August 4th, 2009

  • drjeff

Weather again

I find myself questioning my relationship with summertime. I mean, the trust is GONE. The forecasters are predicting a balmy 85-degree day today, but I just don't believe it. I've been burned too many times recently. Our rain has been going out with other people, mainly in the northeast and midwest, bringing them the sweet cooling temperatures that we'd grown accustomed to.

Did we take our weather for granted? Has the romance spawned over a hundred perfect June days finally just faded away?

Summer, I really have been giving some thought to breaking up with you. Fall and winter have been calling, making me offers that are really hard to resist. I can tell that you're trying to win me back, though.

Those fresh flowers that you left out in the garden were a nice touch.

Best Bird's Eye View of the City?

Hey, DPers.

So, my wife is coming into town next week (2000 miles away for school sucks!) and I've been thinking one of the things I'd like to do while she's here is find a really excellent high vantage point to take in the Porland-ey cityscape of our little metropolis.

I've been up to the stone fortressworks on Rocky Butte already, which is nice if you want to look out over Gresham and down the Gorge, but the view of all our nice downtown buildings is blocked from there.

Any suggestions?

Bonus points for a public park or some similar space where we could have a romantic picnic while the sun set.
dont blink

I hate to do this, but...

I don't normally ask stuff like this here, but I'm desperate. I need to have my wedding dress altered and I'm a little nervous to pick someone at random out of the phone book. Also, I'm very very broke. It needs to be hemmed, let out and have a bustle added. Any recommendations for someone cheap who won't f up my dress? Anyone here on DP with some skills who could use some extra cash?
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(no subject)

I lost my phone on the bus today and they say it'll take until tomorrow to be turned in if it's found.... except that I fly out of town very early in the morning! Ah, the timing. Money is tight and cannot purchase another one before I go.

Does anyone have an old AT&T phone laying around? That I could borrow for a couple of weeks or at least until Monday evening when I return? I would so, so, so, so, so very much appreciate it, can't imagine being in a new city without a way to get in contact with anyone, ack!

I live in inner SE, work at Gateway, please send me an email if this is something you would be willing to loan to someone on DP and I'll respond right away, thanks so much!

ariamidnight @ yahoo . com

-- Amy
  • marefo

Programs like Acrobat?

A little while back I was in art school, and at this point right now I'm having a huge brain fart. One day while in class my teach was talking about a *free* program of sorts that was a lot like Adobe suite. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, for some reason I want to think it had an animal name... Does anyone know what I might be talking about. I know I'm not daft, so there surely is something out there. I do believe it is a web based program of sorts.

Kudos to whoever knows what I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance.

speakers & external hard drive for sale

Hi all, I have a couple of items for sale:

1 set of Boston Acoustic CR65 bookshelf speakers, black.  I bought them for about $100 (new but on sale) to replace my stereo speakers, but then my stereo died about a week later (cassette component jammed and I decided not to replace it).  The speakers went back into their box with the original packaging and there they have stayed for the past few months.  I'd like to get $50 (cash) for them.  They sound great.  Here is a link to a retailer's listing for them:

1 500 gb Western Digital My Book hard drive, model #WD5000C032-002.  It connects via USB but is not USB powered, has a power cord.  I bought this last year to backup our laptops and used it maybe three times. It works just fine, but I have since upgraded to a USB-powered hard drive.  I bought this for around $90, would like to get $45 (cash) for it.  Here is a link to a retalier's listing for it:

For an additional $5.00 I can deliver either or both items to your home, assuming you live within five miles-ish of 26th & Broadway in the northeast.  Thanks!

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(no subject)

Out of all my friends, I realized that I've only got a few (maybe 1-3) who are from Oregon, and even fewer that are from Portland proper. So it got me wondering...

How long have you lived in Portland? (Round up or down or all around, as you see fit.)

Less than 1 year
1-2 years
3-4 years
5-6 years
7-8 years
9-10 years
More than 10 years
I don't live in Portland!

