August 28th, 2009

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let's tell jokes

A girl with no arms or legs is lying on the beach, begging all the passing men to have sex with her. Finally a man pauses for more than a second. "Please! I'm 25 years old and I've never been fucked!"

The man considers the situation briefly, picks her up and throws her into the ocean. From the choppy water, she screams her dismay, to which the man answers, "Well, you're fucked now!"
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Hood to Coast closures?

I just learned that part of the Hood to Coast relay is on the Springwater Corridor in Gresham. A couple of friends and I have been biking/running in the mornings and we also wanted to go this morning. We usually go between 7:30am and 9:30am, but we figured it's probably closed today. So, is the section that they'll be using completely shut to whoever isn't participating, or is it still open?


How do I notify some tenants that I'm terminating their lease?

Morning DPers - I'm sure some of you own rental properties in Oregon. Ever had to notify someone that you have decided to terminate their month-to-month lease?

I have a house in a smaller town south of here I must do this with. I'd prefer not to do it face to face but can if needed.

How do you do this? FedEx letter that requires a signature? What's considered legal notification?

Thanks and TGIF!
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The proper toast?

I was getting into an argument the other day with a compatriot of mine.

It was in regards to which type of alcohol was proper to toast Senator Kennedy with.

Normally, I am a vodka type of girl. This, however, seemed not to be the best drink for the late Sen. Kennedy. So my argument was in favor of rye whiskey. My friend argued in favor of scotch. I brought up cognac, and he told me to shut up. But it seemed like a more privileged drink.

So booze soaked DP? What do we toast Sen. Kennedy with?
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What's happening in Portland tomorrow?

My mom and sister are visiting (just from the coast) from tonight until tomorrow. I know they want to go to SCRAP and Saturday Market. Any events or cool stores I could take them to? I would prefer events but if there are any cool stores near SCRAP (NE MLK) then that works too. We're all artists and they love second-hand stores or cheap art supply stores.

What about good (entrees for $9 or less) restaurants on the east side for lunch? Just no seafood since they can get better stuff where they live and I don't like seafood anyway.

I already did google a bit. I already mentioned the air show and they didn't seem interested. The Oregon State Fair is too far.
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Beauty schools in the area?

Oh wise and all knowing DP, I have recently become interested in attending beauty school to learn to cut and style hair... has anyone in here gone to beauty school that might have some stories to share with me? What school did you go to? How was the experience? How have things been since you finished? Any suggestions for what I should look for in a beauty school? Affordability of classes while still getting a proper education is important to me. Tell me what you know!



Welcome to the FNNLC. I'm kicking things off a bit early because, hey, it's not like I've got anything better to do. I've got just as much life now as I will once things really get going for most people at 9pm.

Anyway, I'm enjoying some coffee, some webcomics, and some online board games while enjoying that my apartment is almost back to normal after a bad water heater leak. They even had to knock out an interior wall.

What are you crazy kids up to? Anyone else got No Life night?

PS - inkytwist is out having a glamorous time with glamorous people, so if you just check in to see her, you're out of luck.
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(no subject)

Anyone in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area up for doing some last-minute pre-Kumoricon alterations? I've got shorts that I need made shorter (currently they go down to my boots. And they're supposed to be shorts and not capris), and a vest I need made smaller. Alternately, is there anybody who can make a pair of shorts custom if I buy the fabric?

This area preferable, and I would need them by Thursday at the latest.


...a better way to go? Any of you damn fine people have experience with them? Good things to say? Bad things to say? Specific locations/salesmen you think should be avoided? Is haggling there an option? What say you!

EDIT: So, some of you pay attention (good on ya'!) and remember that I had posted a short while back about buying a car. This entry is actually about the store Car Toys and buying a car stereo from them.