August 13th, 2009

endless road

Clear plastic cupcake holders?

I'm making 200 cupcakes for my wedding this Saturday and am in search of clear cupcake holders for transport. Not the tupperware type of plastic (I'm not up for spending $25 multiple times to carry sets of cupcakes!) but the kind you would find say in a to-go container.

I have checked cash-n-carry, JoAnns, and Michaels, and New Seasons bakery with no luck. I'll be trying to nab an Albertson's bakery worker to ask this morning, but as I have about a trillion other things to do in two days I'd rather not run all over creation if someone has a solid on where to find them.

Please no "I thinks.." - just "I knows". :-)

Happy Thursday!
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inspired by the man show...need help creating bouncing boobies!

so, i know some girls. the world loves the endless battle of boobies versus gravity. where in nopo or NE can i purchase a trampoline, so as to observe the reenactment of that battle over and over again? i'd like a new one, because i anticipate heavy use and don't want something that's been sitting out in the rain/sun for 5 years and is waiting to fall apart. but if you just bought one last year that you no longer want and think you can somehow convince me that it's structurally sound, i'm open to hearing your tale.

closer to rosa parks and NE MLK the better, since i will be transporting it by bike (have trailer with substantial hauling capacity, but long loads are best taken the shortest distance. let's say 5mi tops..).

thanks for your help!
little blue dog


O Knowers of Everything:

I've been tasked by my fiancée to find a wedding band I like (for me). I don't know how other dudes go about this, but I'm kind of at a loss as to where to start, and I have so little experience with jewelry that I'm unfamiliar with any local metalsmiths/jewelers whose style I might dig.

Here are some ideas of what I'm looking for, I guess. I don't know if this will really even make much sense:
  • Probably a wide, flat band.
  • Silvery or grey metals, but no white gold. Maybe two or more types of metals together.
  • No gemstones, but I probably would like the look of incorporating an unconventional stone texture, like an inlay of slate or concrete.
  • We're not necessarily looking for a matching set. She's encouraging me to find something I really like, independent of what hers will look like.
So ... yeah. I realize that's kinda weak, but anyone have some leads where I might start my search? Thanks!

"Movies to die for!"

I don't know why Movie Madness smells the way it does. I don't mind it. Actually, I sort of enjoy the fact that a business has a distinctive smell. It's nice that you could identify a business even if blindfolded. What bewilders me today is why the parts of my brain responsible for smell are giving me the Movie Madness store scent, although I am nowhere near the store and (sadly) I have not been there in at least six months. It's driving me a bit crazy. Am I sleepwalking (sleepdriving) to Movie Madness wearing clothes that I normally wear to my office job? Moreover, I am watching (well, listening to) a vidcast about especially bad/obscure horror/psychotronic movies while I sit at my desk. Because I associate especially bad/obscure horror/psychotronic movies with Movie Madness, did my brain call up the odd distinctive odor that I associate with the store? Or do I have a brain tumor? Rhetorical questions.

feral(?) cats in the neighborhood

There's a mama cat with three of her kittens in my backyard.  They don't have collars and their fur looks very raggedy.  Are there people I should call to report these cats?  Am I supposed to call someone? :x 

I've never ran into this kind of situation before, but I am genuinely worried about these cats.
Marley in his bandana

Best Karaoke in town?

Hey guys,

So my boy is taking me out to Ground Kontrol on Sat. night for my b'day followed by karaoke merriment with a bunch of friends afterwards so my question to you is:

What's your recommendation for a great karaoke place in town that's not "too" sleazy? I don't want to bowl so no bowling alleys for me, would prefer straight karaoke and drinks (good mixed drinkies a plus).

Do we need reservations or just turn up?


Shameless self promotion

So a friend and I have developed an iPhone/iPod Touch game and have decided to put it out for a free preview weekend. Here is a brief description:

"Based on traditional matching games, RockinRoll brings everyone's favorite puzzle play to a new level. Using the iPhone platform's tilt functionality, RockinRoll brings a new style of gameplay to the traditional puzzle setting. Simply tilt the screen to control the falling stones to make three of the same kind touch and disappear. Randomly dropping fireballs and other powerups create maximum explosiveness while adding to the score."

