August 27th, 2009


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A) where does one go to get a silicon swim cap that is not those total piece of shit swim essential ones that are the only silicon option at Portland swimware? I've had 2 break on me in 3 months, the most recent right out of the box. I take excellent care of my swimware and I have no nails or sharp things involved in the swim suiting up process. This should not keep happening.

B) I'm craving a bean burrito with refried beans. Where can I make this happen that is on or very close (as in close enough to get there and back on my 30 min break on foot) the PSU campus. There's that shelly's garden place but $5.75 seems insane for a bean burrito. seems like the answer is standard bean burrito for the typical price, or almost double for refried only double the sass. Got it. More concerned about the first question anyway.
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Are there any mechanical engineers on this forum?  I've got an invention simmering in my mind, and I'd like to partner with someone who maybe can help make it a reality, or at least a patent we can sell.
Audrey Horne
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jeweler rec?

One of the prongs on my white gold solitaire ring got bent out. I could probably fix this myself with some needle-nose pliers but I'd feel a lot better having a jeweler do it. My previous jeweler is a couple thousand miles away so I need to find someone local.

I ran into a Kay's Jewelry because it was nearby and they told me they'd have to send it away and it would take a week to get it fixed. That's freakin ridiculous.

No offense to anyone who shops at Kay's but can anyone recommend a "real" (non-chain, knows what they're doing) jeweler that could take care of this for me in house while I wait? I mean it's seriously only gotta be like a 10 second adjustment. I don't mind paying for the repair.

Quality of service matters more than proximity, but I am in NE.

Thanks muchly!

plz halp find doctar

So I'm finally getting around to making some use of the health insurance I've been paying into for the last couple of years, which means I'm faced with the task of choosing a PCP. According to my insurance provider (UHC), there are dozens and dozens of them within a few miles of inner SE and I'm having a hard time narrowing down the list.

I'm not terribly picky about whether they're male or female, and I don't have any chronic health problems aside from a stuffy nose. They are not required to be vegan-friendly, gay-friendly, trans-friendly, or any other kind of alternative-group-friendly, and I tend to regard so-called "alternative medicine" as quackery.

Any suggestions? Anyone I should stay the hell away from?

edit: There, happy now?
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Tarot Tonight @ 'Last Thursday' Radio Room Art Square

It's the 'Last Thursday' of the month, which means the Alberta Street area in NE is going to be full of vendors, artists, sculptures, jewellers galore! 

AND ... I was asked to return to give Tarot Card readings again this month.
Readings are $10-20 per session.

I'll be in the same spot, across from Radio Room, in the designated lot. 

The weather will be much nicer than last month! It was hellishly hot!
Darklady by Ator

WEDNESDAY - Darklady’s “Porn & Pong” Damon Brown Meet & Greet

Darklady’s “Porn & Pong” Damon Brown Meet & Greet

Darklady thinks that when pop culturist Damon Brown said “technology is officially sexy now,” he was talking about Portland. After his 7:00 pm appearance at Reading Frenzy, meet & greet the author of “Porn & Pong: How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and other Sexy Games Changed Our Culture” during a meet & greet like no other:

Wear Your Sexiest Gamer Geek Garb
Relive the Days of Atari 2600, SNES, and PS2 Gaming
Play Grand Theft Auto, Pong, and Other Classic Games
Gawk at the Miracle of Tentacle Porn
Get $1 Off Autographed Copies of "Porn and Pong"
Tip the Topless Bartenders
Visit,, and

Wednesday, September 2nd
Ages 21 +
7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
$5 Entry
RSVP Preferred
Bring a copy of “Porn & Pong” for $1 off entry

700 NE Dekum
Portland, Oregon

Bring a pet or human care donation for Esther’s Pantry to earn raffle tickets for valuable prizes from Taboo Video and Big Teaze Toys. Buy more tickets to earn more chances!

September 5: Darklady’s “Detention Hall” Summer Mini-Party

September 19: The Return of “Pirates” Dinner & Porn Social Night

September 28: “Forbidden Fantasies” Erotic Open Mic

-- Darklady
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Anyone in inner southeast have a larger size cast iron skillet they want to sell for, I dunno, around $15 within the next couple hours?

I can ride my bike over and pick it up.
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Extended forcast...

I know it was warm out today, but, here's some relief...

  • Tonight: Some clouds. Low 58F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.
  • Tomorrow: Cloudy with a few showers. High 73F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 30%.
  • Tomorrow night: Scattered thunderstorms in the evening with a few showers possible late. Low 62F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 40%.
  • Saturday: Showers in the morning with isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 71F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.
  • Sunday: Scattered thunderstorms. Highs in the low 70s and lows in the low 60s.
  • Monday: Partly cloudy. Highs in the low 80s and lows in the low 60s.

Looking to donate clothes


I find myself in excess of plus-sized women's clothing and shoes (and some men's shoes) and would like to donate all of it, preferably to a women's shelter where it will go directly to those in need. Can any of you recommend somewhere legit?

Please and thank you!
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Salim's Special

Getting email makes me feel loved!

Aaarrriiiggghhhttt DeePee, here's another one for ya.

So I was watching Fight Club last night and I got to wondering something. During the movie, Tyler wants to blow up all the credit card companies and erase the debt; essentially putting everyone back at zero. One friend of mine seems to think this is a bad idea and I think it's a good idea (snark me later).

So ... what would be the ramifications of resetting everyone's debt back to zero as the movie suggests?


Who. The Hell. Is. This Guy.

Some local, ah, character, on a public access cable channel. Or *is* he local? I don't want to sit through the whole show to find out. Anybody know who he is? Website URL?

EDIT: Thanks to 13skeletoras for the name--he's Noah Larsen, and he does seem to be local. I found THIS which doesn't have a lot of info, but has a couple of video clips. Googling his name and "Oregon Community Television" there does seem to be a bit about him online. I think he's from Troutdale.

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Jane Cowan

business rave: if you need any waxing (or facials) go to Jane Cowan!! she's so good. she was highly recommended to me recently and i was pleasantly surprised. she made me feel very comfortable and had me laughing the whole time. i am in the SE and didn't really want to drive to NE for a waxer, but i've since changed my mind. she's worth it. i went to her after an awful experience at aveda dosha (burnt, bleeding, skin ripped of the side of my face). i've seen her twice in the last week for waxing needs, the second of which was a free check up, but i opted for more waxing. i have very sensitive skin and break out easily after waxing. she called me to check on me tonight and recommended ways to treat my skin post-wax. she's awesome.