at Berbati's Pan on Monday. I hadn't listened to their last couple albums so I checked them out today........ WHAT HAPPENED!?! How tragic. Nothing can surprise me after this. *cries*.
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Im craving some oldies...

Hello all!
So Im in the mood for some good ol tunes like Chuck Berry, The Temptations, anything or anyone that was ever on American Bandstand, perhaps some Bobby Darin or maybe some good ol Frankie. Ive heard of Bodacious Classics on Powell being a good place for such musical indulgences but only found reviews about their klingon kareoke on google. So tell me DP, where in portland can i satisfy my musical cravings? have you been to Bodacious Classics, whats it like? Have you been to Jimmy Maks? Any other options out there? Thanks!