August 6th, 2009


Free art?

I heard a rumor that the Portland Art Museum offers free admission on some days (First Thursday?), but I can't find any info on their website. Does anyone know when a broke, underemployed gal can get her free art fix or am I shit outta luck?

Hookset Automotive

I swear this is the last thing I'll say about them. They are AWESOME! They explain everything very clearly, will not pull any do-this-or-perish-in-a-fireball shenanigans, and they're fast and cheap. They just did all my 60k mile service stuff (timing belt, flushes, water pump, etc), and it was way faster and cheaper than anyone else quoted. And they threw in a free oil change. And they talked me out of putting in a cabin air filter--haven't had one for years apparently, so they said I don't need it EVEN AFTER I told them to go ahead and put one in for the hell of it. And they're nice as kindergarten teachers. Dear lord, give them your business so that they never go away.

7631 NE Sandy
(503) 287-2877


So I've got this..twin sized bed, that folds into a chair. It was cool for a while, but honestly I just need to get myself a computer chair. It has a cover, the cover is really lame. I was going to dye it black originally but I never got around to it. So, $20 takes it? I'm out in Beaverton if anyone is interested.
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Birthday Party Locations

I need a place for a smallish (about 15-20 people) for a small 1st birthday for my daughter. Our apartment is too small.

Does anyone know of places that have Party Rental rooms or do birthday parties that are kid friendly. My daughter will be the smallest one there with most of the pint sized guests being between 2 & 6.

Inner SE, NE, NW or Downtown preferred but I might be able to do deeper East.


Vet Recs?

Hi DP!

So yesterday we adopted a kitty from the Oregon Humane Society. Apparently when you adopt you get a certificate for a free vet visit. I was wondering if any of you had good recommendations for a vet who is not only awesome and fairly priced but who accepts the voucher from the OHS.

We're located in NE (but willing to travel) and I've driven by the Fremont Vet Clinic but haven't heard much about them. Our other kitty is about ready for her yearly checkup too, so any and all info would be helpful. Thanks!
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Dear DP:

What is your favorite (preferably non-cliche, but hell, they're cliche for a reason) classical music composition? *cookies if you can find it on Youtube and embed in a comment*

Because this community needs rules and structure: "classical" refers to anyone Gershwin and before.

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