August 16th, 2009

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Temp agencies

Dear lazyweb,

What are the best temp agencies to apply to in Portland? I'm looking for specifically non-profit or administrative work, but if it gets down to the wire I might be willing to do customer service or other things.

How was your experience with said company?

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Well I am 99% certain that my motorcycle has been stolen EDIT: from NORTH Portland by Lombard. It's not where I left it (in front of my house), I have both sets of keys and...well, yeah, I think it's been stolen. I'm going to drive around and look for it BUT I also turn to you guys.

As you can see, it's QUITE distinct looking with it's maroon and silver spiderweb. It's a 1995 Kawasaki Ninja 500, and the Oregon plate MSPRIS. If you see it, and there's not a 25-year-old blonde girl on it, CALL THE COPS or email me or ANYTHING to help me get this bike back, it's the love of my life after my dog.

*I am going to drive around to look for it and then file a stolen vehicle report :-/

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Rideshare out east?

Do any of y'all get up early & drive east on I-84 from central portland? I'm hitchhiking to McCall, Idaho tomorrow and I would love some help getting out of town. Craigslist rideshare has failed me so far. Rides to gresham, hood river, la grande, pendleton, ontario, or all the way to McCall are all welcome. I can chip in a reasonable amount for gas and I want to be on the road before 8.

No serial killers, please.
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Some help for the recently insured?

I finally have insurance for the first time in my adult life :) I don't even know where to start looking for a doctor to go to though. I already have a dentist, referred by my boyfriend, but nobody I know has a Primary Care Physician. Any suggestions? I'm a healthy 20-year-old, maybe a little bit of a hypochondriac now that I'll have a means to pay for anything. Male or female, doesn't matter. I live in Vancouver, so anywhere up there is a plus :) Just a nice doc, with a sense of humor. I also need a Gyn, so suggestions there are helpful as well. TIA!
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Skype help!

So this is totally random, but I just set up skype on my new laptop and since it's a new download my settings are all different now! Random people keep asking me to add them! I have all of my settings set to "only talk to people on my contacts list", but for some reason this means that I can still be "added" by random internet people.

I don't want to be added by random internet people!

The skype website simply says to do what I did, but I'm still getting "Conversations" from random people! How do I turn it off?!

Thanks, DP!
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Shootin' some stick

Make my Blackberry yell "E-MAIL" lots and tell me where I can play some free pool. I don't mind buying a beer or two to play some free pool. One requirement is the tables must be regulation sized. I don't like playing on barroom tables. As usual, have TriMet, will travel.
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Two Questions

I had two different debates with two different friends recently, and I wanted the self-righteous yet also rational opinions of DP:

1) If you go to a restaurant and order a coke and get one, but the server doesn't come to take your order for another 25 minutes and you decide to leave, should you pay for the drink? I think that you should, my friend said that for items such as fountain drinks it doesn't matter and it's their fault anyway.

2) Should homeless people be able to go through your recyclables ever, or under certain circumstances? We saw a guy going through someone's on the street laid out for the trash tomorrow, and then coincidentally as I walked up to my house today a homeless person was halfway up my driveway (so NOT on the street because ours doesn't come until Tuesday) digging through my trash. Even though I know the guy didn't mean trouble, it's sort of violating having someone trespass on your property and be scared when you catch them in the act, and being able to walk through your door at any time (I had run to the corner store for 3 minutes).

(no subject)

I'm on my feet a lot at work, and I am definitely in need of some new shoes. The ones I have really suck. I've been told to get New Balance, but they all look kind of ugly to me. :/

What sort of shoes would you guys recommend?

And if you're interested in where I work, it's a hospital kitchen. Oh, and I hate Crocs and anything similar to them.
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Bee Sting

So my buddy got a bee sting on the back of his head. We've not found a stinger, but it's swelled up like an oblong pimple. Do we pop it? Ice it? He's already had the benedryl. What say you oh omniscient DP?