August 12th, 2009


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Hey DP!

I'm in search of a painting class. Oil or acrylics. I'm not really interested in painting landscapes or anything, just learning more about color, technique, style, etc. Ideally around the N or NE, but I'm flexible on that. Mostly just looking to have fun and learn a little bit more about painting. And, you know, paint something.

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day laborers and moving

Hey gang. I have a super heavy sleeper sofa I need to move from one side of town to the other, and then up an interior staircase and into a spare room.

Anyone have any experience hiring a few day laborers to assist with this kind of thing? Good idea / bad idea? I see folks wanting work in a couple spots around the city on weekends, but is there anywhere I should look for some assistance on a weeknight? Anything else I should keep in mind?
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i have a music question!

so, i know the pacific northwest has a good "indie rock" (i'm just going to call it that because i'm not good at the whole music genre-labeling thing) music scene, good "indie" bands, punk bands, whatever. the thing is, i can't ever get into it. i've tried for the last three years to enjoy this music, with an open mind, and beyond a couple bands, i dislike it.

however, a couple months ago i discovered the blue scholars, a seattle-area (i think? i know they're northwest) rap group, and i love them. so, does anyone listen to any good northwest rappers/rap groups? i'd love to hear about them, and what your favorite songs are so i can give them a listen.

also, does portland have any kind of hip-hop scene that is worth paying attention to? or do i need to head up to seattle to see some good shows?
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Meet The Pug

A quick note to let y'all who might be interested know that Pacific Pug Rescue is holding an Adoption Outreach at Green Dog Pet Supply this Saturday!

Come and meet adoptable Pugs at Green Dog - located at 4605 NE Fremont Street, Portland - on Saturday August 15th from 11-2pm.

You can check out some of the sweet faces that will be there on PPR's website here.

Mel and I will see you there!