Where are you from originally? (Define regional boundaries as you wish.)

The Midwest
The South
The Northeast
The Southwest
The Northmideastwest
Some other country
I'm from Oregon, bitchessss!
I'm from everywhere.

bike recovered!

Hey, Portland, guess what?

One of our stolen bikes has been recovered! Someone posted on CL that they saw my boyfriend's Kestrel in the hands of a large toothless woman and knew that something was not right with that situation. (No offense meant to the general large, toothless woman population)

Anyway he was awesome and made the effort to find the bike's rightful owner, and succeeded! I get to go pick it up later tonight!

My bike is still at large, but the recovery of one gives me a small glimmer of hope that the bike, at least, has likely not left Portland.

Thanks again to anyone keeping an eye out!

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Feminist Fire-Starters

Hey DPers (or however you like to refer to yourselves),

Due to a strange incident involving a roadside breakdown and a looser-than-advised gas cap, we now have a stack of diesel-doused Bitch magazines.  That's right, the feminist response to pop culture has been soaked in fuel and it's ready to go.

Is anyone having a bonfire?  Do you need to combine the horrors of the oil industry and the struggles of feminism for your next art installation piece?  Do you want to make a YouTube video involving flaming magazines about the death of the publishing industry?

If so: I'm your man.  Or rather my girlfriend is.  You get the idea.  I'll also take suggestions on how to best dispose of the damn things.

  • 4pflux

(no subject)

holy shit. went to downtown portland today for the first time in months.

why the fuck does everyone look creepy/weird? as if they were from another planet.

someone explain this.

(no subject)

Good dentist that's located in the SW/Downtown area and/or is easily accessible via the following bus lines (easily accessible meaning no transfers): 1, 12, 44, 54, 56, 55, 38, 45, 43?

I have pretty healthy teeth and insurance so not much as far as special requirements, just looking for a recommendation and some assurance that they're not a total hack.


I have moved

Hello all

You can dry your tears away, because the G-Fish is back! On the internets, at least. I am away from Portland.
Hamilton, MT, where I live is a pretty nice place. Montana in general is a nice place. To sum up Montana, more of the nice stereotypes are true than the mean ones. People here are eccentric, polite and friendly. Some of them are also backwoods hicks, or whatever stereotypes you want to use, but even they are polite.

I can get powdered Kava for cheaper than I could in Portland. Lots of stuff like that are pretty well represented, even in Hamilton, which isn't a big town.

Although being here has made me realize that I really am a BOURGEOIS HIPSTER, because even I miss having young people around, with all their crazy young people stuff. Even though I was never into the tavern/club scene in Portland, it was kind of nice to know it was there. Here, people go down to river and innertube. Which actually looks really fun...

Anyway, all you hipsters should move to Montana. Because Portland is so TOTC!
kuromi is cranky

(no subject)

Wise DP, advice is needed.

I'm having the strangest headache. It's not too bad until I bend over. Then the left side of my head from the ear forward to my nose throbs and hurts so bad I can't breathe. This has been happening since yesterday afternoon and I checked WebMD (yeah I know but I don't have a doctor) and I got one of those pop ups saying "seek immediate medical attention" but I'm an unemployed broke ass with no insurance whatsoever. There hasn't been any trauma. I just suddenly can't bend over without wanting to cry.

So I'm sort of at a forked road. Do I believe WebMD that this is a medical emergency and put myself in debt with an ER visit or wait til Friday when there's an open appointment at my free clinic? Are urgent care centers at all cheaper than ERs and where in SE is open tonight?

break-ins in NE

I don't want to start any rumors, but I trust the story that was related to me was true. I have friends who experienced similar things in the same area two summers ago.

My roommates were just talking about how some of their friends* in the neighborhood (NE Irvington, near MLK) have had their homes broken into and had electronic equipment stolen. I know it's hot out, but you might want to make sure to lock your doors and windows, and not leave anything of value in sight.

*Addendum: multiple accounts from multiple friends.