August 10th, 2009

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I was thinking about things that I'm passionate about today, and I came to the sad conclusion that I am not passionate about anything in my life. Not a single damn thing. It'd almost stir me to action except that I'm too passionless to care.

Maybe I don't need to be passionate about something all of the time. Maybe it's OK for me to just be in my 20s and work and get out of debt and live my life without being passionate. Still, I have to wonder: would seeing some kind of human condition or suffering cause me to be passionate about it? If so, why must I wait to see it? Can't the knowledge of it happening be enough?

Maybe I'm just going through a phase or a bout of depression or something like that. Maybe I am passionate but I just don't realize it at the moment due to the circumstances of my life or the stress or the clouds in the sky.

What are you passionate about, DP?

You want to live with me.

Pair o' swanky ass females seek one more roomie for our inner NE beautiful home. Rent is 545 + utils.
About the house:
4 bed/2 bath
Hardwood floors
Big screen tv!
High efficiency washer and dryer
A few cool, little, housebroken dogs live here
Fenced in backyard with vegetable garden

About us:
Vegan hairdresser and carnivorous dog groomer/student
Often silly
No drugs

No drugs
Dog lover. You don't have to take care of them but not mind when they are around. They won't come in your room unless you want them to.

Wanted ASAP, but we are paid up til Sept 1, so are a bit flexible on move in dates.

Yet another dentist post.


I didn't see anything in the memories (or I'm DamnStupid!) but I have a friend who is in DamnPain and of course, she has no DamnInsurance! She had a tooth literally break apart on her and it broke right down to the nerve. She's desperate here, and I'm too far away to lend her some dosh or Tylenol 3s to help her out.

So, DP-ers, can you recommend a dentist or clinic that can help her on the quick, and that helps out on a slicing scale or takes payments?

I know others have been in the same predicament.

She's located around 70th & Division if that helps.
Xmas Socks

Weird Food Combos

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with the lovely kimie and her sexy husband plaidomatic During the course of conversations, Scott mentioned a food combination that he thought was delicious; Wonder bread and Hershey bars. I immediately thought this was disgusting. However, Scott then enlightened me when he said it was kind of like a chocolate croissant. Now those? I love! In fact, on EVERY flight I've taken out of PDX, I have a chocolate croissant and milk for breakfast. It's my tradition and feel like it's my "good luck, so you don't crash and die" breakfast.

ANYWAY, I haven't tried the Wonder bread and Hershey's, but maybe it's super delcious. Anyone else out there love something that's a little... strange together?

Informal poll.

You are male, and your partner/friend/roommate is traveling out of state for a month. Let's go out on a limb and say that you're a little sad about this.

What is a purchase or gesture that will make it an easier transition for you?

(Prostitutes are out, video games are already in.)

I need drugs!


I just got a new job which = new insurance that doesn't cover my previous provider. So! I am in search of a Dr. to see me for a slew of things (physical, funky mole) who will also be willing to presribe me some benzos for a flight I am taking next week (high anxiety, let me tell you).

Does such a Dr. exist who isn't booked out through 6/10 that could see me this week/early next week?

Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks!

Place to chill?

Hi DPers.

I'm bored and am thinking of going out biking.  I want to find a place to go where I can either eat, drink coffee, drink beer, or all of the above.  And people watch.  And maybe find people to hang out with.

So, give me some suggestions!

lucky lab

Hey guys,
Google is not giving me a straight answer, and I bet one of you knows:

I've heard that there is pub trivia every Monday night at Lucky Lab NW. Confirm/deny?

Pad Thai for Cheetah

Foodie Porn Movies! Tonight at 8PM

Tonight Monday Movies brings you four vintage 16mm films all about glorious FOOD:


Frozen Food, (Birdseye Foods, 1965, Color) Thanks to the good folks at Birdseye, sumptuous delicacies such as Tuna Surprise or those mysterious meat scones in the photo on the left can now be enjoyed by all.


Behind the Scenes at the Supermarket (Birdseye Frozen Foods, 1965, Color) And you thought your job sucked.


