August 11th, 2009


Key chain

SO DP! We all love some images and self indulgence. I'm curious as to what your keys look like. Yah! I want some keychains, tourist emblems, and some metal. Let's see dem keys Portland!

muh keyz
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Stupid actions in the bridge pedal

So during the bridge pedal, we were stopped by a train that had just crossed the steel bridge, then slowed, then stopped. Several thousand of the riders were stuck, just on the wrong side of Naito & the finish line (where resided the chocolate milk handups). One bold fellow, probably desperate for his Sunshine Dairy, rolled up between the cars and hoisted his bike over the coupler. A couple others, pictured here, started passing their bikes up through the train. (click pic for larger image)

As the crowd watched and tsk'd at them, we heard a "whoop whoop" from the far side of the traincars. There was a police officer over there. The cyclists on the flatcar quickly jumped down. Eventually, the train eased out of our way.

We rolled on, past the police motorcycle, and the cop who was more or less shaming the bikers who'd crawled through into waiting for the pack.

And then we went and had our orange dreamsicles.


buy my elderly, but functional electronics!

i'm moving to iowa city really, really soon and would love to see these things go to a good home.

lot#1: a playstation 2 in good condition; the door is missing, but everything still works fine. i am selling it with an 8 mb memory card, two controllers, the cord you need to connect it to your television, and 9 games. The games are katamari damacy, we love katamari, metal gear solid 3, true crime: streets of la, devil may cry 3 [dante's awakening special edition], tekken tag, grand theft auto 3, grand theft auto: san andreas, and grand theft auto: vice city. I am asking for $70 or your best offer. If you don't want everything, I will sell the games for $40 [obo] and the PS2 for $30 [obo].

lot#2: a kodak easyshare dx 7440 with user's guide, software disk, battery charger, two batteries, cord to connect it to your computron, dock adapter for a kodak camera dock, an unopened usb memory card reader, a lens adapter, two lenses, unopened three piece lens cleaning kit, and three filters. i'm asking for $50 obo.

thing #3: a simple and brick-like, but working 35mm camera. the lady who sold it to me in russia was really proud that it was made in canada. i'll take $5 for it or you can have it for free if you relieve me of any other items.

i'm around today and, maybe, early tomorrow for commodity exchanges. i'm happy to send you pictures.
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For Sale by Owner (advice needed)

 Hi guys,

So I'm trying to help my parents sell a property in the Mt. Tabor area.  (They live out of state, so I will be handling it.)  We listed for a few months with a realtor who did nothing for us, and now my parents are adamant about not paying realtor commission, so we're going the FSBO route.  I worked in escrow for  a few years and have bought and sold my own house, so this process is not totally foreign to me.  I know about the forsalebyowner website.  I plan to get signage and an online spot.    

Where I need help/advice:

- making the flier for the listing.  (I know what info will go on the flier, and have a camera, but I have NO layout skills.  Do you make these fliers in publisher?  I am on a Mac, if that makes a difference)

- any other advice from people who have ACTUALLY DONE this themselves. 

thanks in advance!
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Portland Tub and Tan?

Hello, fellow DPers.

You guys were super helpful last week in helping me pick out a picnic spot for when my wife arrives in town tomorrow, so I figured I'd come to you with another query.

One of the things I'd like to do during her stay is have a nice relaxing, romantic evening of hot tubbing. A friend mentioned a place on Stark called Portland Tub and Tan ( From the website it looks affordable, clean, and romantic.

I was curious if anyone has had any experience with the location, either positive or negative? Or, if not, can anyone recommend a similar locale? We're interested in classy and clean, so no sleaze is a huge positive.

Thanks a ton for ya'll's input.
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Laptop Repair??

The headphone jack in my laptop has been messed up for a while now and though it's not a pressing issue, I would just like to know where in Portland I can take my laptop to be repaired at a reasonable price (when I finally get fed up with it). Any good experiences with laptop repair?? Horror stories??

FOR SALE: Awesome professonal-grade camera equipment on the cheap!

Reversed Lens Photography (read: I) just upgraded to new camera bodies, so I'm selling some old gear I don't need anymore. For all you Nikon shooters out there, there's a nice lens (17-55mm f/2.8) a battery grip (MB-D10) and a camera body (D300).

If you're interested, email me at will(at)rlportraits(dot)com or call our studio. Mention you're from DP and some sort of discount will apply.

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Hey, everyone! So if you are wandering through campus today at PSU, SMYRC is selling raffle tickets! Their table is right between Smith and Neuberger. The girls there are super sweet and they will also give you a delicious cookie if you buy tickets. I just happened to walk by and saw them, so I bought a bunch. Figured I'd help pimp the cause!
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Husband wants to go back to school. He is between U. of Phoenix and DeVry...these are really his best options as he needs to work while going and they are the only two schools that will actually take his credits form his associates...I know the ins and outs of U of phoenix but anyone know about DeVry? like it? hate it? was the job placement good? were you happy with what they offered? I think he knows which school he'll go with, but any info from people who've gone there would be fabulous!
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Olympic National Park: The Sequel

I know someone just posted about Olympic Ntl Park, but I have a few different questions!

1) How easy is it to drive through the park? Whenever I use Google Maps to get from point A to point B inside the park, it has me exit the park and drive all the way around on a major road, turning a 30 mile drive into a 3 hr journey. I haven't been to the park before, so I didn't know if the roads inside made it hard to get directly from place to place, or if Google just has it in for me.

2) I have an extra day to bum around in the Hood Canal area -- has anyone been? I'd like to go swimming, so if you know of any nice beaches... hooray! Any other interesting places around there? We're staying at Collins Campground, on the Duckabush.

My 28th birthday thanks you in advance!
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Abandoned places from my childhood!

DP, you always seem to have the answer, so riddle me this: whatever happened to Family MiniGolf and Hoop Shoot in Aloha? You know, the one behind the McDonald's on TV Highway? The one that's been closed and growing over for probably a decade? Google is failing me, and I was a bit surprised that I couldn't even find photos anywhere -- usually people love awesome abandoned places! (If you have any, I'd love to see them - my bushwhacking in the rain didn't take me very far past what appeared to be the putting green.)
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Finally saw it!

It took three nights and several interruptions from the baby, but you know what?  We finally saw Coraline and it's awesome.  If you haven't seen it yet, put down your XBox controller and that vegan burrito, get up off your butt and walk down to your local rental shop and pick it up.  Totally amazing.

And disturbing.  I think one of the characters was based on my mother.  But I'll say no more... 

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1. I need someone to fix my treadmill so I can 'sell' it to my dad. The belt needs adjustment, and in theory I understand how to do it, but I can't get it to not make me fall down no matter what I do. My dad already has a knee replacement. He does not need that. It would be nice if the treadmill fixer could travel to my house. I can bring a treadmill fixer to the house (East County.) If that is not possible, we are good to get it ANYWHERE IN PORTLAND by vehicle. It is a pain to lift though.

2. Does anyone know what went down near 122nd/Glisan this morning at around 8AM? There were at least six blocks blocked by one cop car each on the side I saw, assumably that was around all four sides of a square, which is A LOT OF COPS.

3. I am sorry I never replied to the people who told me about inexpensive non sweetened caffeinated carbonated beverages. I found that a) brewed iced tea and club soda is pretty good and very cheap to make and b) I really can't find a good replacement for hi ball. It is just tasty.