September 2nd, 2009


google fail

My google skills are usually pretty good, but I'm having a hard time, so I look to you, collective brain of DP. Is there anywhere in the Portland metro area that does formal dress rentals? I'm wanting to rent a couple of brown semi-formal dresses and have no idea if that service is even available. Any leads? Thanks in advance.

...he asked, two seconds before death by roundhouse kick

Can anybody recommend a good place for a beginner to get into karate with reasonable rates and reasonably experienced, patient instructors?  I'm willing to travel a bit for an awesome, friendly place, but the closer to Beaverton the better. 

My motivation is mainly fitness while learning a new skill in a more structured, goal-oriented environment than a gym.  I specifically want to avoid places where there's any likelihood I'll get kicked in the face by someone resembling the dude from Napoleon Dynamite.  When I lived in Medford, I did karate for a month or two at a place owned by one of Chuck Norris' former stunt doubles who shared his political outlook.  I would like to learn to move like the guy.  I would not like to hear a rant about Mike Huckabee or why the federal income tax should be abolished. 

I should mention I'm open to other disciplines, I just seem to see/hear/know more about karate.  Thanks!
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A favor!

Does anyone have an extra battery charger for a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera just lying around? Perhaps I could buy it for cheap (say, $20?) or trade you for some rad local art, retro fabric, new oil paints, or cupcakes? :)

(It's a newer-model Sony lithium ion battery, K-type, model #NP-BK1)

Or, at the very least (and this would still be awesome) borrow yours for an hour or two to get my digital camera charged up??? We're heading on a road trip to Southern Oregon on Friday and the charger has been lost. Boo! >:( Money is tight for the trip, so the $39 for a new one is sounding kind of painful at the moment.

Who can help me, DP?


here is a link to pics of the camera

ps. I also have a working Sony *charger for a G-type battery* that I could definitely trade ya! (Or, does someone want that one for $20, haha.)


(no subject)

Hello Ducks fans,

Where will you be watching the game tomorrow night?

And for those non-Ducks fan...who's your college football team of choice?

And if you don't care about college football, feel free to tell us that as well.
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Heavy Data Use Puts a Strain on AT&T Service

Link to the New York Times article

"More than 20 million other smartphone users are on the AT&T network, but other phones do not drain the network the way the nine million iPhones users do. Indeed, that is why the howls of protest are more numerous in the dense urban areas with higher concentrations of iPhone owners."

Time to prepare for some high-tech whining? I mean, everyone's on Twitter so that they can post every 140-character thought, right?


Verizon Smart Phone Opinions?

I am getting a new phone for work through Verizon. I've got two choices:

1) HTC Ozone (Verizon's site)
2) Samsung Saga (Verizon's site)

These are my only two options. I don't do anything with my work phone besides email, phone calls, texts, and occasionally taking a picture or playing a game of solitaire. CNET's editors gave them both the same rating, though the HTC Ozone scores a full star higher on the user reviews (though with 20 fewer reviews).

Does anyone have any experience with these phones? Can you recommend one over another?


Its been a long time since I was able to devote any time to LJ, so I was pretty shocked to see a whole page of DP where everyone seemed to be so civil. 

We sure have come a long way.

Thanks guys!
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Auto Paint Shop Recs?

Hi there, DP! It's been a long time since I've basked in your loveliness. I've been away, but now I come to you with a super important question, and hope we can be friends again. The kind of friends who helpfully answer questions in the late evening hours (or early morning. I'm not judging).

If you felt the need to get your car painted (no body work needed), where would you go? I don't think this has been asked recently, because I just spent the last couple hours going back through posts and stopped at Aug 23rd. I have googled and citysearched and come up with what I think might be a reasonable list, but personal recommendations would be nice, if only to confirm one place that I'm tentatively considering.

Thanks a bunch!
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Open letter to the Hawthorne Theater

Emailed just now:


I rode my bike from Goose Hollow to the Matt & Kim show tonight, something your site encourages due to parking issues. My helmet and road kit needed somewhere to be, so I brought a messenger bag along. I only learned at the door that backpacks and the like aren't allowed in, and that there is no bag check service. On the way home I figured it was my own fault for not reading the fine print on the site, but your site does not have these policies listed anywhere. At least not that I could find. If they're on there, please make them more obvious. If they aren't, you're losing money, and lots of new patrons like me are missing out on great shows.

I don't expect any freebies out of this. But it'd be nice. :)


ETA: Man, screw free tickets, I'd be thrilled with a buck-off drink coupon.

liquor stores in Beaverton

I have a friend coming into town who likes to drink hard liquor, but I'm a beer drinker and I can always get that at the grocery store. So I need to figure out where some liquor stores are near Beaverton. I know there's one in King City and there's one at Scholls Ferry/Hall but both seem super expensive. Does anyone know of a store that isn't so pricey? Or are they all about the same?