It has been pretty well received so far and we are hoping by putting it out for free for a few days it will generate some ratings. So give it a try and tell me what you think. We have some free updates coming up including new power-ups, a new interface, new graphics and some themes.


Recession selling

I have a Mt Bike for sale

I googled and found this info on it

not sure HOW accurate that is since I have no clue what year the bike is. The color is silver.

It's a Iron Horse Catskill

I am 5'7" my roommates 6'1" and we both find it a comfortable ride.

I am asking $60 but I will probably take anything?

***anyone has experience selling a record collection.... the one I have is all old 80's punk. I hate to part with the Cure/the smiths/sioux sioux but shiiiit I am broke as hell


UK Printed
morrissey, suedehead
BauHaus, Bela Legasi is dead
Erasure, heavenly action
Erasure, who needs love like that
erasure, sometimes
ABC Alphabet City
SPandau ballet 12 inch mixes
Mike Oldfield qe2
Divine - You think you're a man
Sal Solo heart and soul (2 copies)
Sexpress, enjoy this trip
the alarm
Depeche mode, bong 13
Vanity Kills, the mendelsohn mix
Tam Tam pour lethiopie, starvation,
Daf Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir
the mission gods own medicine

Printed in Europe (mostly germany)
Strassenjungs, wir hamne party
Bots Aufstein
sinvoll Denkbar&Tanzbar
PIL this is not a love song
Mike Oldfield, platinum

and the rest are mostly Canada with a few US printings

Talk Talk , It's my life
Joy Division, Closer
Joy Division, Love will tear us apart
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures
Faithless Scritti Politti
Sade Diamond life
Fish Bone, in your face
Vicious Pink, Cccan't you see 2 copies
Bill Nelson, Flaming Desire
Mike Oldfield, Pictures int he dark
Echo and the Bunnymen, Ocean Rain
Aztec Camera, Knife
erasure, the circus
Matt Bianco
the art of noise
Aztec Camera
ABC how to be a zillionaire
Aztec Camera, deep wide and tall
B-Movie a letter from afar
B-movie, forever running
P. MAchinery Propaganda for frankie
The housemartins, london 0 Hull4,
Howard Jones Human Lib
the housemartins, people who grinned themselves to death
Killing Joke, brighter then a thousand suns
Kissing the pink, one step
kissing the pink, the other side of heaven
kissing the pink, naked
The damned, anything,
Zang Tumb Tuum,
Men without Hats, pop goes the world
New Order Power Corruption Lies,
dead or alive, mad bad and dangerous to know
the assembly, start/stop with never never
Scritti Politti, provision,
Act, Snobbery and Decay
Scott matthews, role boys
art of love, moments in love,
the cure japanese whispers
The cure, the top
The cure the love cats
The smiths, the smiths
the smiths
the police regatta de blanc
Duran Duran, notorious
Run DMC, it's tricky
Run DMC, king of rock
Oingo Boing, werd science,
Rational Youth
Soft Cell, the signles
the sisters of mercy,
Eurythmics, 1984
Depeche mode, black celebration
Depeche Mode, a broken frame
depeche mode, construction time again,
depeche mode master and servant
the cult, love,
The smiths, hateful of hollow
Siouxsie and the banshees, once upon a time,
David Bowie, lets dance
David Bowie changes one
Aztec Camera high land hard rain
ABC lexicon of love
the boomtown rats, the fine art of surfacing
New Order, Blue Monday
Steve martin
Book of love, book of love
Sandy Bull Fantasias
Philip oakey giorgio moroder
the associates, perhaps
Mange Tout, Black Mange
howard jones, dream in action
Aztec Camera Love
Simple Times, once upon a time
simple minds Gold (gold record)
sigue sigue sputnik sss
Ministry, twitch
Ministry, everyday halloween
Cabaret Voltaire, micro phonies
Dal Bello , whoman four says
Blue peter Radio silence
new order low life
Feargul Sharkey
Scritti Politti wood beees
rough trade shaking the foundation,
roman holliday
SPandeu ballet 2 copies
A-ha stay on the roads
Breeding ground
Bronski beat truthdare double dare
Aztec Camera working in a goldmine
the proclaimers this is the story
Glen Gregory
new order power corruption lies
phil collins, no jacket required
Elegant MAchinery
Kate Bush hounds of love
the police synchronicity
china crisis workign with fire and steel
the jazz butcher conspiracy distressed gentlefolk
Pet shop boys actually 2 copies
Pet shop boys please
the art of noise whose afraid of
the vertigo sampler
Liquid Sky
Elvis Costello and the attractions
Bob Seger and the silver bullet band like a rock
Bruce Sprinsteen tunnel of love
Captain Sensibles
A-ha scoundrel daze
bruce springsteen born int he usa
new order theives like us 2 copies

