August 14th, 2009

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mattress mover

Whats up DP. We just bought a house and the POD is coming tomorrow. My husband and I can move everything in the POD on our own except for one thing: our bed.

It's a king size tempurpedic mattress and "boxspring" (no springs involved, just a firm mattress-sized hollow box).

It's not too heavy for two people, just awkward as hell to move. Having a third person would make it so much easier.

Is there anyone that would be interested in making $20 to help us ease this into the house? One flight of porch stairs, and one flight of indoor stairs involved. There should be plenty of doorway clearance so no minimal/no finagling involved there. Just really need someone to help lift+steady the mattress.

I estimate it would take 10-20 minutes total.

So, recap: If you can be at our house near NE 64th & Sandy tomorrow and want to make $20 helping us, I love you. Timeframe: anytime after 6:30pm.

since DPer's often sell things.... and I need to buy things...

Of all the luck...
My cell phone was stolen THEN 2 days later my boyfriend's cell phone died. We both need a cheap phone to hold us over a few months while we finish up our plans (then upgrade). No bells and whistles needed, just something to make and receive phone calls on.

Is anyone here selling one or more AT&T compatible phones?
I wanted to try local before submitting to the clutches of e(vil)-bay.
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I need pizza

Where can I find some good cheap pizza by the slice? Pizza Schmizza is ... ick and hella expensive, and Rocko's is okish but not as expensive as Pizza Schmizza. I don't want anything from like Freddy's deli either. Pizza Hut doesn't do the lunch buffet anymore and I kinna miss that.

I don't need anything that's vegan, sun dried tomatoes, plastic, or earth friendly. I want some cheap greasy pizza. Have TriMet, will travel.

G-fu broken... info on goats in PDX?

Hey there DP.

My partner and I just got a place out in St. Johns and we want to create some sustainablity out here. We love goats milk and have both always wanted a goat. Does anyone know where I could find some information online about animal laws and policies for PDX? I'm looking to know if I can even have one in the city and if so, how much land I have to have for it... etc.

Any info is welcome. :P We'll have you all over for cookies and goat's milk sometime if you'd like!

Renting advice

Ok I need some advice, well my roommate does because it doesn't effect me. Today our landlord came up and told my roommate that any one caught smoking on the balcony or front patio will be reason for eviction. NOW. This only applies to my household and no other tenant. Do they have this right? I am trying to find some law about this (and still reading as, after, I type this). Any suggestions?
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While I am fairly certain I shall never reproduce (yes, you can all collectively breathe a sigh of relief), I'm pretty sure I'm an advocate for forcing any produced children to play an instrument--NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY HATE YOU WHEN THEY BECOME TEENAGERS--until they're 18. They'll thank you someday, mums and daddums.

**EDIT** I believe these kids are from Oregon!