August 7th, 2009

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This is sooo cool: This dude is one of my customers.

Hillsboro builder plans 40,000 homes for South Africa.

Most people would be pleased to change a single life. Tim Cornell is setting out to transform tens of thousands.

The Hillsboro builder, who has been building inexpensive pole houses since 1988 through LLC, will take his concept to South Africa next month and, with local laborers and factories, construct permanent homes for some of the country's poorest inhabitants.
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foo goo! foo goo!

Crater Lake

i've decided to go to Crater for my birthday (labor day weekend) and i have never been before. has anyone here gone before? any hotel, restaurant or other fun suggestions? i'm pretty stoked to see the lake. no Candy Mountain for this birthday!

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COMPLETE LONG SHOT, but I need to fill a RX for Ocella (generic Yasmin) and this shit is like over $60 without insurance...does anyone here not have insurance and take this and somehow get it for cheaper than $60? (I've already called all the major places I can think of, including supermarkets and Walgreens type stores...) THANKS!

moving to a studio, selling furniture, buy my things! :)

as the title says, i'm moving out of this big, two bedroom in lake oswego to a much smaller studio apartment near downtown. so, i gotta sell some (most) of my furniture. so far, this is what i am ready to sell...
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in the future, i will be selling a coffee table, a couple end tables, a tall wooden bookcase with 7 shelves, an ikea MALM 4-drawer dresser in the brown-black wood, and a large, beautiful dark wooden vintage 1920's-ish 6-person dining set in overall great condition (only minor refinishing needed on a couple chairs, mostly just worn from time). if you are interested about any of those, i just haven't taken pictures of them, but you can feel free to e-mail/text me about them and i can give you more info/you can come look at those too.

if you are interested in anything i've already put on craigslist or even the stuff i haven't listed yet and want more info, you can e-mail me at katey [at] or text me at 503.327.9318 (i prefer you don't call first in case i'm busy at the moment.)

if you just have a question or two, feel free to ask me in the comments.
Kat in the Hat

Another one of those sad "What are my rights?!" postings...

You've heard it before.
... One of those "My car broke and the dealership charged me $xxx and I took it home and its still not fixed!" stories.

So, yes. That's me (or, my boyfriend, rather)...

We took his car to Timberline Chrysler on Sandy - - They've mis-diagnosed it 3 times now to the tune of almost $1,500 bucks, and nothing is fixed.

Obviously this is outrageous, and Im wondering if any of you fine folks know what one's rights are in this situation, or perhaps where to find out. Oregon Attorney General's office?

Thank you!

Since I am in a later time zone...

Since I am in a later time zone, I can officially kick off the FNNLC (which I haven't had a chance to do in a while)

So for my evening, we are going to eat some home made hummus and I am going to finish reading War & Peace, and maybe write some letters. I might go for some bike rides, but it is still really rainy and cold out here.

Pinup Swimsuits

Hey Portland!

I know it's been cloudy here, but I am headed to eastern Oregon for the week (we are leaving tomorrow afternoon, eek!) for a camping trip. There is a lovely lake to swim in, but the problem is, I have no swimsuit! I have a certain style in mind that is somewhat hard-to-find, as I'm not looking for something like a string bikini that department stores carry..
Here is an example of what I would like to find:

Is there anywhere in Portland where this could be found, or is it simply too much of a specialty to be found anywhere but online?

Thanks much in advance, I love you guys and I miss working downtown!

Moving sale tomorrow! Everything is "obo" and must go! [Some pictures behind the cut]

When: Saturday, 8 August from 10am to 5pm-ish

Where: 3360 SE Franklin St.

What: Women's clothes/shoes [including vintage dresses!], books galore, lamps, and household goods; a television [$10], vcr [$10], 4 megapixel digital camera with lots of accessories [$70], 35mm camera [$10] and T-mobile cell phone with charger and headset [$5]; a rat condo [20 gallon tank + pvc-coated, two-story aquarium topper from martin's cages]; knitting needles and nice yarn; a pair of eight pound dumbbells; box of $1 electronics cords; free pile; et cetera.

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