Comments by Farmers (USDA, 1940s, Kodachrome) The beginning of the end for farming in the 20th Century. Real farmers discus government subsidies, supply and demand, and the economics of farming.


Watermelon Handling (Safeway Foods, 1937, B&W) Who knew that all these years I’ve been touching the produce wrong? Watch this educational film made by Safeway for its employees and stop embarrassing yourself at the company picnic.


FREE ● 8PM ● All Ages Welcome!

Monday Movies is always free and always at Old Town Pizza’s Vanport location in NE Portland. $1.50 slices all night long and the best happy hour drink deals from 9pm to closing.


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

Between Alberta and Killingsworth

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking for bikes and cars




There is a wooden futon frame sitting on the corner of SE 13th and Franklin (just south of Powell). There's no mattress to go with it, but the frame is in fine condition. It's free to whoever wants it. Bring a pickup, station wagon, or sedan with fold-down rear seats to haul it away with.

It's outta here! Thanks to whoever grabbed it!

painted street

 I was at Pier Park yesterday and I saw this really awesome picture in brightly colored paint on the ground a few blocks away.  It's kind of hard to describe and I didn't take a picture, but does anyone know what I'm talking about and give me the scoop on it.  Why is it there?  What is it supposed to represent?  Who painted it?  

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Hey, hay!

My beautiful wife and keeper of our lawn and garden is interested in getting a bale of hay to spread over part of the yard area (to keep out weeds?  I'm not really sure, hence why *she* is the keeper of our lawn and garden...). 
I am supposed to procure this bale of hay.  Googling is finding me information on haybale construction, haybale mazes, and hay sold in places like sherwood and scappoose.  Meaning no offense to scappoose or sherwood, that's a long way to drive for something that looks like it costs under $20.  (Am I wrong about that price?)  Anyone here know of a place in or (relatively) near to pdx that a whole bale of hay (but just one or two bales) can be purchased? 

ETA: apparently, I want STRAW not HAY.  Thanks, I'm sure that would have been a sad mistake!

Recommnendations for a decent hair cut around here?

I have short-ish hair for a lady and it has been too long since my last cut-- there is a crazy hipster mullet on top of my head. Pretty much I need a stylist skilled with a razor to once again achieve the Peter Pan meets Sharon Stone cut of my dreams. Yelp is failing me because I don't want to call a hundred salons in order to find out they charge way too much. I want to pay around $30. I will not step foot inside a Rudy's, Bishop's, or the Aveda Institute. Where should I go?
fuck yeah

Ear Piercing

Portland, I am in need of a new hole in my head. I want to get another hole in the cartilage of my ear, but there are laws and safety measures in place preventing me from doing this at the mall like I did back in the day.

Where do you go/have you gone that you can recommend to get this done? How much was it? Not too far away from downtown would be a plus, but I am being blessed by a visiting friend with a vehicle this week, so location can be flexible.

HALP! Another AT&T phone bites it

Okay, yet another DP-er comes hat in hand. The display on my phone died. It's a 3 year old v557 that looks like this.

Anyway, I can't get a new phone for a few days depenidng on shipping and need the phone book now, due to a smallish personal crisis.

Does anyone have an old AT&T phone that I can transfer SIM data to while I wait for the new phone? Can I haz it? PLEEZ?!?!?!?!?

EDITED TO SAY: THANK YOU, every body. I took the phone to the phone miracle worker today, if it doesn't work, I'll be looking you all up. I didn't like any of the cheap/free phones at AT&T. Meaning, I Didn't see any that looked like the would last 1/4th of the contract length.

Does anyone want to give me some DSL advice?

I was wondering if anyone here knows more about DSL than I do. I get the general idea, but my new DSL line is acting truly bizarre.

It gets good speeds most of the time, but the DSL often drops away, and then just blinks over and over. I turn the power off and on, and switch around phone cables, and otherwise wave the dead chicken, but it doesn't seem to work. These outtages go from anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. All of this isn't that weird. What is weird is that making phone calls, or receiving phone calls, actually seems to make the DSL connect up. I don't know why this would be so, but it seems pretty likely.

