August 26th, 2009


stupid things people say

 Hey y'all - 

Do you have a stupid saying that you love to use?  Maybe you attribute it to a grandparent or it's a regionalism from where ever-the-hell you grew up (practically no one is from Portland, after all).  Well I say a lot of stupid shit, and it just rolls off my tongue, often without a second thought.  I get teased by a couple of friends for it, and honestly I DO NOT KNOW where I've picked these up...

"even a blind chicken gets a kernel of corn once in a while"

"she's no prize-winning petunia"

"even a stopped clock is right twice a day"  (this is kinda common, but I still don't know where it came from).

What are your silly sayings?  And where do they come from? 

Dance Party

Birthday sex...

I'm looking for a copy of the Jeremih single, Birthday Sex, but all I can find is the original version online.  I'm looking specifically for the radio version that has been played on Jammin' 107.5 every 20 minutes or so throughout the summer.  I want to play it for a friend's birthday (of course).
Man Ray: Violin d'Ingres



To those of you going to BELLA'S INFU$ION CLINIC! Bella (of PDX Zombie Prom) is going to most likely miss the event because she is back in the hospital. She needs your help and support more than ever now.

Please come to the event!

Thank you!

Used camera equipment?

Ok photography-minded damnportalnders, I'm looking for your personal recommendations on good sites to purchase used photography equipment online.

Here are examples of good places:
- The Fred Miranda Forums (
- KEH (

Here's what I'm *NOT* looking for:
- Craig's List
- eBay
- Sketchy companies in New York with 1-800 numbers and high-pressure sales tactics.
- Local shops that sell used equipment (Pro photo, Citizen Photo, Blue Moon, etc.). I know these places and I'm already friends with the salespeople. :)

Ideally, I'd like to find a forum or trusted used camera equipment marketplace. I've tried CL, but the Portland market is just a little too small. There are still a lot of people who are closing up shop and I'd like to take advantage of the sales people are offering on studio gear because of it.

Bonus points for places that specialize in studio / lighting gear and Nikon stuff.

Anyone interested in a temp painting job for cash today?

I care for an elderly woman in SE PDX off SE 82 and King Rd, the young guy helping the family paint the mobile home had his helper call in sick today... most of the hard stuff is done, he is down to spraying under the carport top and some trim touchup.If you are interested, email me at my LJ user name at yahoo dot com, trying to get someone here to help him by 2pm if possible....also taking contact info on people who cannot work today but might be able to work a few hours tomorrow just in case. Please include your price per hour and if you have painting experience

Refund check and/or bill for apartment deposit?

I have a question about housing and rentals:

I moved out of my apartment about a month ago, and my landlords have not mailed me back my deposit check.
Is there a time limit in which they have to do this?
I paid a double deposit, so I am assuming that I will get at least SOME of it back, even being the dirty person I am.
Even failing this, if they do keep my deposit, do they have to send me an itemized bill for where my deposit money went?

Actually hanging actual shingles

My office-mates and I need to make a sign for the entrance to our office. The landlord doesn't want us to physically attach anything to the side of the building, so it needs to be free-standing. We're thinking of getting a large, rustic-looking bucket, filling it with dirt (maybe planting some flowers in it), and having a wooden beam stick out, with another beam at 90 degrees and shingles hanging down from that. This will require:

• A bucket
• Some cement or sand or other weights, to hold it down
• Wooden beams (2" or 4" in diameter, one maybe 2' long, the other 4' or so)
• Four wooden slats (for the signs - each, say, 5" by 20")
• Metal braces, screws, and so on to hold it together
• Metal rings to hang the slats, one from the other
• Paint, to put text on the signs. Some kind of stencils might help with this too.
• Some way of making this waterproof - varnish of some sort?
• Sandpaper. I already have a drill and power screwdriver.

So - questions:
Any idea where I might find these things? I'm initially thinking of Hippo Hardware, but maybe there are other ideas.

Have I overlooked anything?

Anyone want to help build it? I could probably do it myself, but it'd be good to have the help of someone who actually knows what they're doing, and it could be fun. Persons with calligraphy skills and woodworking experience are especially encouraged to apply =)

Edit: It turns out that, in order to legally erect a sign in Portland, you need to apply for a permit, which requires a complete diagram of the proposed sign. And a $125 application fee. To start. This is twice what I was prepared to spend on the actual sign. Sheesh.

Rally for Health Care Reform

There are actually quite a few activist marches taking place for Health Care Reform.  This Saturday, proponants of a Single Payer Health Care solution will be meeting in downtown Portland.  Here are the details:

Time:   Saturday, August 29 from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Host:    Treasure Mackley, Betsy Dillner
Contact Phone: 503 546 0413, 971-634-0005
Terry Schrunk Plaza (Portland, OR)
SW 3rd Avenue & SW Madison Street
Portland, OR 97204

Associated Groups: Barack Obama 08' Portland Group, La Salle High School and Portland Students for Obama, Oregon Interfaith Leaders for Obama, Oregonians for Obama, Health Care for America Now!, Single Payer Action

What are u doing Friday Night? Going 2 the Grand Opening of Imagine Nightclub w/us?

EDIT: So The club manager has decided that this club is now 18+, ID REQUIRED. :-\ So all you bitches worried about being old, you're welcome now. So fuck off, grab your canes & lets dance, k? Thanks.

