August 30th, 2009

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how old are you?

under 21
over 35

do you own a car?

yes, but i rarely use it
no but i really need one

what area do you live in?

not in the portland area

are you from the portland area?

no but ive been here since before i could drive
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Help Me Fix My Neck...

Hey, Damportlanders: what have you found effective as a treatment for chronic muscle spasms / neck pain? The "ignore it until you absolutely can't" approach has mostly just gotten me to the point where it's a constant undercurrent and distraction, so I'm throwing in the towel and looking for advice. I've heard good things about osteopaths and neuromuscular massage but don't have any experience with either. My overwhelming preference would be for something grounded in rational medicine (no energy work or homeopathy, please, and no one who uses the term "subluxation" with a straight face), and while I'd prefer someone who takes Pacific Source PPOs, at this point, I'd pay a fair amount of money to not be in constant discomfort.

Bonus points for recommendations of specific practitioners...

Legacy Emanuel Hospital NICU

Hey everyone-

In a while I'm heading over to Legacy Emanuel Hospital because I'm showing signs of pre-eclampsia (which is what resulted in my 1st daughter being born premature) and need to be checked out. While I'm mostly optimistic that this time we're catching things early enough that my baby won't be another preemie I am still, understandably, concerned. Does anyone have any knowledge of their NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and the staff? How do they typically treat parents? Do they let you stay next to your baby (I've heard some NICU's are able to do that now)? Anything you feel is relevant without being nasty (it's the internet so I always feel I have to add that).

Thanks DPers!

Calling all zoobombers

This is a long shot, but I figure I'll try it anyway.

I have a client who's trying to find someone who, we think, is involved with the Zoobombers. If anyone here is involved with that community, I'd be very grateful for the chance to buy you lunch, sit down and talk about it a bit.

This is entirely off the record and confidential; no one I talk to will be required to testify in court; and definitely no one will be arrested or got in trouble. It's not a criminal matter - it's about making sure the client's young child is all right. I can't say any more here, but if you'd be willing to talk, please send me an email.
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This may be a dangerous invitation of nerd snark, but does anyone play Magic: The Gathering anymore? I just moved here a few weeks ago, and would be interested in getting into a casual weekly games night or something like that. In SE would be ideal, but I'd bike out somewhere farther out too. Other card/board/other games are cool too.

Parking Permits

I just moved to Portland into an apartment off of SW Yamhill, and am about to get a Zone A parking permit. Do you guys know how much that costs per month/year? Also, I was looking at the Parking FAQ page which leads me to believe that I am supposed to get in my car and drive it every day. Is this actually enforced? If I get a proper permit, am I not allowed to keep it in a spot on the street for a few days? Oh god!

Old town let down?

I just ordered a large vegetarian pizza from Old Town(the NE location not sure if this makes a huge diff in quality) and I was really let down by the pie I received. It said it should have tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, and black olives. When I popped open the lid of the pizza I saw small slivers of what was supposed to be on the pizza. I dug underneath the cheese to find the tomatoes which I wondered if saud tomatoes was the sauce. Let me say that when I got the Veggie pizza from Hot Lips I was MORE than satisfied by the huge fresh portions of veggies and delicious crust they used to make my pizza. Not to mention it was *cheaper*. I spent 31 bucks for this large veggie pizza with 2 additions to the toppings and a small house salad. Damn! Am I the only person to be a little disappointed by this pizza? Is it just the NE location? The crust was similar to pizza hut but more dried out. Sorry Old Town but you won't be seeing me again.

Cats & Teeth

I need a recommendation of a good, reliable and affordable..

#1- vet (for my cat, whom is my best buddy, but recently decided he likes to potty outside of his box)

#2- dentist (ouch cavities hurt your mouth and wallet when you have no insurance... and are the working poor)

I looked way back through the archives for the last 30 mins and couldn't find any posts related, that might help.
Pork Butt

Just Livin' the Dream

Tomorrow night Monday Movies proudly brings you Corporate Propaganda Night!

I Just Work Here (Roundtable, 1965, B&W )

Sales Promotion; Key to Efficiency (BP, 1959, color)

Telephone Manners (US Post Office, 1972, color)

Your Price is Right (Dartnell, color)

The Fine Swiss Watch (Transfilm, 1953, B&W )

Destination Earth (American Petroleum Inst. 1957, Technicolor)


FREE ● 8PM ● All Ages Welcome!

Monday Movies is always free and always at Old Town Pizza’s Vanport location in NE Portland. $1.50 slices all night long and $2 well drinks after 9pm!


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

Between Alberta and Killingsworth

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking for bikes and cars