August 3rd, 2009

kurt che

Job networking events?

Hey there, kiddos. I'm trying to find out about more networky events that are going on around here. I know about the weekly events hosted by and such, but I need more.

What do you know, Joe?

Oh, help.

I feel like over the last few weeks all I've been hearing and seeing is the very worst of humanity. Please reply with awesome stories of the goodness of people. I don't care if they are recent. Thank you.
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Chocolate recommendation

I want to get my mother a box of fancy chocolates for her birthday. She doesn't like Godiva. I'm thinking possibly Moonstruck, even though I know a decent box of theirs in about $50. I know there's a few other boutique-type chocolate places in town that I've never checked out. Can you recommend one? Must have good selection, including dark chocolate. Price isn't major issue, quality IS. Thank you.

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Good Morning Portland!

I am in your fair city and I need a dress to wear to a wedding. Where should I go shopping? I need like a size 12-14 and I'm leaning towards more unique shops, local designers, etc. etc. I have some money to burn and I don't want to go to the mall.


No Trespassing signs?

So, we have a big ol lovable dog who is VERY protective of the house and its inhabitants. However, because she looks so lovable and sweet, everyone wants to pet her. We know this because people will just up and walk into our yard all willy nilly with their hand outstretched. No asking, no nothing. I take her outside with me when I smoke on the porch and this happens about twice a week.

She barks. And she's got a throaty "Get the fuck off my lawn or Imma rip your throat out!" bark. It's pretty terrifying.

Yesterday a guy walks into our yard and Potbelly starts barking at him. Instead of backing out slowly like everyone else does, he starts flipping out and saying that he's going to sue us because she was going to bite him and she's an unsafe dog to have in the neighborhood.

Common sense tells me that he can't actually do that because she was on a leash that was tethered very firmly to the porch post, he was five feet away from her, and there were no witnesses so there's no proof. Right? However, people are often assholes and will try and make trouble wherever the fuck they can.

So, getting No Trespassing/Soliciting and "Warning: Beware of Dog" signs would hopefully divert any assholery from getting out of hand, yes yes?

Extra question: Should someone, saints forbid, actually break into my house and gets bitten by the dog, can they still sue us for damages if we have warning signs outside the house that there is a dog inside of the house? I've heard of it happening before but I am unsure as to how Oregon deals with that, specifically.
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sore throat? snuffly?

hey Dpers.

is there something going around, illness-wise? i've had a sore throat for a few days now and i thought at first it was just allergies, but it's not getting better. it's not getting worse though, either, so maybe i'm just paranoid.

anyway, i always wonder about these sorts of trends. anybody else feelin a bit poorly, or throaty? i'm thinking this might be the sun flu. har har har.
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Poll: To Wax/Shave/or go Natural?

Poll #1439294 Shave/Wax/Bush it Out?

Have you ever waxed your junk (man or woman junk)?

Fuck No
Fuck Yes
I don't know what junk is
I want to

How often do you shave your junk? (man or woman)

Once a day
Once a week
Twice a week
Once a month

Would you ever wax/shave your junk in a relationship if they asked?

Hell No
Hell Yes
I still don't know what junk is
I would consider it

Do you let your junk go natural?

Only in the winter

I've had lots of debate with friends and family on whether to wax or not. It's really not as bad as it sounds though, but I'm interested to see how many people actually regularly wax and shave down there?

bruce lee
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Quick question

If I need something to arrive in Salem by Wednesday, and I can't mail it out until tomorrow, would it get there in time through normal mail? Or would I have to send it via Express Mail?

Thanks, dudes!

Job post asking for photo?

Like many of people in our city, I'm unemployed and seeking work, mostly in administrative/receptionist work. Today there was a Craigslist posting for a receptionist at a naturopathic clinic, and part of the instructions were to send a recent photo of yourself.
Am I correct in thinking this means they're going to only call the pretty ones in to interview?

I'm not going to bother applying, but it kind of bothered me, especially since I have interviewed for a lot of receptionist positions where I felt like it didn't matter what my experience was, as the companies were looking for someone attractive to sit up front. I would rather be an administrative assistant and not have to do receptionist duty, but a lot of companies combine the role, which is understandable. I'm not "perky" nor "bubbly" nor can someone "hear my smile over the phone" as many of the ads ask for, but I'm not a cave troll, either. I don't trust anyone who's unnaturally happy all the time. Do you think the whole pretty receptionist/girl Friday myth is still prevalent? I know there are some companies here whose receptionists are not Top Model candidates, so maybe I'm just interviewing with the wrong companies?

Basic Colslaw recipe?

I have this insane hankering for coleslaw tonight(not a big fan on wanting to hear how much you might hate it, need responses from people that like it/eat it/mostly from those who make it) I have all the ingredients for what i wanted in it, but all the actual recipes i find call for insane ingredients i don't have/want or the ones that make sense for what i want call for celery salt. Can you post their favorite coleslaw recipes that doesn't call for celery salt?

Basically i want a fairly normal slaw. Cabbage, carrots, etc. I've heard of it either with a mayo dressing or vinaigrette. HALP!

Or can i just take any slaw recipe and omit the celery salt and it'll be as yummy as i hope it really will be? Ugh!

Thank you!

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I have a bunch of computer hardware that I need to get rid of. This includes four or five monitors (all 17" + but none flat screen), and at least half a dozen towers. These have all been abandoned by previous tenants of mine, so I assume they don't work and aren't worth salvaging, but I don't know for sure, and frankly, I'm not willing to spend the time to find out. I just want it off the property. What's the best, cheapest, most environmentally friendly way to do this?
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Congratulations, all of you Portland Pussies: the weather is going to cool down. Who says constant pissing and moaning about things one doesn't like doesn't work?

Spoiler alert: I offended all people with vaginas. Sorry.

ETA: All people who use pussies in any kind of derogatory term must now use "asshole". It hath been decided. Go in peace.

prepaid/no contract cell phone plans

I'm interested in getting a prepaid or no-contract cell phone plan and I'm curious to hear what others have to say. I'm a luddite and have never had a cell phone before so I'm not really sure what features are best or which carriers are good. How much do you text vs. call? How many minutes should I buy? I'm essentially looking for the cheapest plan available but I'd like it to be with a company that gets good coverage here in Portland and doesn't drop calls. Is tracfone okay or is it so bare bones that it's not worth it? What do you use? Recommendations would be great.