September 4th, 2009

Politics again

So the right-wingers are raising a stink and threatening to pull their kids out of school because Obama wants to tell them to stay in school. Are these people completely batshit insane?

Do they have any semblance of intellectual consistency at all? When Bush spoke to schoolchildren nobody raised a fuss. To go further, to question Bush was to be a traitor to your country. It's like they aren't even trying to pretend to be consistent anymore, they're just reflexively opposing everything Obama does.
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(no subject)

I got my first commission check and I'm so excited!

I want to get my nails done and was wondering if anyone could rec a place or person? I used to go to Sunflower in Beaverton mall but it was pricey to get them done the first time, about $50 inculding tip. I'd rather not spend that much if I could. I've been to a few places that were a little cheaper but they weren't very careful and I wasn't satisfied.

I just want colored french tip acrylics and maybe airbrush on one finger.

Must be open today and accessable by Tri-Met.

Does anyone know if the beauty school towards hillsboro(or the one off sandy in ne) does acrylics for cheaper than a normal place?


(no subject)

I just read this lovely piece of entertainment gossip about Salma Hayek throwing a hissy fit in a restaurant b/c she had to wait for a table...

For me this sounds all too familiar (I work at a small restaurant) but I get non-famous/regular people (just don't call them regular in their face...) throwing a hissy fit if there are no tables and they have to wait. My favorite is when large groups show up at peak times and demand to be seated, yet they have not made reservations. Another favorite is when a person celebrating their birthday shows up with their posse and try the whole "but it's my birthday, you MUST find a table for me" tantrum.

So, my dear fellow food service employees, what are your favorite tales of customers acting entitled?

traffic query

I have an appt at Bridgeport Village at 5:30 pm today. I have no idea what to expect for I5 South traffic on a friday/holiday weekend afternoon. If I leave from roughly the 26/217 interchange, how long should I expect the commute will take?
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Boxtops for Education

What worthy institutions in the portland area would you suggest I donate my boxtops for education to? (bonus points for telling me why you think they're worthy)  Or any institutions in the portland area that accept these?

Worst Restrooms In The Portland Area

I was at Lloyd Center and had to make a pitstop at the restroom and was forced to use one of the mall ones, namely the restroom across from Forever 21 on the lower level.  What a disgusting place.  Dirty, graffiti-marked, and just gross.  That facility is in dire need of a complete renovation and sterilization as well as the one in the food court.  This got me to thinking as to what people here feel are the worst restrooms in the Portland area. While Lloyd Center is first, Powell's on Burnside is a close second. One restroom for the whole place and most of the time its filthy from the people who use it it be they customers from the suburbs or street people needing to wash up.  Any nominees? 
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prepaid cell phones

I've never had a cell phone, but now my new job says I have to have one (makes sense based on work - they're not being jerks). It won't be used very much, so I want to get a prepaid one and just pay 10 cents a minute or whatever. I know nothing about cell phones, so I have some questions about this process:

1) Can I get any old crappy phone off ebay/craigslist and get prepaid minutes on it?
2) Where/how exactly do I go to get prepaid minutes put on a phone? 
3) Someone mentioned Walmart for these prepaid minutes - yes/no? What's their deal?
4) What else could I possibly need to know about getting a crappy cell phone and getting prepaid minutes on it? Remember that I know NOTHING about cell phones, so even basic info that everyone should already know will probably be helpful.

Beauty - HUH?

Just to be contrary...

What are the BEST restrooms you've encountered in PDX? (Bonus points if it's one of those fancy ones with free spray deodorant. But maybe that's just ladies' rooms?)

I can't even think of one that's actually in the Portland area...
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Upholstery repair?

Um... does anyone know a good (reasonably priced) upholstery repair place? I need the covers for my couch (well, loveseat, really) cushions sewn back together. There are only 2 cushions, if that makes any difference.

Do you think it'd even be worth it, or would it be cheaper to get a new one? I'd rather not, if I don't have to.. I love my little couch. This one wasn't entirely new, btw, it was around $180 from Hillsboro Furniture Liquidators.

FS: PS2 ($80), Laser Printer ($125), Cello ($1400)

Hi Folks,

I'm selling a few items and thought someone from here might be interested. If you mention you're from DP, I'll give you a discount :)

Brother HL-5250DN Laser Printer + New Toner - $125:

PlayStation 2 Slim + Extra Controller + 16MB Memory Card + FFX + Tetris World - $80:

4/4 (full sized) fully carved cello + hard case + bow:
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Musica musica musica!

So, I felt like I needed further proof of my impending senility, so I took advantage of a killer deal at work (137 pre-tax bucks for an annual Trimet pass! That's a 34987234987234 percent savings!) and committed to taking mass transit a couple days a week. The issue is that I live by the Gateway Transit Center and I commute to Forest Grove. That's pretty close to 2 hours each way, peeps, and I find myself struggling to fill the player with four hours of goodness each day.

I need suggestions for anything and everything in mp3 format -- podcasts, music, books, whatevah. Free is good. Links are awesome. Emailing me piles of music is fine and dandy. I just need to feed the hungry Zen Micro (old skool!) and enjoy those long and lonely hours perched next to a stranger.


i've been meaning to ask

Hi, would any of you fine Portlanders happen to have reptiles or any other such pet that needs to eat one of the following insects: crickets and/or wax worms, meal worms, dubia roaches, phoenix worms, silk worms?

Or if you just like them yourself, whatever. I need a good, and by this I mean inexpensive, source of feeders for my awesome Australian Bearded Dragon. I go to a couple of places but it's like $10 for 200 crickets (probably more like 170, its not like they count them one by one and it looks skimp sometimes.) My little beardie is a ravenous beast, he will eat that many in 4 days sometimes! He is still growing and needs lots of protein. I love him but I need a cheaper source!

I haven't found a good source for worms, Petco sucks ass in almost everyway I can tell, but thats another story all together.

Someone have a good source in the Portland area? Willing to travel!