Legal Question (Tenant Rights)

My boyfriend and I live in an apartment owned by his grandmother. The BF has lived here for nearly 10 years and when he originally moved in he signed a one year lease. It was never renewed.

He is currently out of town and the maintenance guy came by today to look at a leak in the ceiling. I've been doing some MAJOR spring cleaning over the past week or so. Nearly every flat surface has something on it as I'm sorting through old paperwork, dishes, cleaning out the pantry and clearing clothes we don't wear anymore. I'm a little ADD so instead of completing a task I get started on another one. The apartment doesn't look great; frankly it looks like a bomb went off  in here. I warned the guy before he came in.

So, the maintenance guy called Grandma and said he was appalled at the way the apartment looks, failing to tell her that I'm overhauling our belongings. She called me and told me that the apartment was unacceptable and that if I didn't fix the problem I would be evicted, just me. My boyfriend wouldn't have to leave.

So here's the question: I've lived here for 3 and 1/2 years. She's never asked me to sign a lease and his has never been renewed. She stated that as a "guest" with no lease I could be evicted at any time for any reason and given 72 hours notice. I can't imagine this is the case. What can she do? 

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Crazy Enough - Storm Large

Long shot I know, but does anyone have a ticket for this show (Crazy Enough - Storm Large) that they would be willing to sell to me? I've been out of town and found when I got back that the show is all sold out. I'd be very grateful and will pay a premium on top of the ticket price if you have one I can have.


TV & DVD help

Since you guys know everything, I thought I'd ask here.

Do you need the remote that originally came with a something to make it actually work?

My tv is a set I inherited from my dad & was only a few months old when I got it. I got his dvd player, too... neither came with a remote.

I have a universal remote that my dad's friend programmed... it turns the tv on & off, but that's about it. I've tried reading directions, but it didn't help. I have a Comcast DVR remote that works the cable. Also, the tv is on a switch... ever since the audio quit working, unless I ran it through the dvd feed. I ccan watch dvd's on the tv, but only ever the first segment, since there is no way for me to click through the dvd menu.

Is my only option to smash them both to bits & get new ones??

sticky hands

heyo my fellow DPer's (: This query doesn't seem too far off for this community; I was wondering just where a girl would go to have her palm read? This is specifically something a friend and I were looking into but someone who offers tarot and/or astrology among other things is a plus.

ps, I would prefer this spiritual search not lead me right into some creeper's basement, so an actual establishment is preferred

TIA (:
bruce lee
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I need my Zzz's!

Hey DP,

I've recently realized that my bed (ETA: yes, by "bed," I mean "mattress") is kiiiiind of a piece of crap, and I need to replace it, because the lack of good-quality sleep is slowly eating away my sanity.

I'd like to find something affordable, but comfortable. I was looking at Ikea beds, but I'm not sure that's the ticket. Do you have an Ikea bed you're happy with? Or is there another place where I could get an affordable new bed?

Oh, and I'm a side-sleeper, if that affects your recommendation.

Thaaaank you!

I'm out of the loop.

So, I am newly single. I'm mostly excited about it and have been enjoying the freedom, but am sort of out of the loop regarding regular happenings in Portland.

Have any awesome places to hang out that you'd like to recommend? Lay it on me. Also--I am under 21 so that rules out bars.