August 9th, 2009

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This isn't Portland related but I know how you guys love to give advice...

I have a cat. He's pretty cool, about 11 years old and until now has lived both indoors and outdoors, with all the freedom he could ask for. Recently while I was out of town, my neighbors caught him in a trap and sent him to the pound; he spent about a week there and caught a bad cold (I don't remember him ever being sick before in his life). My neighbors have threatened to kill him the next time they catch him in their yard. they complain that he kills birds and shits in their flower bed. I can see where they're coming from and the only way I know to prevent him from going in their yard is to keep him inside, but, my cat has stopped eating and he spends his days pacing, hitting the locked cat door, and crying; it's the most pitiful, frustrated sound I've ever heard. on top of that, I have to force-feed him medicine twice a day for his cold, which is an experience we both hate. what would you do in this situation?


Recommendations for a place which does niice digital prints?

Price isn't so much an issue. Just want really good quality. Am kind of over being frustrated with Target's photo printing. Ish cheap, but not really awesome.

Part-time jobs and unemployment

Has anyone ever been laid off from a full-time job and then collected unemployment while working part-time? Is working and receiving unemployment even possible? I've tried looking on the unemployment website and I can't get a clear answer one way or the other. It looks like it depends on if one earns less than the weekly benefit amount. Does that sound right?

I'm just curious. Thnx in advance.

Raffle tickets do over :)

Reposting this one since I now have a plan- sorry if it's repeaty:

My queer rec softball team is trying to raise money to go to a tournament in Wisconsin this coming September. Part of our fundraising includes holding a raffle. Here's a list of awesome prizes you could win:

*8 GB iPod nano
*Healthy Pets NW merchandise basket ($100 value for cat or dog lovers)
*Dinner for Two at Noble Rot ($70-$100 value including 4 menu items, 2 wine flights and dessert)
*50 minute massage by Rachelle
*$50 Jake’s Grill gift card (Valid nationwide at Jake’s Grill/McCormick & Schmick’s/Spengers and more)
*$50 Olive Garden or Red Lobster gift card (Valid nationwide at Olive Garden/Red Lobster/Longhorn
Steakhouse/The Capital Grille and more)
*An hour of smokin’ hot tattoo work by L’Hero ** that's me **
*$20 gift certificate for Fire on the Mountain
*Regal Movie passes (Adult admission for 2): three sets

Only ---$3 a ticket--- could get you some seriously awesome stuff!

I am going to set up shop tomorrow *Monday the 10th* from 4-8pm at Tiny's coffee shop on NE MLK between NE San Rafael and NE Tillamook (near where MLK and Grand converge into just MLK). If you want in on the raffle tix, come by and see me. I'll be wearing an army green hat and will have my silver laptop with me. And my real life name is Leslie :)

To learn more about our team please stop by

Sushi on a Sunday

We have a friend in town and we'd love to get some good, fair-priced sushi for lunch. We're having a hard time finding a place since all our favorites are closed on Sundays or don't open until dinner hours (and we're impatient!)

Anyone know of such a place that is open for lunch on a Sunday? Bonus if it's in SE, but anywhere in Portland is fine.
travis ice9logo

Silent Auction and Preview Screening for "THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM"

Join director Andy Blubaugh (Sundance selections Hello Thanks, Scaredycat) as well as the cast and crew of his debut feature The Adults In The Room, for an intimate evening of food, drink, and debate benefiting the production.

Get a first look at rough cuts from the documentary portion of the film, bid on one-of-a-kind art items in our silent auction, and engage in a lively debate about this genre-defying and controversial film.

Admission is free, but a suggested donation of $20.00 will be rewarded with a limited edition signed and numbered DVD of Andy Blubaugh's award-winning shorts.

Sunday, August 9th, 7:00 PM
La Merde (at Le Bistro Montage)
301 SE Morrison, under the Morrison Bridge

For more information, visit

EDIT: to be clear, this is not a preview screening of the entire film. Just some portions to whet your appetite.
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I'm new here, please explain

Why is this dipshit littering my beautiful street (NW 23rd) with this trash?

P.S. Design Tip: You get +10 zeitgeist points for Impact, but minus infinity for the Copperplate Gothic on your homemade ~WHITE IDENTITY~ stickers blowing around the Plaid Panty parking lot, you turd.

Edit: Baleeted. I talked with him and the Obama one isn't his. I was also informed I am a dummy who can't read and he never litters and his enormous martyr complex poor self is constantly being framed and blah blah blah this whole thing is boring now.

Please don't litter, folks. *mwah*

Supplement advice.

Lately I've been feeling a little sluggish and been having a bit of a time concentrating and retaining information. I've cleaned up my diet a bit (mostly on fish and veggies/fruit now), but I was wondering if anyone had any supplement suggestions? Brands, where to buy, etc...I'm starting school back up in the Fall and anything that'll help me clear up the mental cloudiness and get to business with studying (don't suggest meth) would be a great help. Thanks!

EDIT: My main concern is the concentration and information retaining. The energy isn't that hard to deal with.

EDIT: I'm grateful for all the tea suggestions (which I will be trying), but I'm also looking for supplements. Fish oils, Vitamins, etc.. Mainly to deal with mental acuity and memory. Not energy so much. Thanks again.

bump on the head

EDIT: I am going to the hospital right now.I'll update later if anything interesting happens.

Here's a fun story for you....

Last night as I was about to brush my teeth the whole door to the medicine cabinet fell on my head and knocked me unconscious for a bit. I live in a 1940's apartment building, and I am pretty sure this is the original mirror. (It weighs 15 pounds!) It hit me across the eye, giving me a small black eye and a reddish purple mark across my face. I took some advil, iced it, and went to bed.

My questions:
-It is 17 hours later and I have a head-splitting headache. Not just where got hit, but all over. Do I have a concussion? Should I see a doctor? I have no health insurance, so it would be expensive, and I don't want someone to send me home with the advice to "take it easy and get some rest".

-I DO NOT want the apartment company's well-meaning sloppy maintenance crew to re-attach this mirror. Or even my skilled boyfriend. I want a new one. LIke a super light Ikea one. How do I go about getting the apartment building to reimburse us for this cost? Should I just keep the old one and leave it when we move out?

Missing Phone

I lost my cell phone sometime after 2am on 8.9.09
I called a taxi from the "night light" located at 21st and SE Clinton and that was the last time I saw it. It was not turned into the bar or the taxi company. It could have been lost outside of the bar, inside of the taxi or on Prescott street along 14th ave.

It is a black L7 Motorola sliver. It was on vibrate mode and the wallpaper on the screen is a vintage white and green wallpaper pattern. I can tell you the specific music listing on the itunes and what photos are on it as well.

If anyone found it and would like to do the right thing by returning it to me instead of keeping it or selling it that would rock.

Here is a photo of that style phone to show you what it looked like....