August 24th, 2009


Please tell me I'm not alone.

Am I the only one waiting patiently until 2:30pm GMT to watch the Scottish Parliament usher in an emergency hearing in regards to their releasing of the only person convicted in the Lockerbie Airline Bombing of 1988?

Any thoughts on the matter?
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my dearest great and powerful Deepee,

I have been searching high and low for some decent queso dip. not chili con queso. just queso.

i come from a land where the idea of spending an evening in a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant with chips and queso and a pitcher of margaritas was basically your easiest and cheapest option.

but for the life of me i can't find this in portland. mexican. check. margaritas. double check. queso? NOOOOO QUESO!!!!

surely i am over looking something.

one of you must have a gem that i am just not seeing.

the closest i have found is elderado off NE glisan. and that queso, well.... it just tastes funny.


Any Northwest Dog Lovers?

I would like to extend an invite to dog lovers who live in the Northwest. I figure you can never have enough avenues to share tips, ideas and pictures of your pooches. This one is geared toward all dogs not just service dogs so invite your friends too! My hope is to share reviews about trainers, groomers, get training tips and possibly meet up for some training sessions/play dates.

If your interested come visit the northwest dog community!

Zang (Wayne's World)
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WTB: Yakima Mako Saddles and Hullyrollers or Gunwale Bracket for Kayak

Figured I'd throw this out there, just in case someone has them and would consider selling them:

I'm looking for 2 Mako Aero saddles and 2 Hullyrollers or 4 Gunwale Brackets for the Yakima roof rack system for my kayak. If you have any sitting around and looking to sell them off, please leave a comment. Will pay reasonable price and have cash right now if condition is good.

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In case anyone is wondering...apparently today is National Waffle Day and The Waffle Window on Hawthorne is giving away a mystery coupon with each purchase (I got a free chocolate dipped waffle YES)...ANDDD if you mention Yelp you get 1/2 off your second waffle or a free drink! YAY!

Crooners lounge?

Is there anyplace in Portland that a girl can go to have a drink or two and listen to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong all night long? I'm yearning for some easy going lounge music and dark cozy atmosphere.

I haven't the heart to deal with Hipsters right now. Give me some classic tunes, a simple martini and I'll be in heaven.

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Dear random guy who saw me miss the bus this morning and gave me a ride up the street until we caught it:

You totally saved my day. It was my first shift at my new job, and I have a lot riding on it--I just signed for an apartment after moving out of my ex's place--and being late could have cost it for me. The next bus wasn't scheduled to come for another half hour. Also, your kindness totally set my path for a good mood all day, which is a huge deal at 5am!

Thanks, stranger.
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Meetup Tomorrow!

So, here's the deal-- the Deschutes Brewery changed their reservation policy on us, so we have not been able to reserve a table.

That said, the turnout's been pretty low, so instead of changing up the location at the last minute, we're going to just converge on the Deschutes at the usual time and try to get the biggest table they can give us. (Actually, I'll get there a little early to try and make this easier.)

So! Meetup will be at 7pm tomorrow, at the Deschutes Brewery by Powells. See you there!
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Bike stuff - sale

Hey bike nerds.

So my partner is making me sell all of his stuff before he buys me a new computer.

I have a really hard life.

So the first group is bike stuff.

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And if you mention you are from DP, I still will not give you a discount because it's not my stuff, and the boy hates livejournal. In fact, if I told him, he'd probably ask me to charge you more.
Oct 2010

Professional photographer wanted

I have used a professional photographer for family photos each November to use in our holiday cards, as well as at least one other time a year for family photos that focus mostly on our children. I am in the market for a new photographer. They would need to be good with small children. I am fairly particular about quality, I do want a professional and not someone doing this as a hobby. I want to own the digital files of the photos and am willing to have the price I pay include them.

That said, do you have a photographer to recommend?