I called up Qwest earlier today, and they waved the dead chicken themselves, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

So, who has some ideas? I have a few, but I am not sure.
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"why cats should be microchipped", or "anybody missing or want a cat?"

So this incredibly lovey cat turned up in my friend's backyard today. She firmly believes in being with you, I've spent the last half hour repeatedly kicking her off my desk. Now she's sulking. ;) Female, super friendly, easygoing (let me look in her mouth and everything), very clean for an outdoor cat, clearly somebody's pet that wandered off. Anybody missing a cat? Anybody want a cat, if her people don't show up? Pics to follow, she's a lovely little brown tabby with no microchip - obviously, or she'd be home by now. :( Don't know her health status, I can't afford a vet exam right now (if I could, I'd bring in the cat who is apparently dying!), but her gums are slightly red/inflamed and she's skinny. Probably older, possibly hyperthyroid due to the thinness, or maybe just starving from being a stray too long. Did I mention that she is super sweet? Not particularly pushy, she does get the point if you keep shooing her off, but she very much wants to be with you. Let me trim her nails with no fuss. Eating well. Hasn't used the litterbox yet, but I'm sure she's box-trained, it's natural for cats. Hasn't met my cats yet, I'll update on that when I post pics...

Oh yeah, she turned up in downtown Milwaukie, just a few blocks from the library.
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Lovely Portlanders,

Is there such a thing as low-incoming housing for the unemployed? Any other type of assistance?

My SO's job situation is unstable, which means my unemployment will be the only source of income.

I don't want to be homeless! I'm interested in other (cheap) options like crappy apartments, trailer park livin', or even a room-mate situation (though many seem unwelcome to couples, which I totally understand).

Thanks all ^_^

this is wrong

 Maybe it's just my southern roots, but this strikes me as an ass backwards law. I didn't even know Oregon was this stupid. If someone is inside your home, you should be allowed to use deadly force. I thought this was a standard across the country.

Oregon man gets 19 months for killing intruder


08:16 AM PDT on Sunday, August 9, 2009


By Associated Press


ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Southern Oregon man who killed an intruder last year has been sentenced to 19 months in prison.

A manslaughter charge carrying a minimum sentence of six years was dropped as part of the plea agreement with 35-year-old Keith Cramer of Sutherlin. He had pleaded no contest to a lesser charge and was sentenced Friday.

Cramer shot Michael Shane Smith, an Alaska man in Sutherlin to be near his dying mother.

Cramer's family found Smith sleeping on a couch in their house and summoned Cramer from a bar. Shortly afterward, he called police to report the shooting.

Prosecutors said Oregon law does not allow people to use deadly force, even in their own homes, unless the intruder is committing a felony, and Smith was trespassing, which isn't a felony.

Lame restaurant related post.

I'm gonna be in Portland this Saturday in the St. Johns/NoPo area. I am looking for a restaurant for lunch that could easily sit 6 people and not be too loud.

It's my family and we're the type that like to linger, so preferable with an atmosphere that wont be dicks about that. We tip well, I swear.

The only other thing is not middle eastern food.

Isn't this fun? Anyone got any ideas?

Thnx, i love you :3
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Woo woo, get on the happy train! (this is my new intro. Do you like it? I kind of think I could intro it with ANYTHING and nobody would notice...)

1. Tell me the BEST joke you've ever heard, hands-down. Do it! (via metalchick1000)

2. Tell me two positive things that happened to you this week, no matter how small.

I'm not going to be around this positivity post much, as I am busy and also housesitting for six disabled dachsunds. That's not a lie! Check my journal for photos!
C&H Fight
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Recession Hooker

Hey DP Im once again looking for your lazy unwatned chores that you don't mind shamelessly paying man servants to do. (ones self, ones enemy, and any other being exempt where applies) Please help another DP get his money on.

For those more Formal readers throw out previous offer and read here:

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I would like to forward my tireless efforts to ease the work load of mundane chores for you. I am willing and knowledgeable and can manage many tasks. I am looking to make some extra money and help you in any way I can.

*EDIT: Poster is not actually selling his body or sexual favors but instead looking for odd jobs.... and no not those "odd jobs". I love you DP... but seriously lol.