September 7th, 2009


po box?

I find myself needing to get a po box and am at a loss for a good location to do so. I'll probably be moving to the western edge of Beaverton  soon on a month to month basis but as for the next year no solid direction on where I'll live. Could be anywhere in between Vanouver/Washougal, Wilsonville, and Beaverton.


Because logic has a younger brother called "shut the fuck up"

You know, I am not a mean person.
Actually, wait, fuck that shit, I am becoming a mean person.
But there are worse things than being mean.

In a tangential discussion in a thread about Obama's speech to children, elle_lee started spouting off several party lines about socialism and the like. When me and several other people questioned them about their beliefs, especially about whether they think that people's natural altruism just happens to be destroyed by the beast that is government...they took their toys and went home, of course.

So, this is just a notice: if you want to post the usual libertarian nonsense, and then you decide that the tough questions are too tough for can go and read Atlas Shrugged for the 5th time, but its not really a good way to get people to listen to you.

This might get pulled, I don't consider it a personal attack, or reference to someone's journal. Its more just me not giving someone an opportunity to run from a fight.

And I didn't make a good case for myself, at least not in 2009.
I would not have posted this, but I won't delete it, because I made an error, and its fair that people should see my errors.
I wish it was the future!
Push Button For POPSICLES

Bike stuff

I'm rebuilding a scrap bike. The bottom bracket bearings are pretty toasted. I don't want to spend a bunch of money on this bike because I'm just going to turn it over soon. However, I do want it to be functional and safe. Is there some place I can go to just get new ball bearings? That, or new ball bearings in new retainers?

My shit looks like this:

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Close to N/NE preferred.

Thanks, knowitalls.

Looking for sliding scale therapist

I don't have any health insurance but would like to begin seeing a therapist. I'm mostly interested in therapists with a cogitative-behaviorial/more practical approach.

Does anyone know of any therapists in Portland that would be likely to see me on the cheap? (something like $20 a session would be ideal). Or of any local resources you could point me toward that would help me find one? Thanks!

Help with understanding a text

Hello all,

In the process of writing my dissertation, I am working through the rather difficult book The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World by Elaine Scarry (New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1985). Is there anyone out there who has read this book, perhaps in the context of a graduate class, and who really understands it, particularly chapters 4 and 5, really well, and who would be willing to engage in a discussion or two of its issues, and some specific points, so that I can gain a bit more clarification on it? I've looked up some book reviews, etc., but they haven't been that helpful in the details. I understand the basics behind the book, and certain sections are particularly useful for my diss, but I am afraid to use it without understanding it more deeply. I'd be happy to sponsor a coffee or two to discuss over which to discuss it.



Swiped from a friend's journal...

I just visited the Kruger's Farm website to check out what this year's corn maze will be like and saw some bad news-

They are having some serious land-use approval problems with a neighbor and with Multnomah county. Their ability to offer farm-to-table weddings and to keep the corn maze open after sunset (their neighbor is still being allowed to keep his open until 10pm) has been denied. Inexplicably, the high-impact events offered by his neighbor are still ok for some reason. His long-term plans regarding running a truly community farm are being threatened and as someone who looks forward to going there at least once every October I think this sucks.

If you have ever been out to Kruger's Farm, you will know what a loss it would be were they to lose this significant portion of their income due to a competitive neighbor and have to close. Please have a read of Farmer Don's Blog for the specifics, as he outlines it much better than I could here. You'll find information specific to the maze restrictions at the Land Use page. There are links to the county commissioner's office from there.

If you feel this is unfair treatment of a valuable community resource and business, please do contact the county commissioner and let them know. They reversed their restrictions on outdoor concerts at Kruger's due to public response, and so your e-mail could very well make a difference on the other issues too. Thank you.
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Dahlia Festival

I went to the Swan Island Dahlia Festival today & recommend it if anyone is looking for something to do tomorrow (the dahlia fields are open for the rest of the month, but tomorrow is the last day that the indoor displays are open, they extended it because the weekend was so rainy).

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The flowers were beautiful, and it's a really nice place to walk around. Admission & parking are both free & it seemed to be a pretty kid-friendly place - they had a clown doing face painting and stuff like that.
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