August 23rd, 2009


Bike parts business recommendation has a physical shop at 5741 NE 87th Ave. Imagine your average smallish-to-midsize bike shop with some higher-end merchandise, but with a nigh-infinite selection of tires and tubes at superbly low prices (well, low for tires, average for tubes). Not all of their stock is on display; ask a staffer and they'll get anything on the site out from the warehouse, and have intelligent things to say about tire selection in general. I don't know anyone on their staff and I don't work for them. But I had a good, super-cheap experience there today and I want to spread the word. An excellent bonus is that they're totally cool with your changing out your tire right there in the shop and they'll recycle your old tire.

Monday - Wednesday, Friday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

From the sign, it's apparently a Veloshop location in association with Biketiresdirect. Kind of a haul, but so worth the trip.
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Common Sense [aka SICK! EWWW! ]

Dear Portlanders,

Look, we all get sick. I totally empathize with you, your pain, your internal struggle. It SUCKS to be sick.

Please don't go to restaurants when you a freaking incubating germ factory. I, as a server, have to touch your plate, your glass and look in your breathy, germy face. I am NOT going to pick up your disgusting pile of Kleen-ex, and how dare you for asking. That is not a part of my job description.

I understand it's my job, but isn't about that. You should know better. Flu season is getting close and I talk to and serve hundreds of people a week. It is gross. Get take out. You should be in bed recuperating. Just get some rest. In Bed. Not in a freaking fancy restaurant. Thank you.

Everyone Who Works and Eats in Restaurants (And also doesn't want to spread sickness)

foodz and cat foodz.

A couple questions.

1. A couple months back, I picked up a small jar of "adobo seasoning." I have NO idea where, having looked at the supermarkets I usually frequent. Where in Portland can I buy a CRAPLOAD of adobo seasoning?

2. Can anyone recommend the best value on cat treats containing glucosamine + chondroitin? One of my cats needs to be on about 150mg a day for life, and it's easiest for me to give it to him in treats, but the ones I found are $$$$$.


DamnNerds, Halp!

I am in the market for a new computer. I am thinking about a netbook, as I really would only be using it for word processing, internet surfing and watching movies. I'd like something with a keyboard that I can type on with my big fat fingers, and with enough space for me to use Itunes without issue.
Any suggestions?

ETA: Found a cheap refurb IBM ThinkPad on Craigslist. Thanks for the input DP!
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(no subject)

Lol I was going to post this anyway but with the sunglass post below I feel faded glory.

Does anyone know where I can find orange sunglass clipons? Like, with orange lenses that can clip onto my glasses? They need to be old-school size, not this poser tiny size we have now.

Also, any recs on insoles? I need something for arch support and for my knees, and they need to fit in a size 10 women's boot.
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Oregon International Airshow: August 28, 29, 30 -- NEXT Weekend!

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-Tickets are available online through Thursday August 27th. Friday nights performances are for reserved seating ONLY, and they are filling up. General admission is available for Saturday. Sunday's admission price can be discounted if you buy tickets online and use the code "CMember2009" when buying the tickets.
-FREE admission all weekend long to
all active, retired and honorably discharged military.
-Lots of other pricing specials available at this link:

The MAX does go out to the airport, and I highly recommend that over trying to drive in the traffic. If you do drive, go early.

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tell me you're a snob.

okay dp'ers, i know this is a coffee town. obviously. but how many of you consider yourself true, at home espresso connoisseurs? do you own a rancilio, la pavoni, etc.? do you know the importance of a quality grinder? if so, i want to suck up your knowledge.

i've been dying to drop the money on a good home espresso setup for over a year now, and while i still don't plan on doing it very soon, i want to be prepared when i lose all self control and go on an internet spending spree.

the machines i've been most obsessed with are the quickmill andreja premium and the expobar brewtus III with a rotary pump. however, i am open to other suggestions as well as comments on these. any grinder suggestions for something comparable to the mazzer mini or rocky would be appreciated, as well. in general, what do you love/hate? good or bad, tell me everything. also, if there is anywhere in town to talk to a professional about this type of thing and perhaps even see a machine or two, ppppplease fill me in.

i'm expecting snark, just make it original/entertaining.
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Looking For Work

I'm in the market for work. Odd jobs, steady positions, cleaning, fixing, computers, web design, anything right now. I recently lost my position and am trying to make it to the next term. Please help if you can, I will do anything*. Gotta get the bills paid.

*not really anything, but just about, so let me know.

Thanks DP, you're the best.

selling clothing

What used/traded clothing store in Portland pays the most for clothes in yours or others' experience? What about a good exchange rate versus just getting cash? I only know of places on Hawthorne, I am still fairly new to Portland, but I am willing to travel.


(they need to come up with another word for thanks, I get tired of using that word.)
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(no subject)

i would think this would be pretty obvious but...

please dont change your baby at your booth or table in the restaurant. its gross to change your child somewhere where someone is going to eat food right after you leave. and while im eating i dont want to smell or see your childs shit. there are bathrooms set up for these things.

Obscure Flash Video with Hats

So, ages ago when I first got on the internet, there was this website that was nothing but this weird seemingly non-sequential flash video with floating/dancing hats, and singing in some eastern european language- also "possibly" people and text going across the screen for the non english lyrics.

I've asked around, but no one has any idea what I'm talking about. So I turn to you all-wise DP! It used to be the first website that showed up on google for "hat dance" about a decade ago. If it's not on the internet anymore I'll be sad. Help me satiate my bizarre nostalgia!