September 11th, 2009


need to record some drums

Is there a cheap-esque recording studio/person-with-some-decent-gear who could help me record 3 or 4 drum tracks that I could then take with me and record guitar etc. over at my own practice space? I'm working on a rrecording and just can't seem get a decent drum sound on my own. I'm just trying for a basic rock and roll drum sound, like one mic on each drum and two overheads, nothing fancy. Oh and I don't own a drum set right now, so there's that. (To be clear, I mean I'll play the drums - not looking for a studio drummer)

Who's got some leads for the most reasonable way to do this? Holy crap - in the best possible world we could make a trade of me playing some studio drum tracks for your project for you recording me. Yeah I know that's not gonna happen. oh well.

stop it

Follow-up to the post I made last night

Asking about the charity medical flights.


After shifting through millions that required that I be a kid, cancer-filled, or receiving life-extending treatment - which could actually be argued since I'm actually the primo age that most people if they're just going to randomly drop dead from epilepsy do - I FOUND THE MAGIC PAGE LALALALAAAA. Also, it turns out my parish has AN ACTIVE MEMBER living in Maryland, I may yet find crash space.

Next up, some blood work to see if I qualify or not. THANKS GUISE ILU.
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September 11th 2001 recap!

I wasn't living in Portland at the time, I was still growing up in Los Angeles. I recall people crying hysterically as I walked to my high school. I didn't know what the world trade center was or the twin towers were and I certainly hadn't heard the news yet. The last 2 planes hadn't crashed and were supposed to land in LA so the city was under lockdown. For the first time in my life planes were not landing at LAX and the freeway's were emptied. I saw jets in the sky escorting the remaining planes bound for LAX and I just remember thinking it was just like a movie.

Where were you guys my fellow damnportlanders? I know 9-11 stories can be played out and they certainly will be on the news today, but I'm just curious about what y'all thought/felt on that day 8 years ago.

(no subject)

Earlier this summer somebody set fire to a flag that was hanging on my house. Most recently somebody broke into my house and stole my credit card amongst other things.

This house is a rental and I want to get out as soon as possible. My question is: Is there an Oregon law that allows me to break my lease and still get my deposit back if I no longer feel safe in my home?

I am currently living in Klamath Falls by the way, so Oregon Law would be preferable (as opposed tot Multnomah County or something).

Oregon Ducks - game day shuttles

I've been to a few games at Autzen with my uncle, and he always parks at a mall or business and we then take a shuttle for $3 to the stadium. Tomorrow is the first game I'm attending without him, and I want to know if anyone knows what mall/business I can park at to take the shuttle to the game. Also, do you know what the shuttle service/company is called? My uncle is out of the country right now, so I can't find out from him.



To Oregon Attorney General John Kroger, who blatantly jaywalked across 6th in downtown Portland this morning because he spotted a friend across the street:

Don't our laws apply to everybody?

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera ready. I'm curious whether he'd have gotten a ticket if a cop had seen him. He *did* go to the crosswalk to cross back after their chat.

EDIT: Frankly, I don't care if people jaywalk, as long as they don't cause a hazard. But if people are getting $97 tickets (see ), then the Attorney General shouldn't be doing it.
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Starting small business advice?

So, The Economy Of Doom seems to be keeping me from getting a new teaching job this year. (Every other year that I've had my profile visible on the main teaching jobs site I've gotten cold-calls from districts I haven't applied to and got a job offer or two after about 5 applications - this year I've applied to 19 jobs and only gotten one interview.) I'm thinking of tutoring to help pay the bills while I figure out what else to do with my life, because I figure I can make more money as a math tutor than I can by playing a guitar on a corner somewhere and those appear to both be more marketable skills than an actual teaching or computer programming job in this economy.

Anyway, I asked Captain Google about starting a small business and mostly got information about how to write a business plan and get loans for start-up capital. I don't really need any loans, I just want to know what kinds of licenses, insurance, and tax gotchas to work out before I start handing out business cards and taking clients. Anyone here have experience as a piano teacher, tutor, or similar non-product/office type small business who can give me some pointers or warnings?

my google-fu has failed me

I can't seem to find any information about Powell's Books return policy, specifically to their rare books. Anyone know anything about buying a rare book and returning it? (like, it was supposed to be a gift but that's no longer necessary, heh.)

Thanks DP
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Tribute bands?

I know there are a number of tribute bands in Portland, but I can't seem to remember any of them off the top of my head, and my google-fu fails me. Who are they? Have you seen any of them? Was it good? Do tribute band nights happen very often? I might be interested in organizing one.

Shot in the dark

Okay so this song is stuck in my head and I'm wondering if y'all can help a dannybear out. It's from the 80's, is kinda punky and really upbeat and British sounding like the Clash but not, and the lyrics(I think) goes like "ayayayayayayahhhh wait wait wait! ayayayayayayahh".Like its along the lines of the bands psychadelic furs, men at work, that kind of feel/sound. It's driving me nuts! Many thanks if you can solve this audio crisis.

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Custom Food Delivery

My boss has decided that it would be worth it to have 3 meals a day delivered. I know it's been talked about here before bit does anyone actually do it?

She wants to be able to say "this many calories and I hate X, Y, and Z." She does not want someone coming and cooking/prepping at her place. Deliveries would all be downtown.
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i hereby bring this meeting of FNNLC to order.

whatcha got cookin' tonight, DP?

i'm peripherally watching repeats of Ghost Whisperer and chipping away at that novel i'm trying to write.

hmmmmmm. if that's not the definition of "no life," i don't know what is.
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(no subject)

My girlfriend is from the Mid-West and insistent that the trees don't change colors in the Portland area like they do back home. I think there was some sort of talk about trees that are deciduous and not but I kind of started thinking about shoes or something. I've only lived in the Pacific Northwest and think that the leaves do change colors here but she wants to go somewhere that's more like Ohio to remind her of home. Any suggestions?