So Friday Night I'm going to The Grand Opening Of The Imagine Nightclub,

27 NW 6th St. Portland, OR 97209 All are Welcome $10 @ the door at 9pm. Bring everyone you know! (18 & over of course)

Help spread the word about their Grand Opening Celebration this Friday!

Only 1 more day until they're open and we need everyone's help to make sure its going to be an incredible night. Help them promote by posting bulletins, put their logo on your myspace & tag them, put them on your top friends, talk about them in your status, post a blog about them, etc. Tell everyone you know and make sure EVERYONE is there on opening night. Thanks in advance to all of you that help them out. See you all on Friday!
Oh & to the fucker saying they would like the club to burn while I'm in it, I hope you choke on your girlfriends twat with teeth. :) Have a great night.

Cheap and Free Music things this week!

So. I like music things. And dancing. And talent.

And there is a whole good bit'o it coming up.

Like the always Last Thursday Chervona show at the Alberta Street Pub! Always $5, always fun.

Or if crazy gypsy music so much your style and you prefer something more somber, beautiful and breathtaking, the lovely Miss Ashia Grzesik of Vagabond Opera and Portland Cello Project is playing a free show at the Jade Lounge on Friday night at 8pm. Which is on the corner of SE 24th and Ankeny. It will be a night of a cello and an accordion. Some songs in English, some in Polish. Eastern European twinged with a hint of cabaret.

And if one accordion isn't enough for you, there's always the Monsters of Accordion show happening this Thursday as well. They play at the Crystal for the reasonably low price of $12!

to anyone buying textbooks: ( has a deal with so you can buy textbooks from Amazon through textbooks4change for the same price, and 6% of the purchase goes to the Courage Campaign, which is fighting to repeal California's Proposition 8. I heard about this and thought it was rad. While I have no textbooks to buy, I thought some of you collegey types might be interested!


I need to find a mechanic that can diagnose and fix a problem with my car's fan (it's stopped working completely) for a reasonable price. It's not that big of a deal, it's just not something I have the knowledge to fix myself. My friend who is a mechanic (who lives too far away to fix it) said my car has an easily accessible fan, but I'm worried it might be the blower resistor or something. I'm sure my ignorance is showing. Recommendations?

FYI - I drive a 94 dodge spirit. I smelled burning wires/plastic for a couple days while driving with the AC on during the heat wave, and one morning the fan just wouldn't turn on at all. So now I can't even defrost the windshield when it starts to get cold.

my 100 Strangers Photography Project... (redux)


I'm participating in a project called '100 Strangers' on Flickr. I've wanted to take photographs of strangers for as long as I can remember. Part of this fascination comes from my love for people-watching and a wish that I could strike up a conversation with more strangers on a daily basis. So far, I have 31 strangers -- which is pretty cool, I think. However, I'm in no hurry to get to 100. After I get 100 strangers, I plan on trying for 200. But here's my idea:

I will be in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland on Saturday August 29 from noon to 2pm. I will be sitting near the statue of the man with the umbrella. I'll be the guy with the camera and a green backpack. If you would like to help me with my 100 Strangers Project, please come find me. I tried this message/experiment before in the late February of this year, with no results. I believe (hope) this was due in part of the cold windy day. But this time, I come bearing a sign that says in large capital block letters, "100 Strangers Photography Project"... and it's going to be sunny out. So you can't possibly miss me. There is an Italian cultural festival going on in the square that day, but it can't possibly take up the whole area. If I am asked to vamoose for some reason, my alternate location will be three or four blocks west on the benches outside the Central Library.

A little photography, a little random conversation, and a random encounter with a friendly stranger (me, you). I can also send you a copy of the picture(s) to your email, if you would like. Also - I will be posting your picture on Flickr. This is just for myself. Not for any sort of art show. No financial gain involved. All are encouraged to participate. No experience necessary.

I look forward to meeting you.

Questions? Reach me at

You can see some of my attempts at photographs of strangers here:

and other people's 100 Strangers here:

True Blood

I've been hearing a lot of hype about the HBO series True Blood so I finally sat down today and watched a couple of episodes. Wow.. it's like My Name is Earl meets white trash vampires. Americans can't be this stupid, can they? This is really the series that's being heralded as HBO's triumphant return? Quite sad.

Anyone have any good shows to recommend? Something that requires a bit of intelligence, perhaps?

Art School/Animation - suggestions?

Hi guys,

My step-daughter is 18 years old and has always been gifted with drawing, etc., and has always harbored a strong fondness toward animation in particular.

She lives in Roseburg and her ultimate desire would be to attend the Portland Art Institute but their fees of course are very high, so this is probably unlikely (although she told me she was offered the opportunity to work and pay the fees off? which I'd not heard before - has anyone done this?).

I'm a writer, I don't draw, so I don't know this specific "art scene" so to speak, but I know what a wonderful artistic community we have here in Portland so wanted to put the word out here and see what you all suggest might be some options for her.

I also suggested perhaps she try and intern at Laika at some point, although I don't know how feasible that would be.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Not a lot of money so that is a strong consideration.

Also, I'd really love her to come up to Portland over a few weekends and really experience the art scene itself, get a vibe for the town and maybe even meet some other young artists or whatnot.

Any suggestions/advice of places or whatnot to visit would be most welcome. :o)

Cheers and thanks!