September 8th, 2009


Celebrity denied

The dude on the far left just begged me to rent a bike at my hotel. I didn't let him because our bikes dont have the proper lighting to be rented after sundown. He then offered me 100 bucks to rent a bike and said that we needed an "uprising". I still didn't let him. He was annoying and between me and my late night lunch working grave at the Jupiter. If he magically transformed into Kate Winslet he could've had all dem bikes. Dannybear <3's Kate Winslet.

a rant

any other C.D. Payne fans out there pissed off about the changes they made for Youth in Revolt? the whole book is based around being a YOUNG boy being confused as hell and apparently they changed it to him being 18. wtf? Micheal Cera can play a 14 year old. there was no need to change it.
and if they try and fit all five books into one movie I'm going on a killing spree.
they are destroying my favorite book.
and none of that "just don't see it" please. I know I'll be there opening night. it's not anything I can help.
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Credit/Debt assitance center.

Arg. Poverty.

I need the name/link of the non-profit credit/debt assitance center that was posted a month or so back?

Clearly, I never learned how to manage my money from my parents and need some help figuring out how to live on my income now that my partner is moving out and leaving me with the entire rent for our old place (which is below market price, in an area that I do not want to leave and *should* be something I can afford to pay even with just my income so moving advice doesn't work for me). But I have a credit card debt that eats 70$ a month w/o paying down the principle of it and the dept of ed finally found me so I'm paying them off as well.

I need information on places to get a low interest loan to get rid of the card debit and some help figuring out how to live within my means.

(no subject)

A friend and I are planning "Discover Oregon" weekend getaways for fall. 2-4 day trips in which we explore all Oregon has to offer. I've lived here my entire life and while I've explored the state, I feel like there are still lots of things I haven't yet seen or done. So, if you were planning some weekend adventures, where would you go? Things already on our list: Crater Lake, the Painted Hills/John Day Fossil Beds, Oregon Caves, Redwoods.
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Magic Night

Hey all, thanks for the responses to my query re: Magic venues. I went to Guardian Games yesterday to scope it out and it turns out to be a pretty cool shop. They have some sort of casual M:TG night every Tuesday, so I'm gonna go check that out tonight. I know a couple of others expressed interest, so I'm lettin you know. Hope to see you there!

Worst US State?

I'm conducting an informal survey, inspired by a conversation in my bar last night.  It's only two questions.

I asked a large group of people at the bar last night, and there were a broad variety of answers.  I thought I'd open the floor to see if I can get some results.  I'm just curious about state identities and people's opinions of them. 
I'd do a Livejournal poll, but I wanted to keep it open to non LJ users.  Nonetheless, we can certainly talk about it here.

You can view the results here

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My current doctor sucks.

* She told me the cure for all my horrible TMI girl stuff was to have a baby.

* One time she prescribed me a course of medication -- one 200mg pill per day for 30 days. Thankfully *I* knew the medication dosage was one 150 mg pill, once, and didn't follow the directions on the bottle, and fixed things up with the help of the pharmacist.

* When I was having trouble with my knees, she told me there was nothing I could do. When I told her a good part of my job involved running in sand, she said, "That's too bad," and walked out of the room. I made an appointment myself to find out what my PT options were, and got my knees fixed up.

* She told me the reason I have clinical depression (which is actually completely under control now and has been since I was a teen) is because of my non-heteronormative relationship.

So yeah, I need a new doctor.

I am also very very anxious about going to the doctor (and this doc has NOT helped), so this has made my search for a new one near impossible. I'm scared of just picking one out of the phone book and trying them out.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a general practitioner that takes OHP/CareOregon who is accepting new patients? I am mostly looking for someone reassuring, gentle and professional. Who isn't a quack.

Bonus points for west side.
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Cheap yoga.

I'm in Beaverton for the month of September (then moving to Eugene for school) and looking for cheap yoga classes. Anywhere near Beaverton or downtown (west side) is fine. I know Yoga Pearl offers a two-week introductory trial thing for $20 for unlimited classes. Any better deals? Or possibly deals closer to where I'm at?
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Wedding Mix

I'm putting together a mix of random music to play during my wedding reception next week. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions for songs I should include. It doesn't necessarily have to be wedding themed, just not something too obviously inappropriate.

A Quick Update

Back on the 30th I posted a request for any information on the Legacy Emanuel NICU and I want to thank everyone that responded. Thankfully I am still pregnant and so far have not developed pre-eclampsia, though it's unfortunately still a risk (meh). The staff at Legacy Emanuel were beyond amazing and I would definitely recommend their maternity care to anyone.

Cross your fingers for me that I make it to term (10/1) and maybe even throw in some extra hope that I get to actually give birth this time rather than c-section (though I'm pretty much happy as long as I can be awake and aware this time). I am scared but hopeful as I now more pregnant than I've ever been.

Thank you DPers for always being awesome and keeping me amused and informed.
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Art Gallery Opening this Thursday

Hi everyone;

I just wanted to let you know about this art gallery that's having a grand opening on Thursday called Splendorporium. (

It's at 3421 SE 21st Avenue and will be going on from 7pm to 9pm. There will be wine. There will be art. There will be yours truly playing harp as well as a couple other musicians. (I hear that a jazz band and some violinists will be playing.) It's featuring the glass work of Andy Paiko and the paintings of Elliott Wall.

Splendorporium is a new gallery project by Art4Life, a non-profit that brings after school art classes to some elementary schools here in Portland.

TBA. meh.

Am I the only person in Portland who is consistently underwhelmed with the TBA events? The Mercury and the WW are currently covering it like it's the Second Coming of Christ, but I just don't get it. For the past few years I've diligently looked through their list of events and rarely do I find even one that seems even partially interesting.

It's not like I don't enjoy art - I really do. I've been to museums all over the U.S. & Europe. Plays, concerts, book readings - you name it. But man, TBA seems to me to operate on a "who gives a shit" frequency. This year, besides their opening event, a show by Gang Gang Dance, the rest of their events read like "something weird that'll cost you $xx.00."


Om nom nom

I have two foodie queries:

One: is there anywhere in Portland I can obtain elderflowers? I have heard that they are somewhat out of season, but I figure if anyone knows it will be one of you.

Two: does anyone have a sourdough starter I could gank a piece of? I am more than willing to trade a jar of some delicious pickled things I've been making lately. Or pay you for it. I know I can make my own but... meh. I'd rather just get a piece of an established one.
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